Fa from faich (fa!) “behold!” or “see!”

Fe from Fiadh (fee-a) “food”;

Fi from fiú “good to eat”

Fo from fogh (fó) “sufficient” and

Fum from feum “hunger”.

“Fa fe fi fo fum!” becomes “Behold food, good to eat, sufficient for my hunger!”


Hercules fighting a Cerberus
Hercules fighting a Cerberus

Hercules and the Greek Olympians, Jack and the Beanstalk, David and Goliath, Big Foot, Paul Bunyan, Beowulf. One need not peruse the halls of history or fiction long before encountering tales of giants. In fact, one need not study history at all to be familiar with this subject. Legends of these creatures occur in nearly every culture, throughout all of history. The ubiquity of this subject is astounding and comprehensive, to say the least, and whether or not one realizes it, we have been brought to this subject often and regularly throughout our lives. In fact, each one of us has been steeped in this subject from an early age, the mythos reinforced throughout our formal education, and the idea hammered home into our subconscious through entertainment ever since.

This Article began as a compilation of local stories about giants here in the Southwestern U.S. However I quickly realized the monumental scope of this subject and was compelled to dive head first down the rabbit hole. This is easily one of the most fascinating topics I know as it is woven into our very culture and history on nearly every level.

Paul Bunyan
Paul Bunyan

This being the case, these stories are still regarded as nothing more than fiction. The southwestern United States is no exception in this and stories of “creatures of great status” abound from our deserts in mass. If this is your first exposure to this topic, I urge you to keep reading, you are in for an eye-opening treat.

Our default fear of Giants

The history of giants is copious and exhaustive, to say the least. The concept of these creatures has been presented as fiction at an early age and burned into our psyche creating a collective reality/history. A reality in which giants are mythical constructs born from the minds of less sophisticated humans to explain away primal fears. Perhaps this is done so that later in life when one encounters information to the contrary it is easily dismissed. Regardless of this, however, tales of giants mark so many pivotal moments in our history that it is impossible to ignore the topic as it relates to our collective history.

Most every tribe of this nation speaks of giants either in the context of doing battle with them or in many cases descending directly from them. I find the later extremely fascinating and believe it may hold the best chance at tangible evidence yet to be had. Although I have never seen a study, I am curious as to how genetic memory may play into this topic. 300-scene-fighting-wolfFor instance, many biologists think that man’s fear of wolves is based in part on genetic memory. A genetically programmed fear if you will, or instinct, that has manifested from thousands of years of being hunted by these creatures. They believe that we may have adapted to our surroundings not only physically but instinctually, and still carry with us this programming today. Perhaps the proof of this is the state of the wolf population of the world today. Where man goes the wolf is always the first species to be killed off. The same is true of Grizzly and Polar Bears, all large cats including lions and tigers. These are all top competing predators with humans and have found their way onto the endangered species list. Could giants simply be an extinct or nearly extinct species (Bigfoot) which have found their way into our myths, tales, and bedtime stories? I find this quite plausible.

Psychology and Giants

Rarely do we find any tales of benevolent giants in our history, but rather aggressive and often cannibalistic ones in their stead. Who can forget the famous words from the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk, “I’ll grind your bones to make my bread” It seems we are meant to harbor a fear of these creatures on a subconscious level while modern-day media passes them off as fiction at the conscious. Why would Hollywood continue to promote the mythos of giants at such a significant level through major motion films and cartoons while the scientific mainstream continues to deny their existence? Entertainment? Hmmmm… I think it goes a bit deeper than that.

To digress from the topic at hand for a moment and break paranoid, this is actually a manipulation technique called (cogitative dissonance) and is employed to confuse a subject and tear as his reality while programming him all the while. A perfect example of this is seen in the movie Mars Attacks. It is this tactic the invading aliens use as they run around repeating “Don’t run, we are your friends” while simultaneously exterminating humans as they speak the very words. (side note, there is a pyramid in the background while this is being said.) Politicians and cult leaders use the same tactic on a non-lethal scale regularly and with great effectiveness.

Officially sanctioned and institutionalized history

Scholars and historians who deny the history of giants will usually say that this concept found in indigenous cultures was inserted into their creation stories after European conquest. This is an easy explanation as most native peoples didn’t keep a written word. It is however overly dismissive as it fails to take into account the hundreds of other flood stories associated with giants across our planet.

Perhaps it is the training we receive from our political and religious institutions which conditions us to so readily accept the official version of history. The same institutions that would have us push aside the ancient history of the Greek, American Indians, Hindus, Norse, Scandinavian, Polynesian, European, and others as pure fiction.

Nefilim taking a daughter of man

Another strange belief system I come across regularly is one in which Christians will believe wholeheartedly in the pre-flood giants told of in the Bible while simultaneously dismissing every other account of giants from any other culture as fiction. Or, they will believe in the giants of the old testament but not the angelic view of Genesis which describes how they came to be. The church has packaged this very nicely as the official story and sells it every Sunday at a location near you. Contrasting this, however, is today’s buffet of every possible belief system out there. All one has to do is pick and choose the parts he connects with and piece together a personalized system; and who knows, perhaps the truth does lie somewhere amongst them all. But still, it seems no matter what belief system one chooses to adopt if that system doesn’t either originate from or receive an official stamp of approval from a sanctioned institution, it just somehow isn’t (real) and is brushed away as fantasy. I see no difference between this and the art of branding or marketing. Just like designer jeans, if they don’t have that logo slapped across them, well, they just aren’t the real thing. It seems to me the commercialization of the western world plays a huge part in our very thought processes; from how we elect a leader and choose laundry soap to how and why we choose to believe the information that makes up our personal and collective realities. Our family owned and operated a retail gasoline business for fifteen years and I can tell you for a fact that people have deeply ingrained and emotional beliefs about their fuel and the quality of it based on the sticker on the side of the fuel pump, when in fact all fuel is more or less the same. It is marketing that moves belief systems. But I digress.

Giants in movies

Since the invention of motion pictures giants have appeared in movies. We have simply used this medium to continue the telling of these ancient stories. This is especially true when it comes to cartoons. Giants are depicted so often in movies and cartoons that they are not recognized as giants anymore but simply as characters instead. These movies usually follow a warfare or space theme but more and more are being depicted in historical movies such as 300, Hercules, etc. If one is familiar with symbolism and the ancient stories of creation these themes reveal themselves quite easily. He will also be able to detect the many layers of these movies. The majority of consumers of mainstream entertainment, however, will see only the flash and bang of the finished product at the conscious level, while the different information is programmed at the sub-conscious. There is, I’m glad to see, an awakening to this subject as of late. TV shows like ancient aliens have done a great job of informing the general public about this topic, and numerous well-done documentaries on the topic are circulating the internet as well. The real credit, however, goes to Steven Quayle, as it has been his lifelong work to compile and bring forth all the stories, historical documentation, and information on this topic. Off the top of my head, I can think of these. Hellboy, Permithius, The Princess Bride, Avatar, Transformers, Beowulf, 300, The Never Ending Story, Noah, He-man, Vultron, Thundercats, X-men, The Incredible Hulk, Predator, The Iron Giant, Jack and the Bean Stalk, The BFG, Shreck, Trolls. There are obviously hundreds if not thousands more.

Historical accounts of giants

No matter what I research the topic of giants comes up sooner or later. I am not only speaking about the fabled giants of our childhood such as Jack and the Beanstalk and Paul Bunyan but also real accounts of creatures often twice the height of today’s man. Then there are the stories of hybrids and their offspring who later devolved into tribes here on this continent. Below are only a few of the thousands of stories of these creatures from across the world including some of the more outstanding ones from the Southwestern U.S. Keep in mind that this is only a brief account of giants in history and if you so choose to further explore this topic you’ll easily discover enough material to keep you enthralled for years. Whats more, there is so much information on this subject that it has become specialized to a certain degree, with people drilling down into specific areas of the subject respective to their professional fields. Some have concentrated on giants in ancient Egypt, while others have examined the modern day weaponization of this ancient bloodline through bio-engineering.

The Bible

The bible talks about giants quite regularly, both their origin and destruction as well as detailed accounts as to who kills them and why. Why do you not learn about this in Sunday school? Simply because it was decided long ago that the “Nephilim” were the offspring of the sons of Seth and the daughters of Cain. This is known as the “Sethite view.” It is this interpretation of Gen 6:4 which the Catholic church deemed the official view of the church and has been taught and never challenged ever since; up until recently that is. I will add that this passage says nothing about either Seth, or Cain, or their offspring. I assert that this politically motivated teaching is completely fabricated and in fact attempts to mask what is actually presented in the biblical text. Here is the text as it appears in the King James version.

Genesis 6:4
Nephilim taking a daughter of man
Nephilim taking a daughter of man

1.And it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them. 2. That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. 3. And the Lord said, my spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years. 4. There were Nephilim in the earth in those days, AND ALSO AFTER THAT. When the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old men of renown.

This text explains the creation of the Nephilim. Most bibles incorrectly translate the word Nephilim to giants -of which they most certainly were- but this Hebrew word correctly translates to “The fallen ones.” It is derived from the Hebrew root word Nephal which means (to fall, be cast down, to fall away, to desert.) When the original text was translated to the Septuagint, Nephilim was translated to “Gigantes” of which the root word is “Gigas or “Earth-born.” From here it was later translated into English as “Giants” in some Bibles.

Allow me to point out that this account sounds an awful lot like the Greek creation story, where Gods and sons of Gods come to earth, take human females and bear children unto them. Only in Greece, the offspring were called Titans or originally “Gigas”, the same word used in the bible to describe the hybrid offspring of the Nephilim. And “Earth-born.” Why use a word which denotes a place of birth as here on Earth? Isn’t everything born on earth? Was it possible in that day for something to be born not of this earth? The bible seems to state so.

Offspring of the Nephilim in biblical text

Anakites (Numbers 13: 28-33) -long-necked-

Emites (Deuteronomy 2:10) – Dreaded ones-

Amorites (Amos 2:9) – No description given

Rephaites (Joshua 12-4) -Terrible Ones-


Slain by David, Goliath was a Philistine, measuring “6 cubits and a span” tall. That’s 2.8 meters or 9.1 feet. His armor weighed 78 pounds and his spear measured 26 feet long. The head of the spear alone weighed 17 pounds.

(What is interesting to note, because it rarely makes it into Sunday school lessons, is that Goliath had four brothers. They are recorded in 2Samuel 21: 16-22. What is also quite interesting is that when David chose his ammunition for his sling and put them in his bag before the battle, he chose 5 smooth stones. Is this just coincidence? The four brothers were Ish’be’nob, Saph, Git’tite; and the fourth is unnamed but 2Samuel 21:20 say this about him after naming the first three.

20. And there was yet a battle in Gath, where was a man of great stature, that had on every hand six fingers, and on every foot six toes, four and twenty in number; and he also was born to the giant. 21. And when he defied Israel. Jonathan the son of Shim’-e-ah the brother of David slew him. 22. These four were born to the giant in Gath, and fell by the hand of David, and by the hand of his servants.”

It defiantly seems that after the flood God took a keen interest in wiping out what was left of the lineage of giants here on earth. Remember (there were Nephilim in the earth in those days and ALSO AFTER THAT.) You will see this theme of post-flood holdover Nephilim in every culture on earth and it is these creatures which primitive peoples fought with and kept stories of. If you will recall, when Moses sent his scouts into the promised land

Numbers 13:32-33

32. And they brought up an evil report of the land which they had searched unto the children of Israel, saying. The land, through which we have gone to search it, is a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof; and all the people that we saw in it are men of great stature. 33. And there we saw the giants, the sons of A’nak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.


Og (Hebrew for Gigantic) was an Amorite King of Bashan. He was described by Moses as “the last of the remnant of the giants” and was killed by Moses and his army at the battle of Edrei. Contained within the Jewish Midrash, Og is mentioned as being alive from the time of Noah until his death at the hands of Moses. The Midrash also proclaims that Og rode out the flood in a special compartment on Noah’s Ark. Interestingly, this is played out in the latest Hollywood version of Noah starring Russell Crowe. Most Christians thought that this was way off base and took far to much liberty with creative license, but in fact, this account was spot on and actually more accurate to Jewish text than what is taught in American churches. Cudoos to director Darren Aronofsky for doing his homework.

The Book of Enoch

Painting of Enoch being taken up into the heavens. Note how much larger he is than the people on the ground.
Painting of Enoch being taken up into the heavens. Note how much larger he is than the people on the ground.

An uncanonized book of the Bible, the Book of Enoch recounts in detail Enoch’s interactions with angels/extraterrestrials as they came to earth, picked him up and took him to far away worlds. The text accounts in great detail how these beings came to earth and gave us the knowledge of metallurgy, sciences, irrigation, weapon making, law and written language, sorcery, face painting and the art of seduction for the women, etc. Basically, it reads like a (How to seed a civilization) manual and most definitely deserving of a read. Enoch was one of only two people in the bible who never died. He was said to have walked with God here on earth then one day was taken up in a whirlwind. The Book of Enoch is also available on YouTube as an audio.


Beowulf is an epic English poem. Consisting of 3182 alliterative long lines, it is believed to be the oldest surviving long poem written in Old English. Beowulf was written sometime between the 8th and early 11th century and is set in Scandinavia. It tells the tale of a half human, half giant man (Beowulf) whos

Beowulf killing the the Grendel.
Beowulf killing the Grendel.

e mead hall is under attack by a monster known as Grendel. Beowulf slays the Grendel and then it’s mother and returns to Geatland (in modern Sweden) and becomes king of the Geats.

Dante’s Satan

Being of great stature and having 3 heads and wings, Satan in this story dwells for eternity in the ninth ring of hell, frozen, completely removed from any light of the creator. When he beats his wings cold air is produced and in each mouth, he holds between his teeth sinners.

Other references to giants in literature


Brobdingnag (Gulliver’s Travels)

Homer’s odyssey’s Polyphemus

Paul Bunyan (American folklore)

John Henry (American folklore)

Geryon (Grandson of Medusa)

Gargantua and Pantagruel (From French novelist Francois Rabelais, a satirical amusing story of two giants.

Little John (from the Robin Hood story)

Bigfoot (Bipedal humanoid residing primarily in the northwest U.S.)

Giants of Jotunheim ( Norse Giants)

Cacus (Fire-breathing giant, son of Vulcan)

Odysseus and Polyphemus

Cronus (Son of Urinas and Gaia)

Ellert and Brammert (Two legendary giants who robbed travelers in the Netherlands.)

Saint Christopher ( 7.5 foot, originally served the king of the Canaan, and later became a servant of God.)

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Giant
Jack and the Giant

Jack and the Beanstalk seems to be the one that has caught the attention of filmmakers since the 1920’s. Since the first incarnation in the 1931 cartoon “Jack and the Beanstalk” it has enjoyed many and many and many a reincarnation as movies, cartoons, video games, and TV cartoon remakes, including the most recent and creepy “Into the Woods”. I wonder what makes this one particular story so special as it is defiantly the most recreated story in the historical giant pantheon. Perhaps the fact that it talks about the giants who dwell up in the sky. Perhaps it’s that those giants possessed, valued, and worshiped gold (The basis of Earths monetary system and organizing force in our civilization today) Maybe it’s due to the fact that this story blossomed out of England where civilization and technology were at its peak when the most recent global expansion occurred. One thing is for certain. There are many hidden messages, much-occulted symbolism, and layer upon layer of muted undertones in the unassuming and fanciful tale of Jack and the Beanstalk.

George Washington

George Washington in Baphomet pose

George Washington? Did I just read that correct? Yes, you did. Many ancient alien theorists believe that the extraterrestrials who seeded our planet years ago left in charge kings and queens, management if you will. They believe that these bloodlines were engineered for higher capability than that of the rest of earth’s population. Their charge was to rule over, guide, and direct our species. Not only can G.W.’s bloodline be traced back to royal monarchy, he was quite tall and legends abound in regards to his feats on the battlefield. Recently a great amount of work has been done compiling genealogy records and tracing the bloodlines of world leaders as far back to Egypt. The findings have been amazing. Not only G.W. but every past president of the U.S. can be traced back to European monarchy. What’s even stranger is that all European monarchy can be traced back to Egyptian Pharaohs. There is a famous story about an Indian Chief who met with G.W. Years after the battle of Monongahela and had this to say-

I am chief and ruler over my tribes. My influence extends to the waters of the great lakes and to the far blue mountains. I have traveled a long and weary path that I might see the young warrior of the great battle. It was on the day when the white man’s blood mixed with the streams of our forest that I first beheld this chief [Washington]…I called to my young men and said…Quick, let your aim be certain, and he dies. Our rifles were leveled, rifles which, but for you, knew not how to miss–’twas all in vain, a power mightier far than we, shielded you…I am come to pay homage to the man who is the particular favorite of Heaven, and who can never die in battle.”

There is another famous story in which takes place when G.W. Is 23 years of age. During a battle with the British G.W. Takes charge of the battlefield after their the general is shot down. Keep in mind G.W. Is a volunteer at this time and holds no rank. He rides back and forth rallying the troops through a hale or bullets not being hit by a single one. During this stunt, he has not one, but two horses shot out from under him and after the battle, his troops pointed out to him that he had 4 bullet holes in his coat but he himself was unscathed.

Native American Giants



Born to a Gila River Pima woman, no one ever knew who the father was. Ho’ok was born exceptionally tall with claws for hands and the feet of a wild animal. She was unusually rough with the other children and was eventually exiled from her tribe. She moved into a nearby cave and lived there alone. She eventually hunted down and consumed all the large game in the area and took to kidnapping and eating the children of her tribe. The people realized what was going on and tricked her into getting drunk at a dance, then dragged her to her cave, put her inside and set it aflame. There is a geoglyph marking the location of this site as well as the cave itself near the reservation. See my Ho’ok page for the complete story.


The Hopi tell of Giants in the days before the great flood. These stories read nearly identical to the Bible if one allows for local flavor. According to the Hopi, there were giants on the earth in those days and they were cannibalistic. Many of them had bred with the humans as well infecting them with their DNA, these offspring were warlike and caused much destruction in the world. A kachina Massawu came down from the stars and after entrusting the uncorrupted of the Hopi to the ant people underground he proceeded to flood the earth and rid it of these giants and monsters. The Hopi later emerged from a cave somewhere in the either the Grand Canyon or some say Montezuma’s Well and began life anew here in the fourth world.


Navajo Warrior Twins
Navajo Warrior Twins

The Navajos are a tribe which shares the same regional area as the Hopi. That being said, they are two completely different people and cultures yet there are similarities in their creation story. The Hopi believe they emerged from a Sipapu, transitioning from the 3rd world to this world or the 4th. The Navajo believe they too came from the yellow world, or 3rd world into the current white world or 4th. They tell that Coyote stole a baby of Water Monster and in an act of revenge Water Monster caused a torrential downpour, flooding the yellow world. Man then planted a reed which grew to the sky. They climbed up this reed and found at the top the 4th world. Coyote was the first to emerge and while looking out to the oceans named this place the white world or glittering world. They then began to rebuild the mountains. Further Navajo creation story tells of White Shell Woman. This character is also found in Apache and Zuni traditions and she is sister to the goddess Changing Woman. White Shell Woman gives birth to warrior twins who go forth and battle giants and monsters in the world, slaying them and making the world safe for humans. Allowing for metaphor it is amazing how this story, as well as other Navajo creation stories, bare stark similarity to the ancient Greek Mythos.


qhehos-remainsThe story of Queho is a fascinating tale that comes to us from the Las Vegas area. What makes this account so unique is its recentness and detailed documentation. Queho spent the bulk of his life living in the canyons just south of present-day Las Vegas as a wanted man. He had reportedly murdered several people in different encounters, presumably dry gulching them for their supplies. One sheriff’s posse once spent four months in the desert attempting to track him down but failed. His remains were found in a shallow cave just south of the Hoover Dam area by local workers during the construction of the Hoover Dam. The remains were positively identified as belonging to Queho as the skull contained two rows of teeth, which Queho was known to have had. There are many eyewitnesses accounts to his life, people who had met him, and even one story of a man who sat with him and shared a sandwich one afternoon. He reported Queho as being a great figure of a man and quite decent in manner. He reported that Queho didn’t speak but made grunting noises and gestures instead and even attempted to share a dead rodent with him. The ties between Queho and the Nephilim of the Bible are obvious enough as the Nephilim were said to possess the genetic traits of two rows of teeth and six fingers. I have dedicated a whole page to Queho’s life here.

From William R. Cody’s (aka Buffalo Bill Cody) autobiography

Pawnee account of giants
Pawnee account of giants

“While we were in the sandhills, scouting in the Niobrara country, the Pawnee Indians brought into camp some very large bones, one of which the surgeon on the expedition pronounced to be the thigh bone of a human being. The Indians said the bones were those of a race of people who long ago lived in that country. They said these people were three times the size of a man of the present day, that they were so swift and strong that they could run by the side of a buffalo, and, taking the animal in one arm, could tear off a leg and eat it as they ran.”

-Colonel Wm, F. Cody 1920

Pawnee oral history

These giants denied the existence of a Great Spirit, so he caused a great rainstorm to come, and the water kept rising higher and higher so that it drove these proud, and conceited giants from the low ground to the hills, and thence to the mountains, but at last even the mountain tops were submerged and then those mammoth men were all drowned. After the flood had subsided, the Great Spirit came to the conclusion that he had made Man too large and powerful, and that he would, therefore, correct the mistake by creating a race of men of smaller size and less strength. This is the reason, say the Indians that modern men are small and not like the giants of old. They claim that this story is a matter of Indian history, which has been handed down among them from time immemorial.

Giant intaglios of the Blythe and Yuma area

Just outside Blythe CA on the western side279c640d077677a791f204427c2c8c82 of the Colorado River are huge geoglyphs etched into the desert floor. They depict several figures of huge proportions as well as an unidentified animal that may be a horse or a dog. The Yuma area also has some of these glyphs as well as the Sacaton area just east of Phoenix. Please see the Intaglio page here for the full story.

Lovelock, NV

Another story emerging from the Nevada area is that of the Lovelock Cave giants. This story was first written down by Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, the daughter of a Paiute Chief in her book titled Life Among the Paiutes: Their Wrongs and Claims. Although appearing here in print for the first time ever, this story was already a very old one to the Paiute people. Sarah Hopkins relays the not so ancient story of a race of red-haired giants who roamed the area that is now Nevada. These giants were definitely not friendly and whats more they were cannibalistic. (I guess that does go hand in hand).

Lovelock Cave NV
Lovelock Cave NV

These giants were known to the Paiutes as the Si-Te-Cah, which translates to the Tule-eaters. Tule being a reed-like plant which they fashioned into boats in order to escape from the Paiute. These boats were used to sail across the great lake that once covered much of the area that is now Nevada. The Paiute tribes, growing weary of being eaten all the time decided to put their differences aside to hunt down and eradicate this race of giants. They hunted them all over what is now Nevada and the surrounding area, killing them where they found them. (This sounds an awful lot like Numbers 13:32-33 in the bible.

Num 13:32 And they brought up an evil report of the land which they had searched unto the children of Israel, saying, the land, through which we have gone to search it, is a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof; and all the people that we saw in it are men of great stature.

Num 13:33 And there we saw the giants, the sons of A’-nak, which come of the giants; and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.

The last of these giants were driven into a cave and fire was set at the entrance. Those giants who attempted to flee were shot and killed with arrows the rest died of smoke inhalation. Eventually, the cave entrance collapsed, bats took up residence, and the cave sat undisturbed for years.

It was 1886 when a Lovelock mining engineer John T Reid was told this legend by local Natives. These natives took him to the site to prove their claims but unfortunately, Reid was unsuccessful in organizing a dig for an excavation. James Heart and David Pugh, however, were successful. Not in organizing a dig, but instead forming a company to mine out the guano in the cave. At the time guano was quite valuable as it was a key ingredient in the manufacturing of gunpowder. The two began mining and quickly stripped off the top layers of guano using pick and shovel. As you can imagine this did much damage to the artifacts in the cave, but artifacts they did find, and lots of them. The two contacted Alfred Kroeber, founder of the University of California Anthropology Department and relayed the findings of the prehistoric artifacts which launched the first official dig of the cave in 1912. This dig was headed by L.L. Loud, also of the University of California. A second dig took place in 1924 as well and the findings were amazing. All in all over 10,000 artifacts were discovered including tools, bones, baskets, and weapons. Duck decoys (among the oldest ever found in the world), A donut-shaped calender stone with 365 notches carved around the outside and 52 notches carved around the inside. A 15” sandal, feathers, vegetable material, and over 60 average size mummies. The vegetable material radiocarbon dated to 2030 BC, a femur dated to 1450 BC, muscle tissue dated to 1420 BC, and a basket dated to 1218 BC. Archaeologists concluded by this that the occupation of Lovelock cave, by this culture, began around 1500 BC.

Jawbone of giant skull compared to a human jawbone
Jawbone of giant skull compared to a human jawbone

During the initial dig, there were reports of the mummified remains of two giants turning up. One, a 6.5-foot female, and the other an 8-foot tall male, however, there is no evidence to substantiate this claim. But, there is a report from the Nevada Review-Miner in 1931 that states that in February and June of that same year two very large skeletons were dug up from the Humboldt dry lake bed. One of these mummies measured 8.5 feet tall (being described as having been wrapped in a gum-covered fabric exactly like is practiced in Egypt, while the other set of remains measured over 10 feet.

Yet more evidence is a giant handprint nearly double the size of a normal sized human imprinted inside the cave. There are also stories of giants being fought off down in Peru by the local natives who claim that they were battling red-haired giants which ended up making reed boats and fleeing to an island on Lake Titicaca to escape the Incas who were pursuing them. This tribe of giants was known as the Uros.

Shaking and the showing of hands

Most people probably never wonder why we shake hands in our society. This seems to be a European custom as every region on earth has its own form of greeting. I have heard it said that the reason men shake hands is to show the other that he is not holding a weapon. It is also believed that this custom may have developed out of a courtship ritual where a man asked a father for his daughter’s hand in marriage and that later was carried into war situations. Keep in mind that we in the U.S. have just recently begun enjoying a peaceful, relatively violence-free society.

Modern man with six fingers
Modern man with six fingers

Not just a hundred years ago thieves, murders, and highwaymen, were at every turn, and there was almost no law in much of the world, especially in undeveloped areas. When two strangers approached they made their hands visible to show they were not holding a weapon, then they embraced hands as a sign of new friendship. Could it be however that this custom came about as a result of people wanting to verify that a person did not have six fingers?

2 Samual 21:20: And there was yet a battle in Gath, where was a man of great stature, that had on every hand six fingers, and on every foot six toes, four and twenty in number; and he also was born to the giant.

This custom may have sprung out of the region from which the Bible itself emerged. Europe and the middle east have more than their share of stories of giants.

There is another custom here on the American continent that I find quite intriguing. We have all seen in movies that when Native Americans would meet they would hold up a hand and say “How”. Whereas this greeting portrayed in Hollywood films is actually a real Lakota/Dakota Sioux word “Hau” meaning “Hello” in reality not all tribes used this word. Holding up and showing one’s hand, however, was quite common among all Native American tribes. Seeing that the stories of giants are so widespread in the Americas I can’t help but wonder if this ritual didn’t come about as a method of verifying that the stranger was indeed human and not of giant ancestry. We know from the bible that the Giants had 6 fingers on each hand and two rows of teeth. We know from the Pawnee, Paiute, Navajo, Pima, Apache, and let’s just say every other Native American tribe, that giants did roam this continent and that many of these tribes feared them and fought against them regularly. We also know that the Karankawa and the Lil’wat claim to be descended from them directly. The Karankawa were the only cannibalistic tribe encountered by the early Americans and these people claimed to be from a race of giants who lived to the north.

The story on this continent is identical to what is written in the bible. A great flood was called to cleanse the earth of these giants and those who were corrupted by their blood. The flood wiped out most of them but just as it’s written in the bible, some survived. As the time of these giants wound to an end most of them died out, but according to Native Americans of North America, some of them bred with humans and passed on their genetic material. Of course, this genetic material would have weakened with every generation until it worked its way out, but many of the traits of these giants would have manifested in natives along the way. Aside from size, some of these traits included hyper-violent tendencies, aggressiveness and a propensity for war, six digits on hands and toes, and cannibalistic behavior. The time of these giants extinction is believed to have correlated around the time of Spanish contact, and it seems the Spanish did record contact with some of these races. In Paul Schrag and Xaviant Haze’s book The Suppressed History of the Americas the two authors present accounts of Spanish contact with a tribe of around 2000 natives -measuring around 7 feet tall on average- at the southern end of the Grand Canyon, as well as contact with many isolated families of giants around 10 feet tall in the Caribbeans. All this is documented, and if you look, you will find it. It would stand reason that a continent and its people plagued with these six fingered creatures would naturally give rise to the ritual of showing or shaking hands.


I could easily go on for years reprinting and copying to this website all the stories and accounts of giants in our short recorded history. I have personally been convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that people or beings of proportions much greater than ourselves once walked this earth as we do now. These stories are ubiquitous and woven into the fabric of our history as well as modern day life (especially entertainment.) We tell our children stories about these creatures when they are young weaving life lessons and morals into them. We have even built great structures honoring our own heroes and leaders, only we build them much larger and greater than they truly were in life. It seems there is something our species not only instinctively recognizes, but understands about giants, and the power naturally manifested with them.

Fa from faich (fa!) “behold!” or “see!”

Fe from Fiadh (fee-a) “food”;

Fi from fiú “good to eat”

Fo from fogh (fó) “sufficient” and

Fum from feum “hunger”.

“Fa fe fi fo fum!” becomes “Behold food, good to eat, sufficient for my hunger!”

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