Examining Conspiracy Theory

“Culture, religion, and education are conspiracies to standardize worldviews.”
―Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Conspiracy – 1. A secret plan made by two or more people to do something that is harmful or illegal. 2. The act of secretly planning to do something that is harmful or illegal.

Conspiracy theory – 1. A theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators. 2. A theory seeking to explain a disputed case or matter as a plot by a secret group or alliance rather than an individual isolated act.

Conspiracy Theorist – 1. A person who at any time in their life believes that two or more people in a particular context have conspired to achieve a mutual aim. 2. According to the Urban Dictionary- A contemptuous term used primarily by the mainstream media to slander anyone who questions their monopoly on truth. Even though he has done his own research and has concluded that the official account of events is either lacking or inaccurate, he is still a conspiracy theorist because he does not believe what the mainstream media proclaims to be the truth.

(I kinda like that last definition)

This article was originally going to only be about conspiracy theory. However, I quickly realized as I often do when writing, that there is a larger inseparable component to the picture, that component being propaganda. Please see here for my full article on Propaganda.  If there was ever an article about to write its self, this is it.

The term “Conspiracy Theory”

I believe the term conspiracy theory as it is bantered around today doesn’t define so much the intended target of the label as it outs the person using the term. That out being “Uninformed.” It is used in the exact same way as words such as homophobe, bigot, xenophobe, anti-Semite, misogynist, etc. The term has evolved into a nuclear bomb debate tactic and is nothing more than an intolerant attempt to shortcut the thinking process and shut down the opposition. Furthermore, we have evidence that this tactic is also the end result of decades of effective propaganda as it effectively attempts to immediately pigeonhole someone as a paranoid, tinfoil hat wearing nut job who lives in a trailer, scanning the skies for black helicopters.

The reason that the last sentence is easy for you to imagine is that you have seen it depicted hundreds of times on television and in movies. For decades now you have probably seen news reporters smile slyly while labeling someone a conspiracy theorist who came forward to present something, not within the accepted parameters of our understood collective reality. Most assuredly you’ve also seen this term slapped on those accused of violent acts (especially against the government) while being painted as unstable, mad-dog lunatics.

It seems whenever somebody is introduced to information or a thought pattern that differs from the mainstream they will usually attempt to reaffirm their own personal reality so as to maintain a feeling of safety within the herd. That reality is a programmed belief system. This is basic human instinct and follows ingrained tribal behavioral instincts.

It is only after I ask them to explain to me why my position couldn’t possibly be, they realize they don’t have an argument so much as wish to defend an ingrained belief system. What comes next is “Well if that were true why isn’t it on TV? Why doesn’t everyone know about this?” What they truly can’t believe, won’t believe, is that anything so possibly evil, so bold and depraved could possibly be true. For if it were it would have profound consequences on the rest of their worldview. People naturally want to believe the collective “norm.” This “norm” will define their reality base and the limits to which they are comfortable considering alternative views. This, in turn, defines their behavior, social circles, etc.


Without strategy you can not have deception, without deception you can not control your opponent.
Sun Tzu – The Art of War


CIA Document #1035-960

CIA Document #1035-960 (brought to you by FOIA) is a document released by the CIA which instructed agents on how to deal with citizens, reporters, and the public in general who questioned the official Warren Report. It describes how to go about using the term “conspiracy theory” to discredit those who questioned the official narrative as to the assassination of President Kennedy.

It is fair to say at this point that the CIA has effectively “weaponized” the term “conspiracy theory.” They have successfully sold the script which implies that someone who does not adhere to the collective narrative is either mentally ill or is to be dismissed. This tactic was used in the Soviet Union in the 1950’s and those deemed mentally ill were locked up and never seen again. Thank God we aren’t at that point yet in the U.S.


Television shaping reality

In discussing esoteric topics with people as I regularly do I’m often informed that my views are conspiratorial in nature. This seems to be peoples go-to thought. That’s OK though, I’ve come to learn why this is and now wear it as a badge of honor. I am cognizant that the amount of time I spend digging into topics is relatively excessive compared to the average person. I’m also aware that most people spend their leisure time watching T.V., Professional sports, drinking or decompressing in equally mind-numbing ways. It is for this reason that 17 years ago I threw away my TV. and do not support professional sports in any capacity.

Unless you do so, you will never realize the astronomical amount of propaganda and stimuli you receive. Stimuli which has been scientifically designed to influence your mind and thought patterns. Your perceived likes, wants, goals, and needs, what you consider normal, sane, evil, wrong, noble, etc; whether or not you realize it, much of this is derived from what you see and hear on T.V. I’m especially seeing a merging between professional sports and politics as of last year. Primarily in the NFL. The hands up don’t shoot stunt, the anti-gun rhetoric, etc. American football is no longer simply a sport. It has morphed into something much bigger and more encompassing at this point. Not only does it define a man’s manliness and all that garbage, but it is an economic powerhouse. Monuments are erected in its honor, IE stadiums. Heroes for boys and men alike are born within the game and serve as examples of what is manly and important. The super-bowl halftime has turned into a spectacle often carrying with it esoteric symbology and occulted messaging, people watch this and believe it to be normal. The commercials run during this game are probably the most scientifically engineered feats of marketing and meant to have profound effects on the viewers. Make no mistake the NFL is no longer just a game. Dare I say it has been weaponized.

Conspiracy_theory_poster The movie Conspiracy Theory came out in 1997. I remember because shortly after people began saying things like “Have you seen that movie Conspiracy Theory? What you just said sound just like that.” (Oh, it must be fiction too then.) Much the same way people nowadays say things like “Wow, just like in that movie the DaVinci Code.” It has not escaped my attention that most people acquire the bulk of their defining reality from what they see on the silver screen. The majority of people in American know what they know of the JFK assassination from Oliver Stone’s film. (Warning, this may sound conspiratorial) but is it plausible that somebody years ago figured out that if they present information in an auditory and visual platform simultaneously (Tele-Vision) it would influence/program the recipient of the information being disseminated? If you dig into the history of TV it appears very much so. It also appears that people may have figured out long ago what we are just realizing today. That the human subconscious does not differentiate between reality and fiction when assimilating visual or auditory stimuli. The conscious mind does, but the subconscious mind does not. Perhaps they knew that the conscious mind draws upon the subconscious and uses it as a filter to process incoming stimuli/information. This being said, do you think it coincidence that this movie came out four years before the 911 attack? Enough time for the majority of Americans to see it at the theater, purchase the DVD and familiarize it with the American psyche. Enough time to re-solidify the term “conspiracy theory” into the public sphere of awareness. Yes ? No? OK.


A practical approach

Brad Melzer, author of History Decoded: The Ten Greatest Conspiracies of All Times was quoted saying “Indeed, to this day, I think if you blame everything on the government, you’re not just wrong, you’re being reckless. It’s as silly as blaming everything on the Freemasons, or the Illuminati, or insert-bad-guy-here. But I do believe that someone must ask the hard questions, especially of our elected officials as well as powerful men who become members of so-called secret societies. Remember: Governments don’t lie. People lie. And if you want the real story, you need to find out more about those people.

I think Mr. Meltzer is on to something. After all, I’ve heard all my life that it’s the Jews, or the Catholics, the Freemasons, CFR, the Illuminati, the Tri-lateral Commission, the banksters, the Christians, the terrorists, the Democrats, the Republicans, etc. Seriously though, it could be the bankers. The only thing I can say is thank God they are all attempting to take over the world simultaneously. At least this way none of them will get the upper-hand without the others knocking them back down again. In some ways, this makes me feel safer. Ha.

But seriously. Is it really hard to believe that two or more people actually sit down together and hash out a plan to secure gain for themselves at the expense of others? In fact, I’m going to say with about 99% certainty that this goes on in every boardroom across our planet daily. Especially marketing firms, attorney’s offices, and banks. It most certainly occurs in the military (after all, that’s their job.) As well as with military contractors who deal with a government which operates through deception as a matter of policy. To outmaneuver or out strategize someone is the nature of life and survival itself and if you doubt that then I truly envy your idealistic insulated reality. This is the nature of life, the feeding of one upon another.

In today’s civilized world of business, banking, and politics, good posturing, and public relations are imperative. In a paradigm where most everything relies on perception and systems linked to other systems, there are parameters even criminals must respect (at least outwardly) and these lines are only crossed behind closed doors. It is here people conspire to break laws. It is at this point that a conspiracy is born. My point is CONSPIRACIES HAPPEN. They are real and they occur every day.

This being said, I am not naive to the fact that when someone says “conspiracy theories” they are actually speaking to the big ones. Global warming, 911, Sandy Hook, JFK assassination, the Freemasons, Boston Marathon Bombing, Aurora theater shooting, Oklahoma City Bombing, Northwoods Project, MK Ultra, etc.

I can say I’ve invested 100’s of hours collectively researching these events for myself. Furthermore, I can say without hesitation that I understand the point of view of those who have pointed out the multitudes of unanswered questions raised in each case which challenge of the official version of these events. I can also honestly say that when discussing these events with those who have not researched these matters for themselves and have been solely reliant on the media, that those people are ignorant of 50% of the facts surrounding these events.

“What luck for rulers that men do not think.”
―Adolf Hitler

From the perspective of a Conspiracy Theorist

Allow me to guide you through the eyes of a conspiracy theorist for a brief moment. I’m out somewhere and the topic of (pick a conspiracy) comes up. I have just so happened to have spent a great deal of time studying this event and happen to understand a different version as it relates to the topic. A version generated by a much broader base of information. Keep in mind that I have researched hours of material and am aware of facts that didn’t necessarily make it to the media for public consumption. Everyone I am now speaking with has the collective version which made it to Television. This narrow scoped media version is the collective version and by default, mine is the minority and automatically on the defensive. Human nature kicks in at this point and the rest of the group bands together to defend what they know to be the collective reality. A reality based on minimal information which has been disseminated as the complete story. The point I bring up is new, strange, and unheard of before. Connecting dots that they themselves weren’t even aware of. In an effort to discredit my entire argument/viewpoint, somebody throws out the word “conspiracy theory” and BOOM I’m now a “Conspiracy Theorist.”

See how easy that was? Now, no matter what argument or fact I bring forth it will be immediately discredited or tainted at the very least. Why would someone choose to not hear information which conflicts with their personal worldview? Simple. It is a reactionary defense mechanism built into the psyche to protect the ego. It is designed to preserve a view of reality, which in turn preserves a collective view, which is required in pack animals to survive. Yes, humans are pack animals. Through design or evolution, we are now reliant upon other humans to survive to some degree or another. Fact, the average lifespan of a mountain man on the frontier was 35 years. The human body simply just wears out when performing every task and function required to survive. But I digress. It is this collective worldview which (according to the mind) must be maintained. When this happens, it assures itself that it is safe. The mind tells the organism that it is on track, normal, well informed, and tucked safely within the herd. Example. Regardless of the facts, It is much easier to go to bed each night knowing that we invaded Iraq because 18 terrorists hijacked multiple airplanes and flew them into the Twin Towers then it is to believe the alternative. After all, and my God; if key officials within our governmental apparatus actually had prior knowledge and did nothing, or worse yet facilitated this attack; how safe could one possibly feel in his/her day to day life? The ramifications could mean that the very base institutions we know to be real and rely upon for our survival are in fact a threat themselves. Not a comfortable thought. It’s easy to sell someone a warm fuzzy lie when the truth is stone cold horror.

Think you know everything/anything about the Oklahoma City Bombing?

imagesThe Oklahoma City Bombing is probably the best clear cut case the American people have for false flag events and clandestine government ops. It is cold hard proof that people within the United States government are willing to not only kill American people in order to achieve a specific goal but to construct a false narrative and attempt to maintain it after the horror they inflicted. If you’ve never dug into the incontrovertible evidence surrounding this now quiet tragedy you are in for a shock. There are still hundreds of unanswered questions surrounding this event that the government apparatus would choose to ignore. I’m sure those in the know hope that new staged events and tragedies will outshine the old ones and everything will roll on according to plan. Shock and Awe anyone?

Conspiracy or business as usual? Perhaps it’s a matter of perspective.

Many people are unaware that the scientific community, education, and industry have all been co-opted to a great degree by any number of government agencies and function to a great extent for and according to policy dictated by them. Take for example the amount of tech the military pulls out of MIT. Then realize the number of government grants and subsidies key departments at MIT receive to develop the technologies. But is this to be viewed as a conspiracy? How about Honeywell Corp and the electronics produced by them for our advanced weapons systems? We can look at these examples and say “This isn’t a conspiracy, it’s simply business, someone has to make these things for the government.” But if I were to begin tying together these examples into a larger picture, perhaps a picture where someone 50 years ago imagined this military industrial complex and actually took steps to manifest it through legislation, policy, and funding; one may consider me paranoid and a conspiracy theorist.

Then again is this just a natural progression of a nation, an economy?

My point is that one may view a conspiracy theory as such based on a number of factors.

  1. Their personal worldview as seen through their own filters of religion, politics, environment, life experience, etc.

  2. How informed or rather ill-informed they themselves truly are.

  3. The friends and circles they keep, which reinforce their daily worldview/reality.

  4. Their social and economic standing, and how much they stand to lose if the system they depend on were to collapse. This aspect determines the outside boundaries of what they are willing to believe and act upon, IE. vote, donate fund, volunteer for, etc.

  5. The amount of personal, physical and emotional equity a person has in a particular sector of the system. Example – If one were to state that the education system was nothing more than a top-down federalized machine designed to crank out human resources who will perform diligently within a corporatocracy while all the while attempting to realize the American dream, One could expect that a person who has invested a lifetime in higher academia may defend the educational system and choose to see it as the most important institution built by man, and crucial for the advancement of our species. Strangely enough, both are probably true. I would argue that education has been “weaponized.”

Are you beginning to see how the terms “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy theorist” are not only hyper-subjective but actually a reflection of the person using them?

How could the government possibly keep a conspiracy that big so quiet? Someone would talk.

Most people are under the impression that for a conspiracy to occur everyone involved would have to be in the know. Not at all. In fact, the fewer people participating at the core level the better. Everyone else simply plays out their part and the event is that much more successful. In the end, everyone sees the event from their own subjective perspective and this, in turn, makes the event real. This personal account is then later translated into TV and the rest of the nation witness it as real account testimony. The person now being interviewed truly did experience the event from a real point of view. He doesn’t have to lie, or even know that a conspiracy took place, to begin with. Sort of like war. Let’s say that bankers are having trouble securing business in a certain part of the world. They approach sitting government officials to create a favorable policy for themselves. Government officials at this point (senators, congressmen, etc) press for action at a national level, an excuse is created which to justify this action (usually some human rights atrocity.) A police action is called for and troops are deployed to neutralize the leader of some 3rd world country which just so happens to be rich in a desired natural resource. The leader is deposed, and another leader more favorable to business is installed.

From the perspective of the troops sent in to neutralize the “threat” this is a justified action and this is a very real war. They are fighting for freedom, God, and country. To their family back home this is a sacrifice so of course, this is real. To the military in general careers are on the line. To the industries supplying the military with the equipment, this is very good business. To the American people, a tyrant is being stamped out and freedom is prevailing. And on and on, you get the point. While all the while the true reason for all this in the first place is profit driven, and only a few people had to know.

The simplest model to think about or use for this is the corporation. Everyone is compartmentalized and given a job. Perspectives, goals, and rewards are different at every level. Not every person employed by a corporation need know everything that is going on. In fact, that would be detrimental to the success of its end goals. Instead, only the head of the snake or CEO need be given the whole picture. In media, control the editors. War, the generals. Business, the CEOs, government, elected officials, the court, the judges. Citizens, their money/security.

People can also be threatened with the loss of pension, including health care. -The father of a friend of mine was prevented from filing assault charges against the border patrol after he was tasered, beaten, and locked up in a trailer at the AZ/CA state line. He was able to phone his family and tell them where he was while the goons were breaking in his driver side window. They showed up with the sheriff’s department who secured his release and let him go free. The border patrol never filed charges as he had broken no laws however his lawyer informed him that if he were to bring his case to court he would incur a countersuit which if he lost would mean a revocation of all his veteran benefits. Due to his health, family, and retirement, he couldn’t take the chance so he never filed suit. This tactic is used as a matter of policy and contract. It is used at government level as well as in the private sector. This is the reason for deathbed confessions, as there is nothing else that can be taken from someone who wishes to come clean about a sorted life so late in the game.

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
―Adolf Hitler


Disinformation is an area that fits into propaganda. It is simply the disseminating of false information in order to muddy the proverbial waters. It may be wholly or partly untrue. It will usually rely on one or two very well known and established facts and run off into the weeds from there. This serves a few purposes.

  1. It lays down false trails for those who would seek justice

  2. It serves to offer easily disprovable scenarios which make researchers and lower officials look foolish. (Remember, not everyone in government is usually involved in the conspiracy.)

  3. If believed it offers alternative explanations as to what occurred.

  4. It turns the entire event into a spectacle which is divisive, exhausting and wishing to be dismissed by those who would prefer a tidy reality.

  5. It offers up immediate “enemies” for the masses. A place for them to direct their anger. It creates a group of people who don’t believe the official story. A group who would disrespect the memory of victims of the event. Only victims who died as a result of some clandestine government op and not for the reasons being disseminated in the media.

One has only to look at the JFK assassination or the 911 attract to see the dozens of theories that swirl around each of them.


People are assassinated to preserve the silence

Of course, the threat of getting whacked is always ever present and looming over anyone who gets too close or won’t shut up. In fact, the first rule of any high profile assassination is to kill the assassin. These assassinations in themselves become conspiracy theories as in the case of Jack Ruby killing Lee Harvey Oswald. Here are a few more.

Vince Foster, Lee H. Oswald, Robert Kennedy, Pat Tillman, Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Alexander Litvinenko, John Lennon, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Franz Ferdinand, Gandhi, Julius Cesar.

Assassinations (or strange deaths) during the Obama administration alone- Andrew Breitbart, Joan Rivers, Director Loretta Fuddy, Jeff Joe Black, Larry Bland, Michael Cormier, Michael Hastings, Job Price, Chris Kyle, Seal Team Six, Brett D. Shadle, Matt Simmons, Holiyah Soetoro Sobah,Aaron Swartz, Ali Ani al harzi, Shane Todd, Jessica Upshaw, John Wheeler, Victoria Windsor, Donald Young, Jaime Zapata. This is a much longer list. Around 100 or so but you get the point.

How heart attacks happen



Conspiracies that have actually happened

Believe it or not, there are a ton of events which were once believed to be conspiracy theories.  There are many lists on the net but I happen to like this one the best.  It’s well researched and non-reaching.  Yeah, this happened.


If at this point, one does not or will not look behind the proverbial curtain which hangs directly in front them, I don’t know what else to say. The mask is off the enemy and thanks to the internet people have access to information and news which don’t come from the government. People are no longer relegated to believing in only a controlled version but can instead choose whether or not to participate in their lie. Take advantage of your information freedom my friends while it’s still here and realize the value of free and open exchange of thought and ideas.

By the way.  Did you fit into that first definition of the word “Conspiracy Theorist?” I’m betting you did.

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An absolutely untarnished view of the abyss many fall into when explaining conspiracy theories. Not exactly brutal but the author pulls no punches.
A subject many find too prejudicial , speaking academically, to investigate the many subjects that are at odds with the government or church.

Truly the best read today, written with panache, legitimate questions the public wants to know of which is obviously cause and effect.

The author has done his duties..conspiracy theories are finally out of the closet!

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