Donald Trump Bitch-Slaps Globalists for 35 Straight mins (No one is laughing in the end)

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I was looking forward to your analysis. I loved Trump’s Al Smith dinner speech for Hillary Clinton. Oh man, Trump got my respect there. He is taking on Satan’s kingdom right there. A good conservative YouTube channel is, AND WE KNOW. I am a fan of Dinesh D’Souza. I’m just sharing. Thanks for your efforts in these issues. I am a Christian surrounded by Freemasons, due to a part of my family being Freemasons. They are everything you are representing, and I am thankful Trump won 2016. I feel certain he has 2020 and will get moving on holding the murdering psychopaths accountable. I am sure we all want retribution for their treatment of children, it is beyond comprehension. They should all be dispatched to hell asap. Publicly.

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Every day waiting for your new posts:) Love it!

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