Dead Man Switch

The Dead Man Switch

This was the first mention of a Dead Man Switch.

The Deadman Switch and KEYBASE

Early on in this investigation, a few different key codes were floating around and rumored to be the codes to access accounts to where Isaac had hidden his deadman switch. These key codes were the ones Vegan Mikey was in possession of and was attempting to use to extract funds and services in exchange for developing.

When the Keybase account that Isaac and others had created was first made public and became known to the researcher community, somewhere around mid-June, I reached out to members of the Famalam. I discovered here that Brett, Geo, and Greg were the primary architects of this account on the Keybase site. I worked with Brett since he was willing to work with me and he went through every corner of the account to look for any hidden files, attachments, linked accounts, etc…There was nothing. The site was the same as it had been when all the members left it and migrated over to Telegram.

Since that time I’ve asked Brett to go through it one more time just to double-check as rumors of information emanating from the Keybase account continued to surface. Brett has done so and maintains that there is no information to be had from that account, and the people saying so are simply disinformation agents and throwing mud in the water at this point. I happen to believe Brett.

Vegan Mikey and the DMS

The story the dead man switch caught fire due to Vegan Mikey who stated in the beginning just after Isaac’s death that Isaac had handed him over files of data and research that were to be developed in case of Isaac’s death.

Vegan Mikey used these key codes to extract money and resources from the Famalam, as well as the foundation attached to it. This ploy was that he needed resources in order to develop the dead man switch in conjunction with “a man from Langley” whom he could never give the name of. Vegan Mikey maintained that this data information file he had had to be hand-delivered to this man in person because the man wanted no electronic signature.

I caught on to Mikey scam early and called him out on it and that’s when my investigation turned from Isaac to Mikey for a short period of time to find out his connection all of this since he was so wrapped up and it. The full story of Vegan Mikey’s grifting ways is in a separate section of this project dedicated solely to him.

There Never Was A Deadman Switch

It is my opinion that there never was a dead man switch. It’s obvious to me from the above video as well as all of my research into the matter that Isaac simply used those words to explain the actions he took to insulate and protect himself from being a target from Seth and Claire as he thought they were going to kill him at the time.

It’s also obvious to me after researching and studying Mikey’s history as well as his actions with me and the Fam, that Mikey simply picked up on the word and carried it forward incorporating it into his plan to extract money and resources for as long as he possibly could.

I believe the “dead man switch” was picked up by multiple people during the fall out of Isaac’s death and used for personal games and agendas. Because the dead man’s which could never be proven, it was the perfect ghost. Something which could be pulled out and employed whenever needed and used to disseminate disinformation as needed. Like terrorism, it can be manufactured at will to move forward agendas.

Recent Dead Man Switch activity

In mid-September, I was approached and asked to publicly run with information which supposedly had come from a cracked key base file. I was told that there were copious records and information on certain key players whose names have been mentioned at length in the course of this investigation. When asked to provide evidence of this I was provided links to public websites and told that these links were aggregated in this file/ (dead man switch) which had been hidden the whole time in the key base account.

I stated that for me to run forward with this information put it out I would require personal access to the account and access it for myself and run it through members of my own team to verify the authenticity of it. I was told I cannot happen so I did not run with it. This information was then given to another YouTube content creator who ran with it.

I will say that this information although not proven to me to be any dead man switch certainly triggered known enemies of Isaacs and resulted in a four and a half-hour live YouTube stream wherein this man threatened to sue multiple people for defamation.

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