There are two sorts of curiosity – the momentary and the permanent. The momentary is concerned with the odd appearance on the surface of things. The permanent is attracted by the amazing and consecutive life that flows on beneath the surface of things.

Robert Wilson Lynd

No fancy intro here, I’m just going to jump right into this one. I believe there to be solid evidence for undisclosed underground bases in the north and northwest regions of Arizona, otherwise known as a D.U.M.B.s or Deep Underground Military Bases. I don’t base this (pun intended) on reiterated conspiracy website material or Wikipedia searches but rather the culmination of decades of research and eyewitness accounts from locals – myself and others – and mounting circumstantial evidence.

Underground bases are in fact a real thing

Norad Base
NORAD entrance

Underground military bases are an integral part of the U.S. military defense apparatus. They are not constructs of conspiracy theorists collective paranoia, however, at one point that approach was used as propaganda to explain them away and derail investigators who had discovered this, then secret. Aside from known underground bases, such as NORAD, Mt. Vernon, Raven Rock Mountain Complex, etc, there is a category of underground bases known as D.U.M.B.s. Or Deep Underground Military Bases. A quick internet search will generate hundreds of websites, most of which are simply copied lists of D.U.M.B locations from other sites by those interested in the subject and who are attempting to get the information out. But a few sites, like Richard Sauder’s Ph.D., are rather detailed and represent original work and real expertise. Mr. Sauder filed FOIA requests years ago and accessed data repositories which are no longer available to the public. Like much of the fleeting information that bounces around, dare I say “conspiracy” websites, much of it was acquired during the days following the FOIA act. The U.S. government didn’t realize the general public would be so interested in digging into government records and rushed to redact as much information as they could as fast as they could regarding all manner of topics. Still, much of the information got out and one can still find much of it bouncing around “conspiracy” websites today. Mr. Sauder got in before much of this information was sealed off and wrote the groundbreaking book on this subject titled Underground Bases and Tunnels.

serveimage (2)
Tunnel Boring Machine Being Moved

What’s amazing is that much of this information isn’t secret at all. For instance, Google (patent # 3,693,731). This patent was filed by multiple scientists from the Los Alamos military testing facility in 1971. As you can see, this is a very real subject involving quite real technology. I think it amazing that this technology has been around since the 1950’s yet still evaded the general public’s sphere of awareness. It provokes speculation as to what technologies have been invented and even implemented since then.

serveimage (1)
Tunnel boring machine with workers.


Reasons for D.U.M.B.s

The reasons for D.U.M.B.s are multiple I would imagine. The most obvious being an emergency shelter systems/network in times of political or military crisis and a secure position with which to fight and survive a nuclear war. However many of the other reasons may and probably do include, command and control, weapons deployment, undersea submarine bases, scientific research, secret resource procurement (oil, gold, uranium etc), hidden power sources, nuclear/geothermal. I can also envision a need for secure supercomputer banks in this technological world of ours, espionage, and storage of sensitive documents.

Bertha- The world's largest Tunnel Boring Machine.
Bertha- The world’s largest Tunnel Boring Machine.













How are these funded…? Your tax dollars of course. This answer is not very complicated yet has a nearly 0% success rate of being able to be tracked down. Money is allocated for projects which private consultants and contracting firms are hired to complete. The military apparatus itself forms these companies which are hired, profit is made during the construction process, secrecy is assured, and the installations are built. Private parties close to the projects profit from this and the whole machine lurches forward. BTW, this is known as the military-industrial complex. I hope you’ve heard of it by now. If instead, you are one of those people who actually still believe that our government is transparent and the only monies spent are those which are appropriated through legitimate means, you’d best just go turn your T.V. Back on and watch some more news.

This speech was given one day before the 911 world trade center bombings.


Alleged D.U.M.B. Locations

By no means do I wish to type out everyone else’s list of professed underground bases, but for the purpose of this site and this article, the following seems to be a complete list of suspected D.U.M.B.s in Arizona according to many of the sites which I visited.


  1. Fort Huachuca. 290 N 116ºW saucer base below, intelligence training above, mind-control incl. too. Gates Pass Base
  2. Gila Mountain Area, south of Interstate 8 and approx. 30 east of Yuma, AZ.  290 N 116ºW. DUMB base.
  3. Grand Wash Cliffs, on the western edge of the cliffs at the head of Grapevine Wash. Must be reached via highway 93 and then unpaved roads. DUMB.
  4. Green Valley
  5. Hualapai Mountains, east side of the mountain range, about 35 mi. SE of Kingman, AZ
  6. Rincon Mountains. North side of Rincon Mtn.
  7. Mt. Lemon
  8. Page, AZ (Perhaps in the Grand Canyon, or under lake Powell)
  9. Safford, near Safford, AZ
  10. Santa Catalina Mountains. Base
  11. Munds Park
  12. Wikieup. Believed to tunnel to area 51
  13. Papago Park Military Reservation
DUMB map
A widely circulated D.U.M.B. map on the inter-web. Note Wikieup, AZ.

I didn’t bother to reprint the commentary that went with many of these alleged sites. There are copious assertions stating that many of these D.U.M.B.s tunnels to other sites across the country interconnecting and creating a subterranean honeycombed network spanning the entire country. This topic quickly gets into aliens, UFO’s, and withheld off-world technologies. There are whole documentaries on this topic if one so wishes to research it but for our purposes here I shall steer away from all of that and concentrate on locations of D.U.M.B.s in northern Arizona.

First things first, I believe the locations of these D.U.M.B.s to be under or near Camp Navajo located in Bellemont, AZ, The Kingman/Wikieup area, and maybe Munds Park; Of these three I’m leaning heavily to Camp Navajo and something north of Wikieup near the HWY 93 / I-40 junction. Aside from the staggering number witnessed UFO’s and testimony of strange military operations in these areas, I believe the following reasons to be grounds for these locations.

Google view Bellemonte
Aerial view of Bellemont. Note the extremely close proximity of rails, power lines, and interstate.
  1. This region is centrally located. It lays between the NSA building in Utah, the ICBM’s in southern AZ, NORAD in Colorado, Luke AFB in Phoenix and all the bases in California.
  2. This area is the first viable area south of the Grand Canyon. The next available locations would be north of the Canyon. It also runs along the main transportation routes. Any tunnels coming from the east would either have to veer to the north-through Utah- or south along the southern rim of the Grand Canyon. This remote high desert corridor is along a natural route.

    Colorado Plateau image
    The Colorado Plateau
  3. These sites are on the Colorado Plateau. The Colorado Plateau is a rather stable platform and is comprised primarily of soft Limestone and Sandstone with a top layer of volcanic rock. This Limestone is naturally riddled with caves, and sandstone is easily carvable with today’s equipment. All three mediums, including the volcanic, provide great drainage, or percolation. The Grand Canyon Caverns lay 80 miles to the west and is a natural cavern once utilized by the U.S. military during WW2 to store munitions, and supplies. The water table on the Colorado Plateau is quite deep due to the makeup of the soil stratification, so groundwater entering the facility wouldn’t be an issue. Water doesn’t begin pooling and running laterally until it reaches a Dolomite layer extremely deep where it runs south emerging in the Verde Valley and further south still. A quick records search for the Bellemont area plan did show water being hit at a level of 200 feet, but the production was only 14 gallons a minute (rather slow). This is one of two wells in the town, not including three small springs, three reservoirs, and one well located on the Camp Navajo Base its self.
  4. No major geological activity in the area. There are a few minor tremors from time to time but never anything catastrophic or major. In fact, up until 2014, I can’t recall a single quake in the area. And as of the writing of this article Nov 2015 we just had a minor quake out of the Black Canyon area to the south, but once again no damage of any kind.
  5. Mild weather. Arizona, as every snowbird will tell you has great weather, this is no secret. I would imagine that mild weather, especially winters would allow for easier movement and facilitation of year-round work.
  6. No flooding. This area of the state sees very little flooding of any kind. Come to think of it there are no hurricanes, tornadoes, or catastrophes of any kind in this area of the state.
  7. Proximity to I-40, I-17, and Hwy 93. For the reason of supplying and logistics, both in times of emergency and day to day operations, I-40 is a main artery in the U.S. highway system. Camp Navajo sits right on this highway which connects with I-17 only 9 miles to the east and U.S. Highway 93 or the (NAFTA) highway to the west. Munds Park sits right on top of I-17 with I-40 connecting 20 miles to the north. Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the U.S. and is located only 2 hours to the south. The Wikieup/Kingman base would be located near the I-40 HWY 93 junction. Hwy 93 was also recently upgraded to interstate 11 and is slated to be the newest cross-country highway route connecting Canada to Mexico.
  8. Proximity to the Santa Fe Railroad. We all know, or at least should know by now that almost every military base in the U.S. lays in extremely close proximity to a railroad. The rails are the most efficient means of moving mass amounts of supplies and construction equipment to any site, and these sites are located on or extremely near these rails.
  9. Low population density. This region of the state enjoys relatively low population. This is due in part to the lack or natural resources and available water, as well as the brutal winter storms. As of 2013 the population of Flagstaff 68,667, Bellemont 893, Williams 3,001, and Ash Fork 457. As you can see the immediate area enjoys an extremely low population with Flagstaff being the largest city around. What better place to construct a clandestine military installation than an already sparsely populated area.
  10. There is very little industry along the northern Arizona corridor. Forestry and Cattle pretty much make up the bulk of it. There is a high amount of tourism in the area due to the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Oak Creek Canyon/Sedona, and Humphrey’s Peak, but there are very few people who actually work in the area year round. Due to the makeup of the soil on the Colorado plateau, there is virtually no mining and limited water which greatly limits industry.
  11. In 1965 a new airport terminal was completed at Grand Canyon Airport. I was originally informed that this airport does not accommodate airbuses and was specifically designed to land Air Force One. I had some doubts about that so I arranged to speak with a long-term manager of one of the helicopter tour companies at the facility and he informed me quite the opposite. He stated that the Grand Canyon Airport has the 3rd longest runway in Arizona, after Sky Harbor Airport and Tucson International Airport. He stated, “it’s just over two miles long and is quite capable of landing any modern day aircraft.” He said that the runway was not specifically designed for Air Force one, but that the first family did land and visit there a couple years back. What I find interesting however is that the 3rd largest airport in the state is located in such a remote location. One would think that the airports at Prescott, Flagstaff, and Sedona would dwarf this remote outpost. While this doesn’t fit into the “mysterious” box, it does cause one to raise an eyebrow. The Grand Canyon Airport almost exclusively facilitates tourism; that is, small fixed wing aircraft, and helicopters. Why was this airport overbuilt to the extent to which it was? Logistically speaking it’s only a 45-minute drive or a 10-minute helicopter flight from Bellemont. There are also rumors of another D.U.M.B under the Grand Wash Cliffs in the north-west corner of Arizona just off Hwy 93, near the Grand Canyon West Sky Walk attraction. There are no high-value targets in the area, which means that in the case of a foreign attack this area would most likely be spared. This airport would surely make for an ideal, centrally located, and clandestine landing location for any covert government business due to its remoteness and extremely defensible terrain, the Grand Canyon, after all, is a natural fortress.
  12. Which brings me to another consideration. Power. Although these D.U.M.B.S. Most assuredly are capable of generating their own power, I’m equally sure they most likely don’t do so on a regular non-emergency time basis. Camp Navajo sits just north of a high voltage power line. In fact, it sits between the Santa Fe railroad and a high voltage power line. High voltage power lines also pass right through the town of Wikieup, AZ. As well as through the Hwy 93 / I-40 juncture where many believe a major D.U.M.B is also located. It would make sense that these installations would be located either along these lines or in very close proximity to a power plant of some kind, hydro-electric being the most ideal. That being said, all these locations are located in relatively close proximity to Hoover Dam, with the reputed Grand Wash Cliffs D.U.M.B. Being the closest at only 34 miles away. The Hoover Dam is also in close proximity to Groom Lake and Area 51,


Aerial View of the Hoover Dam.
Aerial View of the Hoover Dam. Generating 4.2 billion KWh annually.


Other Arizona Strangeness (Likely D.U.M.B. Locations)


The Bradshaw Ranch

The Bradshaw Ranch, although once a simple cattle ranch has become quite the location for UFO enthusiasts as well as paranormal scientists in general. Once a private 90-acre cattle ranch owned by Bob Bradshaw, the forest service cut allotments to the property limiting the number of cattle he could run on his land, slowly but surely cattle ranching became more difficult and less profitable. It was the mid-1990’s when Bob’s son John Bradshaw, took over the ranch and operated it as a tourist destination. John, a local businessman, politician, and photographer grew up on the ranch and obviously knows the area well. Using his home ranch to cater to the tourism industry, John offered backcountry jeep rides, horseback riding, and cookout dinners but for some reason soon ended up selling out to the U.S. Government. Today the ranch sits behind a triple-locked gate and is operated/managed/guarded by the U.S. Forest Service.

Night vision view of the Bradshaw Ranch
Night vision view of the Bradshaw Ranch

One would think the Federal Government’s purchase would mean that the land would be opened to the public as is most all other federal lands in the United States (with the exception of military, and sensitive sites) but no. This old ranch is locked off from all public admittance with a sign warning that “all trespassers will be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law.” All inquiries and requests for passage onto the ranch are routinely denied. The reason circulating is that the area is a sensitive archaeological area and requires protection. Hummmmm. Strange that there is no mention of any archaeological sites on the Bradshaw ranch prior to the Federal Government seizing control of the site. And even if there were, this would be the first entire ranch seized that the Federal Government guards regularly. There thousands of archaeological sites in Arizona which the Government/Forest service doesn’t protect on a daily basis. It is this strange behavior on the part of the federal government which has spurred the multitudes of speculation and conspiracy theories. Theories which include, Big Foot habitat, UFO landing location, inter-dimensional portals, and the location of an entrance to the D.U.M.B. located just west of Sedona. Some speculate that this D.U.M.B. connects with the one located at Bellemont as it is only 35 miles to the north.

I find it more than coincidental that UFO sightings around the Sedona area increased dramatically in the late 90’s immediately following the Bradshaw Ranch acquisition. It was at this time that the Sedona UFO craze merged with the new age movement as well. Please note I don’t use the word “alien.” Although there are those camps who believe that non-human entities do live and work in these D.U.M.B.S. The term UFO is an aviation term used by military and civilian personnel alike. It simply means objects flying around which can not be identified, and the Sedona area sees more then it’s fair share of UFOs. Arizona was 6th last year in total UFO sightings with Oregon being #1, according to the annual MUFON report. That’s not remarkable in its self until you take into account these sightings in relation to population. Per 100k people, the state Arizona jumps to #2 in the nation, with the highest concentration of those sightings occurring in Coconino County. That is, the Sedona area and north to the Grand Canyon. This means that the Sedona/Flagstaff area is responsible for more UFO sightings than everywhere in the country with the exception of Oregon. And the United States leads the world in reported UFO sightings, which puts this region as number two in the world. I find this extremely significant.

A great site which lists UFO sighting reports by capita

I used to think that the stories of the government guarding this property were bunk, more Sedona woo-woo if you will, but while interviewing a good friend of mine for this article she confirmed that they were very real indeed. She states that in 1997 she had been riding out in the Bradshaw Ranch area before she knew anything about Bradshaw Ranch when she was stopped by two uniformed men armed with automatic rifles. They told her she couldn’t go any further and to turn around. She didn’t see any fences at that time but wasn’t about to argue with two armed guys in the desert. She described them as “White males, mid 20’s, clean cut, black uniforms, no insignia, just a clear plastic pocket protector type thing where the arm patch would be. Sunglasses, monotone, I’ve seen guys wearing flight suits that are similar up at the airport.” That’s a pretty darn good description if you ask me. She went on to say that She’d seen a similar uniform on a pilot at the Sedona Airport. She talked to a man who landed a black helicopter there. She asked him about the craft and he told her that he was a test pilot for Boeing and that’s why there are no markings on either the chopper or his uniform.

If John Bradshaw knows anything at all about whats going on at the ranch where he grew up, he hasn’t told anyone, and no one has come forward regarding the matter. Or maybe he has and it has just gotten lost in the “woo-woo” that is Sedona. It could also be that he isn’t aware of the goings on out there and that all the high strangeness began after the government acquisition. He does, however, continue to operate a successful tour company in Sedona providing jeep, and horseback tours into the backcountry. He also provides excursions along the paranormal vain including Conspiracy and Spiritual tours. His company is called “A day in the west” and comes highly reviewed on trip advisor.


Munds Park, AZ

Munds Park – named after an early settler – has been the location of a supposed underground military facility for quite some time now. I can recall when I was in high school hearing something about this. I can also remember seeing military vehicles at Munds Park during a trip up to Flagstaff in my teens. While this doesn’t mean much, as there is a National Guard Depot just north-west of here, it does seem strange that the rumors of an underground military installation in the area just won’t go away. A quick search will bring up this http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread603830/pg1 page outlining the personal testimony of the professed construction of a D.U.M.B. At this site. Regardless of what took place here decades ago, I believe it more feasible that the D.U.M.B. in the area is actually located at Bellemont.


Wikieup, AZWikieup

Oh, where do I begin? If you’ve read my bio page you will know that I spent ten years living and working in Wikieup, AZ. affectionately known to Wikieupans as “The Big W.” I moved there in summer of 1994 and worked at our family owned convenient store/gas station/subway restaurant franchise. If you’ve driven through Wikieup, you know the spot.

I can remember with perfect clarity and will recount for you my conversation(s) with several people regarding underground/military activity in the Wikieup, AZ area. Although admittingly anecdotal, everything you are about to read is 100% true as told to or witnessed by me. Some of these stories may seem off topic at first but I promise the reader it will come full circle. My goal here is to not only to relay to the reader the immense amount of eyewitnesses to this phenomenon but to paint an overall picture of what it was like in the Big Sandy Valley during that time, which I feel is important to put into perspective the information. A story without context is nothing, context without understanding is even less.

Has anyone ever wondered why there is a rocket ship/missile with Snoopy and Woodstock riding it in Wikieup, AZ? This “sculpture” actually sits on the property owned by a friend of mine. It was built years ago out of old water heaters and has sat there unmolested ever since. A Kingman based Boy Scout troop keeps up the maintenance of it. Most of the locals don’t even know its history.


Spooks at the Gas Station

Like I stated above, I worked at our family-owned convenience store in Wikieup regularly for ten years. It was roughly two years after I’d moved to the Big W, when one afternoon in walked a casually dressed man. He caught my attention as he was spending just a little to much time hanging around and as I was keeping an eye on him he realized it and approached me.

I’d seen him making rounds with the other employees engaging in what seemed to be small talk. This didn’t seem strange at first as travelers were always asking questions about road conditions, wrecks along the highway, the weather up ahead, etc.

He approached me, smiled, and started making small talk about Wikieup. He asked whether or not I lived in the area, which may seem nosy to outsiders (non-Wikieup folk) but believe me when you live in a town of 300 people, you get that question a lot, daily in fact. I told him that I did and he asked me if I spent much time in the desert surrounding the town. I said that I did. He seemed quite a bit more interested at this point and began asking me about underground structures in the area and the tunnels which led to them. I told him that this was the first I’d heard of them, but he insisted the entrances looked just like manhole covers and were everywhere around Wikieup. I said that I really didn’t know anything about it but found it interesting all the same.

It was at that point that I looked down and noticed that his shoes didn’t really match his clothes. His dress was that of a casual traveler, but his shoes were shiny black dress shoes. Something didn’t seem right. He said he was going to get some more coffee and asked me to join him at the tables for a while. I told him I couldn’t as I was working, so he just stood there next to the cash register for a while asking me about different roads in the desert, where they went, and when I’d last been on them.

This I began to find a little strange. Not only did he want general information but he wanted to know the last time that I personally had been in that neck of the woods. I became obviously vague and he eventually got the point and walked outside. I followed him outside pretending to check to see if the trash needed changing and got his license plate. To my surprise (or maybe not) his vehicle had government plates.

Later that night I went over to my friend’s house for some coffee and told her about what had happened. My friend happened to work at a trading post about a quarter mile down the road. She looked up and said, “Oh my god, that guy spent 2 hours at the trading post asking everyone there the same questions.” I asked her if she’d noticed his plates and she said no. When I told her about the government plates she just smiled and said that it wasn’t the first time the government had been poking around the big W.

This same encounter was repeated 2 years later almost in an identical scenario. Only this time the guy hanging around asking questions didn’t have government plates. He was, however, asking all the locals about tunnels under the desert leading to underground facilities.


The Bigger Picture

Not related so much to underground bases but still in the vein of government spooks, there were a number of believed government agents who attempted to gather Intelligence in the town of Wikieup in the mid-1990’s through the early 2000’s. Keep in mind that these were the days of Ruby Ridge (1992), the Branch Davidians (1993), and the Oklahoma City bombing (1995). Kingman, AZ, only 50 miles to the NW was home to the media event which surrounded Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols in the aftermath of the OK city bombing.  A huge media propaganda campaign attempted to paint a government entrapment (sting) operation as a homegrown, right-wing, militia organized an attack on the federal government as payback for ruby ridge and the Waco TX incidents. I’m sure there are some people in Kingman who still have their “I survived the FBI invasion” T-shirts which followed the government black-op known as the Oklahoma City Bombing.

During the years following those events, there were a number of people who moved into the Wikieup area, going so far as to buy property, mingle with the locals, and make their supposed anti-government views widely known while enjoying their coffee at the local diner. Whereas this didn’t seem all that strange at first, it eventually did when one of them, a guy named Bob, began inquiring around town if there was anyone who was interested in buying grenades and perhaps a jeep mounted M-60 machine gun.

We did a little bit of recon on this guy ourselves and discovered that he was well known within the gun show circuit, especially Tucson area. It seemed he was always attempting to sell illegal arms to people he had befriended on the down-low, and although everyone knew about this guy and several licensed gun dealers had reported him to the authorities, he somehow managed to avoid the attention of the ATF and not get busted.

In short, Bob was widely believed to be a spook, that is, an undercover government operative. I even remember his cover story, he stated that he was an inventor and was working on a thermal/guided scoping system for a large caliber platform firearm. He had been in negotiations with military contractors and was planning on selling his patent to them and retiring upon perfecting his concept. Humm…. So in between official U.S. military weapons contract business, this guy was attempting to sell illegal black market grenades and artillery to a bunch of small-town kids? Yeah, something doesn’t fit.

There was also once a traveling multilevel marketing salesman who attempted to befriend everyone in town, and he eventually talked me into having a meeting with him. I should have known something was up as the first goal in his personal sales model was to have me write down for him as many names of not only friends and family as I could possibly think of, but of everyone I’d ever known from my school years up.

Supposedly this was going to be a tool with which to build a sales/marketing target objective. Hummmmm…. Needless to say that meeting ended quickly. Whereas I have nothing to hide from my corrupt government, I don’t wish to cooperate with their intelligence gathering on me all the same.

It would be a few years later after I was stopped for a traffic speeding violation I would learn that I had been the target of a 3-year investigation for believed illegal arms and drugs trafficking. Or at least that’s what they told me. I was detained, and while not quite at gunpoint, the officer requested back up and the officer covering me never took his hand off his gun.

These were people whom I knew in a small town of 300 people, somebody told them something. My vehicle was then ripped apart on the side of highway 93 by DPS officers who had been brought into the investigation, the entire time the one covering me attempting to get me to admit to him that I smoked weed and meth and associated with people in town who did. It was quite surreal and strange to tell you the truth.

Of course these suspicions were ludicrous and unfounded, and of course, they found nothing as I have never been involved in arms or drug trafficking. I was furious at such overreach and took my complaints to the local DPS sergeant who then informed me about the ongoing investigation. He stated that because of my age (mid 20’s) and the many trips I made weekly to Phoenix and Kingman (for banking purposes related to our gas station) that it was believed that I was into questionable activity.

In hindsight it is a little sad as to how many taxpayer dollars could have been saved had they simply approached me and had a conversation. However, in the years which have followed, seeing all the clandestine ops which have occurred in our nation with patsies taking the falls for them, I can’t help but wonder if I wasn’t being singled out for some kind of fall. Of course, I have no proof of this, but I was wild and loud and did stand out more than a little bit. With some public media direction, it wouldn’t have been hard to convince people who didn’t know me that I was capable of any atrocity they could have thought up and deployed. Those truly were strange days in the Big W.

I relay these stories to show the reader the high level of government/military activity in the Wikieup area, and to illustrate the lengths to which our government will go to once they have pointed their lumbering machine in a determined direction. Whereas the above accounts don’t directly pertain to D.U.M.B.s, a very strong connection can be made between the physical location of government complexes and clandestine government operations.

Take, for example, Colorado. Does anyone think the increased mass shootings in Colorado – Columbine 1999, YWAM/new life shootings 2007, Platte Canyon High School 2006, Aurora Theater Shooting 2012, Arapaho High School Shooting 2013, Colorado Springs Shooting 2015- immediately followed by per-constructed anti-firearm legislation is organic in nature and doesn’t have anything to do with the HUGE presence of U.S. military and high level government facilities located in the region? Just like New Orleans in the late 50’s and early 60’s, it is my opinion that CO is now a hotbed of nefarious government ops.

To those of you who’ve never thought about this before it may seem paranoid but it is only now that all the New Orleans information is coming out into the open and Americans are learning about what took place around the time John F. Kennedy was murdered. What better place for special ops and social behavioral testing to occur than where the government already has a tight control on local and state law enforcement, news media, and politicians.

Federalization equals socialism and socialism equals totalitarianism. They are synonymous. Is it a wonder that recreational Marijuana is being beta tested in a state where so many social conditioning programs are emanating from? Don’t get me wrong, as a botanist, I’m all for marijuana being used for medicine. But it is an extremely powerful and complex plant which in the end I believe will be weaponized, and I’m afraid it is being used to create a docile, complacent society. Much like your Television.

Make no mistake, DC interests and DC money run Colorado. Colorado is Washington DC West…… NORAD, the new Denver Airport, Air Force Academy, Buckley AFB, Cheyenne Mnt AFB, Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB, Fort Carson Army Base, Pueblo Chemical Depot Army Base, are all located there.

Cowboys and Convoys

While riding roundup with a local cowboy/acquaintance, the topic of strange occurrences around Wikieup came up and I told him about the spooks who’d been asking about tunnels around town. He looked at me and said something to the effect of “oh, that makes a lot more sense now.” I asked him to explain and he told me that he’d been working a ranch up near the highway 93/I-40 junction. To the southwest of the junction to be exact.

He said he’d been sitting his horse atop a hill overlooking the surrounding countryside for cattle when he saw a convoy of three black SUV’s and a town car come driving along the old highway 93. (Old 93 was once the original HWY 93 but was replaced by the new highway junction and is now a maintained county road. Old 93 runs between the Petro station on I-40 and comes out about 4.5 miles south of the I-40 junction on highway 93. It cuts right through the area believed to be to location of the Kingman area D.U.M.B.) The vehicles turned off onto a secondary road and continued up to what appeared to be a parcel of private property.

There, a man got out of the first vehicle and unlocked the doors of a metal shed. This shed looked only big enough to hold one vehicle. The first vehicle then drove into the structure while the others waited, after a minute the second SUV followed. This repeated two more times until all the vehicles had vanished. My friend just sat there trying to figure out how they got all those vehicles into such a small shed. He then began wondering what four shiny black SUV’s were doing in the desert in the first place.

After this conversation, I did some research and discovered that the area just to the SW of the 93 I-40 junction is indeed believed to be the location of a D.U.M.B. I wish I would have gotten the exact location of where he was at as that would narrow it down greatly, but I didn’t. I have since fallen out of contact with the old acquaintance who relayed to me this information and have not conferred with him as to whether or not he would like me to divulge his identity, it is for this reason he will remain unknown in this article.

Odle Ranch in relation to Kingman and I-40 / Hwy 93 junction.

A quick Google map search of the “Petro Kingman” area will pull up a Petro fueling station 14 miles east of Kingman, AZ. If one plots 6.4 miles due south of the Petro station you will see what appears to be an old ranch. It has a lake on site, a circular house with two protruding sections, stables on the north side of the property, and a 3,500-foot airstrip as well. Built right up against the eastern edge of the Hualapai Mountain range this ranch was originally the Odle ranch, Mr. Odle later sold it to Don Laughlin (whom the town of Laughlin, NV is named for) who donated it to Mojave County Community College. It was then purchased by a Scott Fisher and I lost track of it there. This may be the ranch/area my friend saw the SUV’s enter into.

It seems reasonable to me that if the federal government managed to seize a ranch in Sedona for whatever reason, that the same model would be used in other parts of the country as well. In fact, fronting a property in a civilian’s name and perhaps even operating it as a working cattle ranch while things go on underground, either actually, or metaphorically seems to be a great strategy for clandestine ops. Not unlike a Mafia ran restaurant. Or perhaps like one of the many civilian owned import/export companies which the CIA has made a partner out of unbeknownst to the owner. This happens when the owner of a legitimate business takes on a partner who is actually a CIA operative. This agent then uses the company to move product/drugs/gold/weapons etc while profits are funneled into black ops. Whereas this has been SOP for decades now and is no longer considered secret, I’m only speculating as to this tactic in relation to D.U.M.B.s.

This area not only mirrors many of the reasons listed above for the Bellemont site but includes the following.

  1. Easy access to I-40 yet is hidden away nicely. I was amazed at how many of my friends who still live in the Wikieup area had no idea this place was even here. Despite all the dust-up about the property trading hands so many times and once even being donated.
  2. The main access point to this “ranch” is on I-40 and is actually a truck stop. This would ensure that the supplying of this installation was kept low key.
  3. It is defensible. The site is up against a mountain range, and mountains are obviously quite secure. Which is why the U.S. government builds into them in the first place.
  4. Has an airstrip.

While I’ve presented an argument here for a D.U.M.B at the old Odle Ranch I’m not 100% convinced of it at this time. I present this information to simply add what I know of the topic to the collective researchers out there in the hopes that perhaps something will click with someone else who has more pieces of this puzzle. The area does seem an ideal location and much circumstantial evidence does exist to point to something in this area.


Government Ops in Kingman, AZ

I can say without hesitation that this story holds for me some of the best eyewitness accounts of D.U.M.B.s in the Kingman area and as I conducted this phone interview I was in amazement time and time again. I conducted this interview with Kevin Jay in December of 2015, and over the period of an hour, Kevin recounted for me numerous personal accounts and eyewitness reports of strange activities revolving around D.U.M.B.s in the Kingman area. Below is a synopsis of that interview.

Kevin basically had three personal accounts to share with me. He started out first by telling me that he used to own and operate a computer repair company in Kingman for over 15 years. Sometime during 1994, a man came to his shop to order computer parts. Over the next three years, this man purchased more than $30,000 in computer equipment. At one point he even requested four keyboards in Russian, which Kevin had to special order. In a larger city with a diverse population this might not seem strange, but Kingman, AZ in 1994? It’s more than a little strange. The other thing is that the man always paid for his purchases with a government credit card.

Kingman is a small town and everybody knows everybody, but this particular guy didn’t live in town and nobody seemed to know who he was. Kevin knew the man’s name because he read it from the credit card, but nothing else about him. Eventually, Kevin inquired to the stranger as to who he was in more detail after all the man was quickly becoming a good customer. The man said his name was Dr. Charles Campion, that he was a Microbiologist and was overseeing the building of an underground research facility just east of Kingman near the town of Hackberry. WOW.

Now for all the Steven King readers out there, you’ve probably already noticed something a little strange about the name of the aforementioned microbiologist, for the rest of you we’ll fill you in. In his book “The Stand” Mr. King penned a character who filled the role of patient zero, a microbiologist whose name was Dr. Charles Campion. If you’ve read the book or seen the movie, you know the character. He is the scientist to escapes from the underground government facility after lockdown procedures have been implemented due to a deadly viral cotangent outbreak. He then goes home to his family and in turn infects the rest of the population of the world paving the way for the story that is “The Stand.”

I mentioned this to Kevin and it was immediately apparent that he isn’t a Steven King fan, in fact, it was the first he’d heard of it. At the same time, he became newly intrigued and agreed that it was bizarre. I pressed him a little, and perhaps he thought I was questioning his integrity as he politely yet sternly told me that he wasn’t making it up. He said, “That’s what the guy’s name said on the card, I know that because I have the receipts, and the card was a U.S. government credit card.” He then said, “You can ask anyone who was working for me at the time, they all saw the card too and we all talked about it and thought it strange that the U.S. government was building an underground research facility near Kingman.

What does this mean? I have no idea. But since this conversation, I’ve only come up with three possible explanations.

  1. There was a man in the Kingman, AZ area in the mid-1990’s with a U.S. Government credit card who spent over thirty-thousand dollars on computer equipment using a known fictitious name of a character from a Steven King novel whom he was pretending to be. The man was not government but used the stolen government credit card to purchase computer equipment over the course of 3 years without getting busted.
  2. The above scenario, only he was a government employee and he was just having a little fun in the Kingman area. Perhaps there was an ongoing clandestine operation at that time which required a fictitious name and he decided on “Dr. Campion” as an inside joke.
  3. Kevin Jay is either a liar or is beginning to blend personal historical events with fiction he has consumed in the past.

Personally, I don’t believe number 3. Mr. Jay came across more than coherent, extremely insightful, and delivered the information with the humbleness that I’ve come to know from western men of his generation. It was I who contacted him, he was not trying to sell me anything, nor has he attempted to contact me again. Not only do I personally believe Mr. Jay but have spoken to several mutual friends who will attest to this man’s honesty and credibility. This leaves scenarios 1 and 2. 1 seems unlikely as one would imagine that a stolen credit card being used at regular intervals over a 3 year period would most assuredly draw the attention of law enforcement, and seeing that it was a government credit card I can’t see the U.S. Government allowing this to occur, especially to the tune of $30,000. For me, this leaves Scenario 2 which begs just as many questions.

High Voltage large
High Voltage Power Station proximity to Kingman and Hackberry.

Second Account

Mr. Jay’s second account dovetails with the first. He went on to explain that he lived at that time just east of Kingman near the Petro station area on I-40. He stated that during the years he dealt with Mr. Campion at his computer store he noticed some strange goings on Blake Ranch Rd heading north out of the Petro station. He stated that for roughly 3 months he witnessed with almost daily regularity semi trucks hauling flatbed trailers stacked high with 6 to 8 foot galvanized culverts, steel I-beams, as well as concrete trucks and other building materials into the high desert mountains just north of where he lived. These trucks were turning off Interstate 40 and heading north on Blake Ranch rd out of the Petro station into the high desert. These trucks also had a private armed escort, he knows because at one point he witnessed two of the SUV’s stop and block the road behind the trucks when a vehicle began following them into the desert. He said that uniformed men got out, stopped the tail, and allowed the trucks to get ahead.

Hight Voltage mid angle
The remoteness of High Voltage Transfer Station.

If you look at a map of this area, you will find almost nothing north of the Petro station area aside from a few scattered trailers on private property. The only development of any significance is a high voltage transfer station which is located between two big hills in the bottom of a shallow valley. A high voltage transfer station in the middle of nowhere to be exact. These stations are used to step up or step down power depending on usage, but this particular one is located in the middle of nowhere and curious locals don’t seem to know why. This area also happens to be near the town of Hackberry, dovetailing with Dr. Campion’s story.

Close-up of High Voltage Transfer Station.

Mr. Jay witnessed these trucks going into the desert for over three months. If you look at a map today, there are no industrial operations, businesses, or installations in this area what-so-ever with the exception of this high voltage power station. There are no storage facilities, and to the best of his knowledge, no equipment or material has ever come out of these mountains. It seems quite likely that if an underground installation was being constructed out there that it has been completed at this point and is operational.

Another strange thing Kevin mentioned to me which brought back memories for myself was the ongoing rumors at that time of a proposed power plant being built in the Hackberry area. This is significant because during these years in Wikieup I was involved in the largest political battle for the sighting of a power plant the state of Arizona has ever seen. I and three other colleagues, over a four year period, successfully worked to have the corporation commission deny sighting of a 720mw gas fired hydropower plant which would have drained the aquifer of the Big Sandy Valley. During this time I recall rumors of another power plant being proposed in the Hackberry area but assumed it was simply local confusion of the news, after all, I’d looked into the matter at that time and no paperwork had been filed with the county or state to propose such a facility, so I simply wrote it off. The fact that Kevin brought this up to me makes me wonder if it wasn’t another cover story for the construction of a D.U.M.B. In that area.


Third Account

Equipment is moved regularly across the country

Two years ago at the time of this writing (Jan 2016) Jay also witnessed another strange event. While en route to an appointment in the nearby town of Lake Havasu he came across a sight he’d never seen before. Just north of the town of Yucca, he noticed a stopped line of rail cars on the tracks which parallel Interstate 40. It caught his attention because nearly every flatbed car was carrying either a U.S. tank or an armored personnel carrier. He estimated three to four dozen units. He said he’d never seen this much hardware moved through Kingman before but didn’t necessarily think it out of the realm of normalcy after all maybe the military was moving some equipment around. He continued on to Lake Havasu City, finished his appointment and headed home. Just as he passed the town of Yucca he noticed something again. The train had not moved and the rail cars were exactly as before however the tanks and APC’s were nowhere to be seen. It was then he noticed a small rail crane, the type used to load and unload flatbeds at train stations. This was the only piece of machinery to be seen. He exited the highway and parked next to the tracks. He then got out and walked the line down the rail cars where he saw dozens of tracks as well as where these machines had been offloaded. The tracks all lead to a graded dirt road which headed east into the Hualapai Mountain range.

If you are not from the Kingman area this may not mean much to you but I’ll just tell you that there is nothing on the western side of the Hualapai Mountain range as it is extremely rough and rocky terrain. There is no development and there certainly aren’t any military bases or facilities.

West side of Hualapai Mountain range.
West side of Hualapai Mountain range.

Kevin thought it strange and didn’t quite know what to make of it. A few days later he was downloading some land use maps into his GPS unit (Kevin is a prospector/treasure hunter, and metal detector enthusiast) when he noticed something peculiar. Much of the land south and to the west of Kingman, along the western edge of the Hualapai range had become blacked out (Government land) according to his mapping index. He had heard nothing of any government land acquisitions in the Kingman area and surely a land deal this large would have been huge local news and discussed at length at county supervisor meetings. He surmises that all that heavy machinery went into those mountains and underground somewhere.

I want to thank Mr. Jay for his time and input on this matter. I found his testimony extremely relevant and I’m confident that it’ll someday fit into the larger picture as citizens continue to become fully aware as to what is happening around them and the magnitude at which it is occurring.


An Interesting Tow

A very good friend of mine owns and operates an auto recovery business in Wikieup, AZ. In his 18 years there he has met some interesting people on the road and relates intriguing and often comical stories to me regularly. A few months ago he related to me the following.

He had responded to a call one particular evening and while towing the gentleman back to Kingman, AZ got into your typical conversation. Kingman is only 50 miles away from Wikieup and is the nearest town in which to buy groceries, supplies, animal feed, etc. The man said he was currently a Department of Defense auditor and had been living in Kingman for a few years. My friend thought that strange as there is no military base or military anything for that matter in Kingman, AZ so he asked the man what he audited as well as when the military began locating personnel in the Kingman area. The man didn’t answer the question but instead became very quiet and just looked forward. My buddy asked him in a semi teasing manner if it didn’t have something to do with the underground bases/tunnels that ran all through the area. The man looked at him surprisingly for a moment, shook his head in a nervous manner, said no, then looked forward again and was quiet for the rest of the trip. My buddy then told me “My sorted past affords me the luxury of sensing when people are lying to me, and that guy not only flat out lied, he became very nervous very quickly.” He then told me “I’ve always been rather a skeptic about some of the stories you’ve collected and your theories surrounding them, but I gotta say, from the way that guy acted I believe there’s something to this one.”


Tunnels Under Kingman and Chloride

It has long been rumored that there are tunnels under the town of Kingman. These are not rumors, but instead fact. The old powerhouse in downtown Kingman once planned to pump heat as well as power through the tunnel systems to the surrounding buildings. From what I understand, many of the tunnels still exist and one of them I know for certain begins beneath the Beale Hotel next to the Sportsman Bar on Beale Street. I was drinking with one of the owners of the bar (years ago), who also owned the Beale hotel next door when the subject came up and he disclosed to me that he’d been in them many times but doesn’t go down there anymore. He said the entrance is below the hotel but the city requested it be walled off. He also told me a story about people hiding out or living in them at one point, but I forget the details. Although I did find this story.


There are also stories about a tunnel system connecting the Chloride area with Kingman. This seems rather doubtful to me but for some reason, this story won’t go away either. Chloride is rather close to the Grand Wash Cliffs, Hoover Dam, and Kingman. It is located in a rural area, near power with stable geology. I have no personal information

The Beale Street Hotel.
The Beale Street Hotel.

either way on this but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone didn’t get their stories mixed up just a little and confused this area with the Grand Wash Cliffs area or visa-verse, as these two locations are only about 20 miles apart.


Special Ops in the desert

It was relayed to me second hand by a friend in Wikieup that a friend of his was once driving a stretch of “Chicken Springs Road”, a road which connects Wikieup to Yucca and the north side of Alamo Lake. He was just over the mountain, on the west side of the road when he drove up to a Chinook helicopter which had landed on the road. A few men were just off the road picking up something and attempting to bring it the helicopter. As he approached the helicopter, two armed men in full battle gear rushed his vehicle and motioned for him to go back. He obviously complied until the troops made it clear he was far enough back. Minutes later, they all loaded up in the helicopter and took off. He said he looked around the area after they flew off but couldn’t make out what they had been doing there. I suppose it could have simply been a military exercise, but this was public land and the military doesn’t perform exercises on public land or at least didn’t back then. This happened in the late 1990’s.


UFO Sightings in the Wikieup Area

Well, this could be a website in its self. I will not attempt to write out every UFO sighting ever relayed to or witnessed by myself in the Big Sandy Valley. Perhaps 15 years ago this would have been ground shaking news, but today these sightings are so ubiquitous as to make the information unnecessarily redundant. Just know that the area around the ghost town of Signal is a hot spot as is the area north of Wikieup all the way to I-40. I, along with many of the old timers I’ve spoken with have seen unexplained things flying around the skies for decades out there. Some have even been up close and have witnessed landings, their stories were quite interesting. Once again, don’t necessarily read this to mean aliens, I specifically wrote UFO’s. This is an aviation term used to define something flying around in the skies that for whatever reason cannot be identified. Perhaps it’s a natural anomaly, maybe secret government technology, maybe extraterrestrials. It’s unidentified. But whatever they are, the skies of western Arizona are full of them.

If you go camping in the Wikieup area be sure to bring your binoculars as you are sure to see some activity. If you want to watch F16’s perform night maneuver training be sure to camp out on the flats between the town of Yucca and the ghost town of Signal. They fly a few hundred feet off the deck sometimes and put on quite a show. And when you leave Wikieup and head back to Phoenix; those really bright lights you see suddenly appearing in the sky to the south about 60 miles out and fading as they fall are only military flares, so don’t bother calling those in. But if you camp anywhere in the Big Sandy Valley you are bound to see something in the skies at night. Good times.


Thoughts on D.U.M.B.s

So there you have it. My thoughts on D.U.M.B.s in northern Arizona as well as a handful of personal accounts from the Big Sandy Valley and Kingman area. On one hand, I’m glad I’ve finally gotten all this information out into the public sphere, but on the other, I’m a bit frustrated that it is so subjective in nature. I’ve always tried my best not to be excessively speculative when writing for this site. When writing about these topics it’s easy to get off into the weeds real quick and digress into arguments which don’t pass Newton’s flaming laser sword test, but this just seems to be the nature of this topic. More than any other topic I’ve looked into, D.U.M.B.s just seem to dwell in perpetual shadow, while at the same time seeming to have the most probability of being true. One can either attribute this to the extreme capability of the U.S. government or simply the inability of the American people to actually believe something of this magnitude is actually happening in their own backyard. For to do so would require one to admit that they are not in control of their government. It also opens the door to ridicule by those who would call them conspiracy theorists. It’s much easier to just simply weave back into the herd and shuffle along, hoping not to catch the eye of the men with the whips who are flanking you.

This provokes larger questions in general and causes me to ask myself if our world isn’t being controlled by brilliant unseen forces who scientifically mastermind stages of our species development, or if events simply don’t unfold naturally and we attempt to make sense of them by constructing a molded paradigm based on our fears and observed reality. As humans, we like to fit square and round pegs into their respective holes, so at the end of the day everything is in order, makes sense and is safe. We are also hardwired to investigate that proverbial noise in the other room and discover the source of it. This instinct is what has kept us from being eaten by lions in the bushes for thousands of years. The only reason you are here today is because one of your ancestors did investigate that noise, discovered the threat, and neutralized it.

Whatever the case, there seem to be enough people out there experiencing high strangeness in the Arizona high desert and with the invention and evolution of the internet people are finally able to share their experiences and begin to nail down some of these leads. If anyone out there has anything to add or possesses any pieces to this puzzle and would like to share, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

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What an amazing report. I am an Arizona resident and had no idea about all the DUMBS here.

How dumb am I…I thought D.U.M.B.S. were widely and commonly known of. How naive would we have to be to think anything otherwise? Great article!

Interesting article, thanks for the Intel. Would this be a site to add additional info when having things to report?

Absolutely. You can either email me directly or write your own piece and submit it and I’ll get it posted here on the website.

Please feel free to check out the submission page. There are a few guidelines to minimize those who would use The Phoenix Enigma as a platform for their own marketing but nothing crazy.

My hope is to build a community here and pool all of our knowledge stories and experiences.

About 25 years ago, i worked out at the Yucca Proving Grounds as a test driver with GRI, a subcontractor to Ford.
I would regularly drive vehicles on the “off grounds” run during the graveyard shift and Oatman Road was one of those routes.
I regularly saw government-plated vehicles on Oatman Road between Crazy Fred’s Truck stop (McConnico) and Silver Creek Road (which was barely more than a dirt track at the time). It struck me as odd that they were out there in the dead of night and on a few occasions I would see them turn off Oatman Rd onto a dirt road. I marked the road and went back during daylight hours, but the road literally went no where. It simply stopped. No buildings, fences, or any other markings. This was before they had closed off the big mine shaft up there. I always laughed and told my friends that there must have been a “Secret Underground Base” up there, because there was no other explanation for it. Now I’m wondering how right I was.

There’s a communications site on top of a mountain outside of Oatman. This site has line-of-site visibility to other mountaintop communications sites north, south, east and west, making it worth the hassles involved with maintaining equipment there. The road to the top of that mountain is very rough and requires 4WD to get to the top, or a helicopter. The government agencies which had microwave facilities up there in the 1980s were the forest service, BLM, Bureau of Reclamation (water & dams) and Dept of Energy (also related to dams and hydroelectric power). It’s been many years since I had personal knowledge of this site, but I know that there was no bathroom facility at the top of the Oatman mountain site. It’s likely that the helicopter stopped so someone could relieve himself, and when the Jeep appeared, that activity ceased. I don’t have any guesses as to why they had armed guards in full battle gear though. That’s a puzzler.

Great article. However, I’d like to state that Kingman was not the home of Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. McVeigh stayed in Kingman for a short period , in a motel, before the Oklahoma bombing. Thank you . I look forward to reading more of your articles.

You are quite correct Vicki, thank you for bringing this to my attention, this appears to be poor writing on my behalf. I knew they were not from there, but somehow it just didn’t translate from my brain to the computer correctly. Kingman was home to the “media spectacle” which I witnessed as it related to McVeigh and Nichols. Not their original home.

Since this article, do you have any updates, and has your opinion changed on anything, and if so, what?

Hello Greg, thank you for your comment. Yes, my opinion on this matter is still the same. I haven’t dug into the topic in any real degree since writing this piece, but I do have my contacts and would be willing to bet that they may have some new information on the topic. There are rumblings on the net about the further stocking of these underground bases and I know that most of them have been hardened as of late..I believe I read that in a piece a few months back. Do you have any information of insight on this topic? feel free to email me. Thanks again for your comment.

Great article and information. How close can you get to the D.U.M.B.s in Wikieup???

Well, that is the question. As stated in the article, I’ve only ever personally had a few encounters with people who may have seen anything. 1. The cowboy who saw the vehicles drive into the little shack one by one…..that was southwest of the I40/93 junction. Then the Gov’t guy who kept coming around asking where the “manhole cover” entrances were. He said they were somewhere around the town of Wikieup. There was also the guy who lives up there by the Beacon truck stop who has seen lots of stuff for years…..

I’m guessing that people get close to them all the time as they drive or walk over the top of them. Then again it would make more sense to have the surface of the DUMB closed off for security reasons too…perhaps we should look for properties which are off limits to the public..Airports, military, national parks. natural barriers too. rugged mountains, etc….

I live in Kingman Arizona and have for most of my life except for the one year I spent living in page but I personally have seen lots of strange unexplained things and heard many many stories of other things that you that you described in this story this may be completely irrelevant to the story or to do anything about the tunnels but as a kid we would go and ride our bikes down in the canals as we called them which run parallel with I-40 behind the old Junior High School which is now a middle school one-time wall down there we came to the end down towards the end which would be going under the Street Stockton Hill Road and normally there’s a big giant metal gate that is locked on this occasion the metal gate was unlocked and so we went in and walked with only but a lighter for light we made it pretty far down these big giant tunnels which are apparently probably for water to drain or whatever I would have to say we were halfway from the point we entered to the downtown area maybe we were at least below the Safeway Shopping Centre and further and finally we decided to turn back around it was kind of creeping us all out anyway that’s just one of the things that I thought was strange growing up here there’s probably many more stories I could tell but I believe that you might be on to something with all of this it’s at least if nothing else a bit strange all the things that happened around here nobody really questions

I’m not exactly sure how I ended up here but I am glad I did. I grew up out in Bouse on AZ72. Always had odd things in the sky the usual for the area I guess never gave it much thought. I have never had any experience with DUMBs or peculiar spook types either. I found the article very interesting and think I will explore the site more. My biggest question on the subject would be this. If they have built large underground facilities where are all the excavated materials? How do they resupply them without drawing attention?

Very interesting read. I lived in Kingman for a few years, I was practicing softball in a field near were the sum of several vehicles surrounded an area of homes when they arrested Timothy McVeigh. I have family that still live there, my mom swears there are military things buried in the desert causing cancer, but….. I don’t know about all that. Is interesting to read your article, I have seen a couple odd things, happy to hear it is not just me LOL. Thank you for putting this info out.

Hey man I’m very interested in this and I’m working on starting up a YouTube channel about the paranormal and unknown I myself live in Arizona and I’m just fascinated in this maybe u can email on some phenomena? I’ll go investigate .

I personally knew Kevin Darrington Jay, and attended to his mother as well as himself during the time I worked at the KRMC clinic. He told us he was a former police and always concealed carried into the clinic, for which we had to subtract the weight of his arms to ascertain his actual weight. His manner of dress and mannerisms led us to believe he was telling the truth, and he also had conversations with other patients from the same background which added to the veracity of his claims. I am relaying this information as a character witness for Kevin that I believe his statements to be true.

Loved this read. Thank you. I’m one who has seen ufo’s. I’m convinced more would see them if they spent a bit of time, regularly, looking up. CS.?

Contact me might find an interesting conversation

Holbrook was one of the place areas listed as having an underground base in a book I read recently. By the old ghost town, Adamana, is the underground propane storage facility, Ferrel gas. It is right next to a railroad. There was an expansion that went on for about a year, maybe about 10 years ago. It could have been involved with piping a line from the propane facility over to wherever the main base is.
Also, Mr. Daniel, please read the 2nd essay, “Declarations Concerning The Unified Field,” on my blog: the once and future osiris.blogspot.com. Here is the basis of WHY many of the ancient monuments were built. They tapped into the 3-stage creation of matter that begins at dark matter, then goes to light, and then to hydrogen, the first element; after that the stars act as factories, creating all the rest. There are spirals of less gravity than the norm on the face of the earth that, when investigated, will go on to open up a resurrection of ancient technologies. Joe Richardson

Anthony, Great question and one piece of the puzzle I may have to provide. I used to travel from Vegas to Phoenix on a quarterly basis which most of my travel was at night and I always stopped at the Wikieup gas station for their free coffee. I remember asking the attendant why there were so many dump trucks going on HWY 93 this late in the hour and the response was they were building a power plant. Funny thing is after all these years there was no power plant built and I could never understood why they were moving so much earth, acres on top of acres, of earth north of the site. This was North of Wikieup on the East side just South of Upper Trout Creek Rd. This article is starting to make sense of where all the dirt was coming from. I would also see the construction lights on the east side of the freeway with dust plummeting 30-60 feet in the air so I knew some construction was taking place, I noticed this for several years. Follow the power lines.

Excellent article and I’m digging into more topics on your site.
I just spent a few days traveling the AZ high desert, EXACTLY where your article focuses, and am now somewhat familiar with the areas mentioned. It’s beautiful country and it’s entirely feasible that, as a local said to me during my visit, “all kinds of weird stuff goes on here.”

I recommend reaching out to people who follow the money markets, several whom have made tangible and documented observations regarding significant increased investments and market movements over the years in vertical movement/transportation (think: elevators), which could and would lend documentable credibility to the reality of DUMBs.

One exceptional financial genius for this and a thousand other reasons (if one is curious about who really runs this country and how the financial systems really work) is Catherine Austin Fitts. She and others can share supporting info for DUMB research.

I live in vegas – I am planning to take a road trip and get as close to any of these places and look around so to speak.

Found this article today 9/28/20 looking for info. We have heard some stories about dumbs here abouts and today there was a convoy of 15 large helos flying E across N Kingman. Very interesting article and we want to learn more.

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