Thoughts on Borders

A scientific, alchemical, and rather opinionated perspective on borders

Border – (Webster)

  1. A line separating two political or geographical areas, especially countries.
  2. The edge or boundary of something, or the part near it.

(Author’s definition) – Any boundary, either physical or conceptual which defines an area of space for the protection and ongoing security of what lies within said boundary.

Time to alienate readership. Ha…. With all this talk of borders lately here in Arizona, I thought I’d throw in my two cents. And while at first, this topic doesn’t seem to fit into the mysterious or esoteric theme of this website, I believe it most certainly does on an alchemical level (A philosophy which heavily interests me). I shall start out by saying that this is a biased article, written by someone who grew up and currently lives in a border state, married to a Central American immigrant, living in an ethnically diverse south Phoenix neighborhood. I would like to say that this issue is not about race. It has never been, it is about borders and law. Proponents of open borders always reduce the immigration/border issue to race and racism, this is done because they have no justified argument for illegally entering and remaining in another country. They have already broken the laws of another nation and must play the victim card to elicit sympathy for their plight. The race of illegal immigrants is irrelevant as is their country of origin, what does matter however is the effect they having on the country they are invading. Also, the morality of illegal immigration is subjective at best as morals are manufactured based on need, and quite frankly when it comes to national security, their needs are not our problem. Still, those topics have been beaten to death and then burned, and then the ashes stomped to death again, and for good reason.

That being said I’d like to offer up a fresh perspective on the issue. A philosophical and at the same time quite tangible perspective. In the first half of this article, I’d like to explore the intrinsic nature of borders as a broader concept as they manifest in our world and dare I suggest dimension, and allow our collectively observed laws of nature to make my argument. In the second half, I’d like to bring forth a broader picture of what the worldwide immigration problem is really about.

What I hope to accomplish in this piece is to offer the reader a new perspective in which to view the concept of borders. This is going to be a somewhat opinionated article and it may not jive with your particular political agenda. That’s Okay, I understand that if you are an open border proponent you already have your mindset. I don’t expect to change your mind, I’m simply looking to open a new door for you and give you a different perspective. The fact is, that as the economic screws tighten and your survival instincts kick in you will come around to nationalism. The fact that you haven’t yet is a barometer of your economic insulation from the issue.


Borders are everywhere, we are awash with them. Ubiquitous and ingrained in our everyday life, whether you live in a cave in the middle of the desert, or on a 25th story flat in New York City. Borders are so common as to have become nearly invisible. Most people have isolated the idea of borders to the political paradigm and tend to think of them only in the geopolitical sense, wherein any thought of them usually involves the immigration issue. Here, most have solidified these opinions based upon their own personal religious, moral, and social influences. And like anyone debating any issue, there are many levels of understandings involved as well as many realities looking to be manifested. They have confused the intrinsic nature of borders with that of need and desire. Their arguments reflect this and have become flawed at best. Borders are not only instrumental for survival in our current paradigm but are required for basic survival at every level of manifestation of life. In fact, I would go so far as to say they cross into the emotional and spiritual paradigms as well.

Borders. When heard today, this word is almost always used in reference to political or human migration or war. Perhaps there was a day, now long gone, when people spoke of borders as just a line or a river, or perhaps a mountain range which defined ones own little corner of the world for themselves and their neighbors. This river or mountain range was obvious enough not to go unnoticed, and inhabitants on both sides were free to live in their own ways, adhering to their own social customs, laws, and economies. There were occasional wars of course and these borders often changed based on the outcome of these conflicts but this simply shows that borders have always been with us.

Civilizations would eventually develop unique languages, arts, customs, and culinary expressions; distinct from that of their neighbors. Given enough time, they would specialize their unique expression, unintentionally adding complexity and uniqueness to the world. We call this “culture.” These individual manifestations of culture and civilization also eventually act as a mechanism for example and competition to neighboring cultures, showing them what is possible and perhaps a more efficient and prosperous way of life. On a grander scale, it also ensures that should disaster strike, there are other humans in other areas, living differently and not subject to the same political, cultural, religious, and environmental forces which were perhaps instrumental in the demise of the ruined culture/civilization. I see this as a strength as it spreads risk and in doing so adds complexity and “true” diversity to our world.

A brief exploration of borders in our world. This examination explores not only physical borders in a very real way but the larger idea and concept of them. Starting with the smallest, here we go.

8413455The Cell – (From the Latin cella, meaning “small room”) Already from the very basic make-up of life we see borders. A room has walls, walls are boarders. We are made up of cells, trillions of them. Cells have cell walls, and cell walls are borders. A cell is the smallest unit of life that can replicate independently, and cells are known as the “building blocks of life”. Cells consist of cytoplasm enclosed within a membrane, (a membrane is a border). Humans contain over 10 trillion cells.

Organs – Every one of your organs has a membrane around them (made up of hundreds of millions of cells) which protects them from foreign organisms and secures them in place within the body. Without this membrane, your organs could not function nor would you.

Skin-  (Your personal physical border, and the largest organ in your body) – Now we’re getting to a recognizable level. This is the border that holds you together and the one most people can recognize as a border of sorts. Your skin surrounds you and holds you together. If someone were to beat, cut or damage you in any way, they would be damaging “YOU”. Staph, viruses, harmful bacteria, parasites, fungus, etc are all held at bay and keep you safe because of this “personal border”. When you take a shower you are scrubbing bacteria, parasites, fungus, and staph from your skin in an attempt to facilitate the destruction of these outside forces and preserve your physical existence. If foreign pathogens were permitted inside your body at will to do as they chose, you would die within days. Think back to health conditions before modern day hygiene. It’s worth noting at this point that those bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens all have a “need” and “desire” to live and propagate as well. In fact, it’s hardwired into them at a genetic level.

Your room (personal space) – Within your home, you probably have a room, perhaps you occupy it alone, or maybe you share it with a spouse or loved one. But I’m willing to bet that you have some private space, of some kind where you sleep at night. This private space more than likely has four walls and a door, (your personal spacial border.) I’m going to take a leap and assume that the door probably has a lock on it as well, (your “secured” personal spacial border). This is natural and extremely important both physically and psychologically to one’s health. Private personal space not only affords you a place to keep and store the physical items and tools you depend on every day but it is a spiritual and emotional refuge as well. I’m currently writing this article from a little piece of private space near the Grand Canyon. My temporary personal space is in a house with five other rooms. Each of these rooms are decorated and arranged in accordance with the occupant’s personal preference. As humans, we surround ourselves with personal effects and arrange them in an order which we feel most comfortable with. Growing up; parents, children, and ancillary family members will almost always have separate rooms, at least in developed countries. This allows for personal thought, expression, and privacy to develop one’s own uniqueness (much like a nation). Often in 3rd world countries, economics don’t afford such luxuries and families are forced to live together in one large room. Even here we see sheets being hung from the ceilings in an attempt to achieve personal space and privacy. We see that there is a natural gravity towards personal space, and your room is just that.

Your house – Next we have our house. This is an extension of our personal space which we share collectively with family members. As we see from above we each have our own personal space but we are also collective animals and require group interaction. The house is a border which separates our families from other families living nearby. It isolates your distinct bloodline physically from others and affords your family the privacy to act and operate in a fashion which is beneficial to its preservation. Communities are natural extensions of families; often tribes, clans, etc and work in varying degrees of cooperation to achieve safety and security for the collective, but the community is not your family. The community will sacrifice individual families based on their net worth to the collective (this is why communism DOESN’T WORK and ALWAYS ends in genocide). What’s more, there is a competition which occurs naturally within a community. A pecking order if you will. Dominance is exerted and the smartest and strongest rise from the ranks to lead either through alpha supremacy or democratic function. (As a side note, there is a great book about this very topic I will suggest if this interests you. It’s titled “The Social Contract” written by Jean-Jacques Rousseau in 1762 and is an exploration of the best ways to establish a political community in a commercial society.

bc53f192d0f9fe59296785611a23305915c79d540808916e10dad16405ecbe4eProperty – And then we have property. (GET OFF MY LAWN!!!) The outside area surrounding our house which permits us to interact with neighbors and community but still maintain control of our surroundings. Outside the house, we call this the “yard” and it is at bar-b-ques, birthday parties, weddings, religious celebrations, etc we utilize this paradigm. We permit those in the community whom we trust through our front gate and into our yards and house and personal lives. Our yards stretch to the legal boundaries of our property. Not only do properties have borders, they are borders. Distinct borders which are held up in court and subject to commerce laws and zoning jurisdiction. Property is handed down from parent to child and maintained through the generations as a means of security and wealth. Make no mistake about it, property is a border, one which ensures and maintains our individual economic security within the family and community.

Town borders – The town you live in has a distinct border which legally defines and separates it from other lands in the state it happens to be located in. Within this border, the city is permitted to operate according to its laws and ordinances within state-sanctioned constitutional parameters. Here residents of the town come together and decide through local democratic procedure how to operate their community.

downloadCounty line – Your town lays within a county within your state and is regulated by a county seat (usually the biggest town in that county.) Counties have Sheriffs, and Sheriffs are the supreme law enforcement for that county.

State border – obvious enough, your state border separates your state from neighboring states within the United States of America. Each state makes its own laws according to the people who reside in that state (or at least it should). One of the primary strengths of this country of ours is that – like capitalism – states are in competition with each other and always strive to attract growth and innovation. When one state operates more efficiently than another, people move there for greater opportunity and security. With the exception of Chicago, Detroit, and New Orleans, States will adopt the working ideas and legislation from neighboring states who are operating more efficiently and showing a net gain to their constituents.

Mexico BorderNational border – Ahhhh….. We now come to “THE BORDER” currently in dispute, and the particular border which spurred this piece. Our national border separates us from neighboring countries and ensures our claim to resources and defense. Strangely enough, it is this very same border many Americans assert should not be maintained or defended. It is here we see some people’s concern for their fellow humans confused with the issues of law and national interest. This confusion is easy to understand when and for the sole reason that there are hungry impoverished people on the other side of it. It is healthy to have empathy for your fellow humans, but is it healthy to indulge that empathy at an expense to one’s self? Personally, I could care less what someone else does so long as it doesn’t affect me and mine. But that seems to be the crux of this issue.

Here is the disconnect. Here is where the machine has gotten so obtuse that consequences are not felt in an acute manner, but instead like the proverbial frog in the boiling water scenario. And no matter what the outcome and that outcome will surely be an impoverished nation, the excuse will be that we didn’t let enough migrants in and that hate and bigotry is what made it fail.

Whereas proponents of open borders wouldn’t allow these foreigners to camp in their front yards, sleep in their bedrooms or share their personal bathroom or kitchen, they somehow feel morally obligated and socially conditioned to allow anyone who desires so access to this country; and in doing so spreads the cost of this consequence collectively. So long as the effects of this don’t affect them personally they can go on feeling morally superior to those who do feel the effects and desire a working immigration system. This collectivist mentality is nothing more than communism. What’s more, it is selfishness and shortsightedness at it’s worst.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I was a victim of public education, but after my escape, I managed to educate myself on many subjects including the classical Greek liberal arts. First the Trivium, then the Quadrivium. The Trivium, if you don’t know, is the study of logic, rhetoric/debate, and finally grammar. This was the most basic level of education which guaranteed that anyone speaking at least had the ability to think clearly, formulate an opinion, and lastly articulate it in a comprehensible manner. Whereas my grammar is often a topic of debate, my logic is not. It is clear to me that modern American liberalism is a mental disorder, and those who adhere to it have either not been fully exposed to all sides of the debate or are subject to a lifelong indoctrination of collectivism at the expense of the individual. I tend to believe the later as the public and higher education systems have been infiltrated by communists since the late 50’s and have been pumping out the socialist and communist doctrine with regularity ever since.

It seems to me that it takes a certain level of detachment to wish one’s national borders be opened wide. Perhaps a certain level of economic isolation, or political conditioning and peer pressure to agree to destroy this particular border and allow hoards of different cultures into one’s nation. By the laws of economics and social science, any nation which allows a limitless amount of immigrants or refugees into one’s country is guaranteed to have negative social, economic, medical, racial, and criminal ramifications. There is no way around this and it’s not even debatable. What’s more is that the degree of ramification is directly proportionate to the number of immigrants permitted in (or allowed to remain). This is not rocket science, yet we are told to believe that any questioning of immigration is racist and that those questioning so are bigots. I reject this as communist rhetoric and will not kowtow to it. Our national borders are no different than any other border which assures our survival and I believe that those who think the borders should be opened wide are simply not thinking clearly or have been infected with regressive communist ideology (most likely from public education/indoctrination).

More bordersstock-vector-the-main-layers-of-earth-s-atmosphere-115547989

Earth’s atmosphere – Our border from space. Our protection from solar radiation and the vacuum of nothingness. Our very earth has not only one border but a series of them which protect it, and us from galactic forces which would terminate our existence rather quickly. Each of these layers is separated and does something unique from the other layers. But in concert, they provide for the security and survival of our planet. If we were to mix up these layers Earth’s atmosphere simply wouldn’t function. Quickly.

The troposphere starts at the Earth’s surface and extends 8 to 14.5 kilometers high (5 to 9 miles). This part of the atmosphere is the densest. Almost all weather is in this region.

The stratosphere starts just above the troposphere and extends to 50 kilometers (31 miles) high. The ozone layer, which absorbs and scatters the solar ultraviolet radiation, is in this layer.
The mesosphere starts just above the stratosphere and extends to 85 kilometers (53 miles) high. Meteors burn up in this layer

The thermosphere starts just above the mesosphere and extends to 600 kilometers (372 miles) high. Aurora and satellites occur in this layer.

The ionosphere is an abundant layer of electrons and ionized atoms and molecules that stretches from about 48 kilometers (30 miles) above the surface to the edge of space at about 965 km (600 mi), overlapping into the mesosphere and thermosphere. This dynamic region grows and shrinks based on solar conditions and divides further into the sub-regions: D, E, and F; based on what wavelength of solar radiation is absorbed. The ionosphere is a critical link in the chain of Sun-Earth interactions. This region is what makes radio communications possible.

This is the upper limit of our atmosphere. It extends from the top of the thermosphere up to 10,000 km (6,200 mi).

download (1)Borders in nature – Bees build hives. Birds build nests. Coyotes dig dens. Ants construct colonies. Bears construct dens. Woodpeckers drill holes and nest in them. Etc etc. Every living thing constructs personal space of some kind and defends it against forces that would deprive them of their security and survival. Every animal has the most primitive instinct to construct personal space, and the instinct to avoid and respect other animals personal space. The only time we see this instinct violated is when one animal is bigger than another and invades that space to kill and rob another of its resources or life. We call this predation. Humans happen to be higher functioning animals and require more complex borders.

A sign warning of a restricted area is posted on the temporary barricade in front of the fence line to the White House in Washington, DC, October 23, 2014. A suspect who climbed over the White House fence on October 22 was nabbed by Secret Service agents and dogs, a spokesman for the elite agency said. "At approximately 7:16 pm (1116 GMT), an individual climbed the north fence line of the White House," the spokesman said. "The individual was immediately taken into custody on the north lawn of the White House by Secret Service Uniformed Division K-9 teams and Uniformed Division Officers." The fence climber was identified as 23-year-old Dominic Adesanya from Marlyand, near the US capital, the spokesman said. AFP PHOTO/JIM WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

The white house- The White House has a fence does it not? Secret security, and missiles too if I’m not mistaken. A secret service detail also lives at the White House. Is this not a border of men who will physically place their bodies in front of the president of the United States in order to intercept a bullet meant for him.

VaticanThe Vatican– And then there’s Frankie in his walled-off fortress known as the Vatican. This man encourages open borders in every western nation on earth while maintaining a 39-foot wall and armed guards around his own personal space keeping out the north African gangs and hyper-violent drug cartels which have moved into Italy.

Did you know that the Vatican also happens to be the only religion on earth which has a seat at the U.N. WTH? Frankie, you are scum, you are an evil, and you are a shill for the new world order. It has been prophesied that you are to be the last pope. Whether this is because the Catholic church is to crumble under its own corruption or transform into something resembling a new world order waits to be seen.

Pope-mobileAnd what about the pope bubble car?

Ideological borders– Have you been to college? I’m sure you are aware of ideological borders. Borders you are encouraged not to think outside of. From the students to the professors and the governments who provide them grants to conduct studies which affect legislation and policy. Ideological borders must be maintained if the cash is to keep flowing. The Deans and faculty ensure that only professors who toe the line and bring in the cash are elevated through the ranks to achieve tenure and continue to advance through the world of Academia.

Corporations– piercing the corporate veil. We’ve all heard of this have we not? This term originates from a broader subject called corporate personhood. In the U.S. corporations have been granted almost all the protections afforded to a citizen under the fourteenth amendment of our constitution. Is a legal protection not a border? Of course, it is.

Top-SecretGovernment and military clearance – Informational borders. Need to know. Is this not a border too? Persons allowed and permitted to operate within certain parameters. And overarching and all-encompassing border of a person’s professional life which allows him or her to perform certain functions within state and federal theaters.

OK…so I could go on and on but you get the point. Our national border is only one of thousands of borders which we rely on daily to protect us and maintain the balance of resources, culture, and economics which provide for our very survival. Anyone telling you differently is trying to sell you something, and is most likely a communist, even if they themselves are victims of higher indoctrination, (college) and no longer recognize what communism is. The problem is, definitions have been changed over the past 50 years by the progressive left and communism has been repackaged, marketed, and deployed into our society, primary at our youth, and this tactic has paid off a hundredfold. If you don’t believe me look at the latest polls of Americans who think socialism/communism is a good thing. By age group, the youngest polled overwhelmingly are willing to accept a socialist/communist government. They believe socialism to be some sexy “new” idea which spreads wealth and gives everyone opportunity through free health care, education, housing, etc. The youngest also are the least aware of the atrocities brought on by socialism and communism just one generation before.



Global Communism and Immigration

Why do I keep bringing up communism? Simply because the key strategy of Marxism which is employed during the communization of a country is to destroy the economy, family, and culture of a state in order to bring it to its knees. Only then, when the people are impoverished and without jobs, food or a nuclear family unit of support (wealth is maintained through families) can the state move in and take over production, resources, and behavior. Ahhhh, the communist utopia.

What am I saying? Quite simply that the open border policy of the U.S. with Mexico coupled with the recent influx of North African Muslim refugees is deliberate and in fact meant to destabilize the U.S. as well as all other western nations. There is no reason under the sun that any rational nation would willingly import uneducated, uncultured, tribal hoards of violent radicalized males of fighting age into a country which is currently experiencing the worst recession since the Great Depression. It is a collective act of insanity. No, it is worse than that. It is treason, and it can only be intentional. Likewise, it is insane that the U.S has yet to secure its borders and is allowing millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America into our nation and economy. Labor is a commodity. The more of it you have, the cheaper it becomes. How in the world can anyone believe that importing more uneducated, people from failed countries rife with crime and corruption can possibly benefit our own country? We are told over and over that these people coming here are good for our economy because they will do the work that Americans won’t do. Well, allow me to ask the question then. If these hordes of people are so good for our economy, why weren’t they good for their own failed economies? Because it’s a load of rubbish that’s why.

Morality of Immigration

The goal of the U.S. should be to help our own people first. U.S. immigration policy was set up to facilitate and benefit citizens of the U.S. It was not created for the benefit of other countries. The U.S. and every country SHOULD be expected to put self interest first, so long as they don’t bring harm to other nations. Where is it written that the western nations (U.S. Europe, Canada, Australia, NZ, and Scandinavia) are here to serve the needs of 3rd world nations and their failed governments, and why does today’s youth believe this is so? Why is it that north African Muslims and Latin Americans believe they have a right to be in another country regardless of that countries needs or policies simply because they want to? How did we get to this place?

Dinesh D’Souza is correct when he says that immigration today is not the same as it was in years past. Up until recently, immigrants came to the U.S. to become Americans. Not Irish-Americans, or African-Americans, etc. The idea of being American transcended race, or country of origin. They came, worked, and learned the language. There was no safety net, and there was no way to go home. Coming to the U.S. was a commitment, and they came to the U.S. to become Americans. Unfortunately, today’s immigrants don’t share that sentiment. The U.S. is simply viewed as a place where bombs aren’t going off and the government, through mandate, has to feed you if you can’t or don’t work. The welfare safety net American have implemented was set up by and for Americans because we are a compassionate society. It was not devised as an immigrant incentive program.

Why MUST we open our borders and allow any and every religion, creed, and culture in? When did it become racist and xenophobic to put national interest before the needs of those wishing to migrate here? I’m here to tell you that it is not. In fact, the alternative is national and cultural suicide. Why is Africa for the Africans, and China for the Chinese? Why is Mexico for the Mexicans, and India for the Indians, but western nations and their thriving economies are for the hoards of every 3rd world nations to take advantage of?  Nations that can’t or won’t fix their own countries and governments.

The answer is, we are not here to be exploited and allowing hordes of uneducated immigrants into our nation can’t possibly benefit us.  Global banking interests and those who control the world’s economies have simply weaponized immigration.  The fact is third world peoples are being used to destabilize 1st world nations, bringing down the standard of living and defining a new baseline for the global middle class. If the world is to be a global economy, countries must be looked upon as subsidiaries of larger economic forces, and from the perspective of those orchestrating this agenda, western nations can no longer be permitted to remain powerhouses of sovereignty and self-interest. That being said, western nations of the world are just that; sovereign powerhouses. In fact, they are the last. However, in order for them to pull this off successfully, they have to utilize communist rhetoric. Those being invaded must be convinced that they are racists, evil, oppressors, whose ancestors have committed atrocities and that somehow they themselves are responsible for undoing this damage.  And this indoctrination must begin at a young age and be reinforced through, propaganda, media, and entertainment. Folks, we are there…..


So what happens if we do get a wall?

So the U.S. obviously has an illegal immigration problem but will the construction of an impenetrable wall solve it.  No, I don’t think it will. What percentage of illegal immigrants in the U.S. do you think actually sneaked across the border and gently slid into American life? Surprisingly only about 60%. It would seem that as of 2015 roughly 40% of illegals in the U.S. simply overstayed their visas and just didn’t go home. Of these, 90% went uninvestigated and the U.S. customs and immigration service simply wait for law enforcement to pick them up should they commit a crime to deport them.

Great wall of chinaThis is obviously a broken system and there is no excuse for it. The great wall of China was completed in 206 BC and still stands today. It worked wonderfully keeping out the Mongol hoards and technically still works today. Any soldier who has been to Iraq will tell you that the border between Iraq and Iran is hermetically sealed and nothing gets across it, period. It is 2016, and it is obvious there is an invasion on the southern border of the U.S. as well as most every other western nation on earth. Some are occurring legally and others illegally. Canada is being invaded by China, and Europe is in a soft war with the North African Muslims. It appears that the march to global communism is well underway.

It’s time people started asking the obvious question. Why? The fact that we are being invaded is a given and the fact that the younger generation has been conditioned to accept this is also blatantly apparent.


Race and Immigration

At the highest level of this issue, racial aspects become obvious. It seems that every country founded by Anglos is being invaded in mass and allowing hordes of immigrants into their countries regardless of their current social or economic standing. Whats more, the vast majority of citizens of these countries are against these policies and it is only their governments who are ramming these policies through. This is by definition a conspiracy and there is obviously something much larger unfolding. How is it that Merkel is still in power? That woman has single-handedly sealed the death of the German culture and way of life. What’s more, she was only able to pull this off because the German people have kowtowed into submissiveness since war world two and the entire population has been indoctrinated with a collective guilt for the actions of the Nazi party. Much the same way that the slavery issue is being played out over here in the states. Spain and Sweden are all but gone as well. The Muslims are now pushing to change laws in these countries to accommodate Islam and they are using violence when they don’t get their way. France and Britain are scared to death to say anything which may insight mobs of angry Muslims to riot or provoke more bombings. The worst part of this whole tragedy is that the people of these nations don’t say anything because of political correctness. A wrong opinion in the workplace will get you fired, a perceived slur against Muslims can get you thrown out of your flat. Etc. Australia is really far down this road and is nearly lost already.

Again, there is something bigger in the works. These times we find ourselves in are not just passing by happenstance, they are being orchestrated and executed to a specific end.

I urge everyone to look at the national border issue for what it truly is. A necessary border which ensures our sovereignty and security. Don’t allow political correctness to guide your words and thoughts. Don’t be afraid of being called a racist because you support a secure border for your own nation. There is nothing wrong with wishing a secure border for your own nation and being pro responsible immigration.  Those who tell you differently simply wish to shut you up while divesting you of the wealth and opportunity your country has to offer you as a natural born citizen.

No doubt you have been told that it is all the white man’s fault. That the white man needs to give back what he has taken, blah blah. That you must feel guilty for what you have and the opportunities you were given while others were not. This too is simply a tactic to take from you to give to another. THIS IS COMMUNISM. It’s simply communism repackaged and marketed for a new generation. Don’t believe any of it. Sovereignty is everything. Sovereignty is survival.

I look forward to a huge wall on the southern border of these United States of America. A huge wall guarded with armed guards who are ready to defend It from anyone who might either sneak across illegally or attempt to transport drugs or human slaves into the U.S. I also look forward to a sensible immigration policy which permits educated, capable, non-criminals to immigrate here to become part of the American dream. People who would benefit the U.S. while realizing their own dreams. A policy that doesn’t take 10 years to complete. A policy which streamlines immigrants to the U.S. and helps facilitate their assimilation into their new country.

16Once the border stops hemorrhaging uneducated labor, criminals, terrorists, drugs, and slaves, our neighboring countries to the south will be forced to deal with their own issues as the rot of their culture begins to ferment at home. Perhaps then they will enlist help from more developed nations who can provide real solutions, not just an overflow valve for their failures. To rough? Did you know that 25% of Mexico’s population currently resides in the United States? What does that tell you? Their system is broken and corrupt and we are being forced to deal with it, both economically, and socially. The same goes for all the Central American countries.

All the infighting between the Democrats and Republicans are simply for show. While the American people are sent down rabbit trails bickering about racism (which has nothing to do with immigration) and other non-issues, treaties like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, NAFTA, and CAFTA slip through legislation and seal the economic future of the Americas. Deals which were meant to spur the U.S. economy have only hurt us and tied our future to 3rd world nations. Once economies are tied together and become intertwined it is nearly impossible to separate. Borders are being eroded everywhere. Trade barriers are coming down, labor is being imported and exported worldwide and the economy is now very much global. Even currencies are beginning to shift to reflect these changes.


So there you have it. I have done my best to outline the philosophical concepts of borders and their intrinsic nature in our world while attempting to give you a broader perspective of the global immigration “problem.” I believe the immigration issue needs to be viewed for what it truly is before it’s too late. And that is a weapon in which to tear down what is left of western culture.


In conclusion, I’d like to say that I wish no ill will upon anyone. I am however extremely concerned about the future of the U.S. and its continuing decline from 1st world to 3rd world status. I am a nationalist, and I respect my own country the same way I do every other country and peoples across the world. I hope I’ve shown how the concept of borders is farther reaching and infinitely more complex than an ad hominem argument accusing someone of racism or even an impenetrable wall stretched across the southern edge of a once great nation.

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