Witness #6 – Forrest Scott Proctor

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Forrest Scott Proctor

Perhaps the most frustrating and simultaneously bizarre aspect of this entire investigation as pertains to the Transwestern overpass incident itself is that of the testimony provided to me by Forest Scott Proctor. Specifically, the portion of his testimony where he states that cardboard was covering Isaac Kappy’s body when is truck struck him.

Scott didn’t simply tell me that there was cardboard covering Isaacs body when he ran him over. He told me that after he pulled his vehicle over and walked back to the overpass, another witness at the scene was placing the cardboard back over the body. More than this, however, Scott provided yet more details. He said that he saw one of Isaac’s legs sticking out from the cardboard.

Scott not only told me this on two separate occasions (May 20 and July 15th) but also recounted this same story to the first witness I interviewed a couple of days prior to speaking to him. He also had details about his thought process for the cardboard box which he believed he saw covering Isaacs’s body as he unavoidably drove his Ford F150 over it.

Scott told me that as he approached the overpass he was in the right-hand lane when two vehicles in front of him moved to the left. He said it was at that point he saw about 18 people or so, up on top of the overpass waving their hands. He told me his first thought was that there was a protest going on. It was then he said he saw a large piece of cardboard lying on the road and for some reason, he thought it might be a box of kittens. He said he did his best to avoid hitting it but it was too late to swerve and miss it entirely. He stated that he believed he ran over a box with something in it or under it.

My problem with simply discounting Scott’s story is that there are so many details to it. Couple with this the fact that his story has never changed and the details have remained identical. Add all this to my first witnesses testimony below when Scott recounted the story of the cardboard to her, and now we have Scott on three separate occasions saying the same thing. This being said, he never mentioned any of this in his written statement to the DPS and his statements about the cardboard are not mentioned by any other officers or witnesses at any other time nor seen on any of the bodycam footage or scene photographs.

It is possible that the trauma and guilt induced by unavoidably running over another human being caused his mind to “invent” the cardboard as a way to block out having to resee the event in his mind over and over. After all, it would be much easier to live with the belief that you not only had no choice by not being able to avoid the incident but that you didn’t even know what you were running over during the incident due to it being covered.

But if Scott’s mind did create this fiction, he simply didn’t mentally place a piece of cardboard over the body in his mind during the moment of the incident. NO…His mind created the following scenario which he recounted on 3 separate occasions nearly 2 months apart.

  1. He ran over what looked like a piece of cardboard in the road.
  2. He thought the cardboard(box) was a box of kittens because it looked like a protest going on on top of the overpass due to what looked like around 18 people all waving their arms at oncoming traffic.
  3. After he pulled over then walked back and observed another witness placing the cardboard back on top of the body.
  4. He then observed one of Isaac’s legs sticking out from under the piece of cardboard.
  5. He witnessed the Fire Dept pull the cardboard off of Isaac’s body to begin life-saving procedures.

That is quite a bit of ancillary detail wrapped up in a mental fiction in the heat of the moment. And not only that but if he did make up this fiction he factored other people into it and had them participating in active roles to support it.

Also, when one moves away from Scott’s cardboard story as he is recounted it three times there are three separate versions of his story between what he told me on two occasions, his written statement to the Department of safety, and what the officer wrote down as his statement.

I will go on the record and publicly state that my opinion of Scott derived from my brief interaction with him; including knowledge of his lifestyle, occupation, and demographics. As well as his vocabulary, writing, and conversation skills and etiquette, point to a man who I believe is not overly complicated. And with no disrespect at all, I believe him to be quite simple. I just don’t see him as a calculating scheming person. In fact, he seems to be quite honest and simply wishes to be left alone and forget this entire matter completely.

I don’t think it’s a conspiratorial leap at all to say that something is amiss here. For the life of me, I don’t understand why some have shrugged this off as conspiracy or nonsense when in fact it is an actual discrepancy in testimony to gross effect that should be looked into by an outside investigatory agency.

Below you will hear him tell in his own words about the cardboard covering Isaac’s body.


Update Sept 30, 2019

Today spoke I spoke with a first-hand witness to the entire event John Koch. John Cox was on the phone with 911 and saw Isaac fall from the bridge. He also ran down the highway embankment to attempt to give aid and was 10 feet away when he witnessed Isaac get struck by Forest Scott Proctor’s maroon F150. I asked him specifically about the cardboard and what Scott had told me.

Mr. Koch explained that there was no cardboard whatsoever at all involved in the situation. He stated that it was less than two minutes between the time Isaac fell and him getting struck by the vehicle. Mr. Koch seems an extremely accurate and dependable witness as well as a decent person and there is no reason to doubt his testimony.

I will leave this page up as “Cardboard Gate” has been extremely persistent if not bizarre aspect of this investigation. And it should be noted for the record the behavior and statements of Forest Scott Proctor should this matter ever be moved to court.


Although my investigation team and I believe the issue of the cardboard has been settled, at least for now, there is another matter to contend with in regards to Forest Scott Proctor and the F150.

Page 2 of officer Montoya’s report in the official Department of Public Safety incident report states that

“traffic unit two was a red 1996 Ford F1 50 single Truck bearing (redacted) license plate(CLL3263) and vehicle notification number 1FTEF14N8TLA95037. Traffic unit two was registered to William Proctor and was driven by Forrest Proctor who was identified with his (redacted)”

On that when we ran the plates through a national Department of Motor vehicle database (don’t ask how) the plates came back as “No Documents Found”

I reached out to law-enforcement friends of mine asked them what this could mean. And there were only two possibilities. 1. The vehicle plate was Mexican or Canadian and not any US state which would be in the database. I assured him that the plate was, in fact, an Arizona plate. I was until it would be option two. 2. The plate was an older plate thrown onto the vehicle that someone had put good tags to. (If you notice the tags don’t expire till November 2020) but this doesn’t make any sense either because if you had good tags you just put him onto the plate that you registered the vehicle with. Furthermore, this plate did not come up in any database registered at any time

This is most concerning as we here in the EMS.dispatch recordings a number of license plates being called in and run through databases. Certainly, the vehicle which struck Isaac would’ve been verified, at the scene, after all, page 2 of the DPS report states that the vehicle is registered to William Proctor. If this is true then why isn’t it coming up in a database now?