Gov’t Assets, Chaos Agents & LARP’ers

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The LARPers

The following is a short list of LARPers, chaos agents, & disinformation agents who have plagued this investigation.  Among them is the group of people who descended upon Isaac and got their hooks and him when he first made his debut on July 22, 2018. Several of them of which are the same players embroiled in an online/legal feud. Not surprisingly these are also the first people who came out and attacked me for my interest and research into the death of Isaac Kappy and attempted to counter all evidence I released as the investigation unfolded. These people have been relentless and nonstop from the beginning. Sometimes working together and often fighting amongst themselves. They often re-post each other’s content in order to supplement their own. I’ve often wondered why the same players have been involved every step of the way even before Isaac came on the scene and why they’re still attempting to script the narrative now.

I have been informed by multiple people that they wish to avoid the below-listed people at all costs and will not discuss them publically as they have destroyed the lives of people they personally know. These LARPers don’t simply disagree with someone on social media, they attack people personally, in coordinated patterns, doxing, and attempting to destroy people’s lives financially, socially, psychologically, emotionally and any other way they can. ALL WHILE PROJECTING THIS BEHAVIOR ONTO THOSE THEY ARE ATTACKING. THESE PEOPLE ARE TRULY SICK.

Lestat (Arturo Tatoyovsky) –

UPDATE 10/25/22

I am updating this portion of the Mind Map as of the date above. It has been about 3 years since its publishing and more than a few things have come to light. The investigation is still ongoing, many cards have settled, and I now have a clearer picture of who some of the characters involved in Isaac’s death are and their relation to Isaac and myself after I came into the picture. I am leaving my original writing up as it speaks to my mistake and where I was at at the time of its writing. In truth, Thomas Schoenberger had a great deal of influence in my earlier opinion of some of the following people mentioned in this section. For more information on my relationship with Thomas Schoenberger please see the portion of the Mind Map devoted entirely to him. 

In short, since the time of the original publication of the map I have learned that Lestat (Arturo Tatoyovsky) is not a gangstalker. He was and is however a victim of Thomas Schoenberger. Lestat reached out to me shortly after my first interview to speak to me about T.S. This was at the same time I was being attacked by Defango, Fkn Freddy, Monkey Savant, and others. During that conversation, he stated that I would continue to be attacked until I retracted my support for T.S. I took this as a threat. However, I now understand that did not state it as a threat. He was attempting to explain to me the reality of the situation. The problem at that time was that Lestat’s English was not very good and I had no idea as we were communicating through DM. After what I believed to be a threat, Thomas told me that they would continue to attack me and well, this drove me right into TS’s confidence. THIS IS T.S.’s MO. THIS IS WHAT HE DOES. At the time I had no idea. 

The fact is, Lestat, like so many others has decided to dedicate himself, personal time, and resources in an attempt to bring TS to justice and stop his tormenting of innocent people. I understand this very well as it is my goal to do the same. Thomas on the other hand considers all of his past victims to be “gangstalkers” and attempts to script the narrative that it is he (TS) who is the victim. This is now TS presented me with the entire situation when I came into the investigation. 


Here is the original piece I posted about Lestat before I knew the extent of his history with TS. Again, not everything below is correct. Lestat is not a LARPER, he is however in pursuit of justice and out to put an end to Thomas Schoenberger’s predatory destruction of other human beings. 

Lestat was in touch with Isaac throughout his social media campaign. There is text evidence that in the end, Isaac grew very suspicious of him and at one point began inquiring to others while Lestat was trying to “psyop” him. According to Lestat’s narrative, Isaac was being controlled by his handler Thomas Schoenberger who was moving him up through the social media paradigm in order to spread fake news about the Hollywood pedophile rings. When in actuality Isaacs’s real mission either knowingly or unknowingly was to elevate and push the “Q” narrative/movement for a clandestine deep-state operation. Lestat holds that Isaac was moved up in the social media matrix BECAUSE he lacked evidence.

At one point Thomas lived with Lestat for a short while in Mexico. Thomas claims that Lestat is an open practicing Satanist, and offered to procure for him underage virgins in Mexico while he was down there living with him. He also states that Lestat is a classic heroin addict. Lestat, in turn, states that he had to kick Thomas out of his house and is not welcome back. 

Lestat viciously attacked me through YouTube videos early on but later reached out to me to speak. During the course of the conversation, he explained to me that all of my online attackers were his friends and that the attacks would continue until I publicly denounced Thomas Schoenberger. By definition THIS IS GANGSTALKING. And he wasn’t even shy about telling me.

Since the time of this writing, Lestat has been granted control of the Able Danger YouTube channel (64,000 subscribers) which he changed the name to “The Conspiracy Distillery” and has published strictly anti-Thomas S. GANGSTALKING content. He works with Fkn Freddy to produce content that attacks Thomas S. nonstop. Sources have informed me that Field Mcconnel had no idea this was going on, which means that Lestat is working with one of Field’s partners. It is obvious that Lestat is either personally obsessed with Thomas or is working in some more complex orchestrated capacity to discredit and take him down. Other than Lestats involvement with the Shadow Box company he no longer has any connection to Thomas and is a Mexican citizen living in Mexico. It is his bizarre personal obsession with attacking Thomas which raises suspicion as to his affiliations.

There are emails and text message screenshots indicating that Lestat was in constant contact with Isaac 5 to 6 months prior to his death. Whoever Lestat really is, it is my opinion that he is a sick and dangerous person.


Defango (Manuel Chavez) –

Bitter enemy and nemesis of Thomas Schoenberger and Self-described gamer, hacker, snitch, and LARP Buster, it has been suggested that Mr. Chavez may truly have connections to US intelligence networks. He has admitted being a snitch (his words) and seems to be affiliated or wrapped up with powerful and influential figures like Gabe Hoffman, and Peter Priest. According to Mr. Priest, Chavez was the person who put Isaac in touch with Mr. Priest in Australia, which at this point seems to be the point of Isaac’s downward spiral. Mr. Chavez’s interest in rather serious subjects involving topics like this seems juxtaposed to his public persona and the quality of content he puts out as he regularly produces 4 to 5-hour YouTube live streams of him gaming while spewing opinions about online drama. It is widely believed in the social media world that Defango works with intelligence networks.

Mr. Chavez holds and puts forth the narrative that Thomas S. is a psychopathic, gang stalking, black magician who utilizes sorcery in conjunction with social media technology and the cicada project to get into the minds of innocent people and tortures them for his personal pleasure in between contracting with U.S. intelligence agencies. He also claims that Thomas S. attempted to hijack the Q movement and the entire operation is a deep-state psyop. Although he has stated that he himself is the creator of “Q” on several occasions.

Mr. Chavez is currently involved in a civil lawsuit wherein he was subpoenaed to provide all documentation he had pertaining to the allegations that he participated in the wiretapping of Seth Rich’s parents. Mr. Chavez maintains that Thomas S. is the guilty party and is guilty of extortion. Thomas states that now that this case has reopened and there is eyewitness testimony on record of wire-fraud and hacking, that this will move to the Federal theater. It is worth noting that Thomas S. claims to have never met or even knew of the existence of either Gabe Hoffman or Mr. priest prior to Isaac coming out, and I have seen no video, texts, or records indicating so. If and when I do I will add them to this work and retract any incorrect information. Defango however, had dealings with both of these men prior to Isaac’s arrival on the scene.


UniRock (Jason Smith) –

This “LARP Buster” GANGSTALKER also grew out of online gaming but has since dedicated his entire platform to “LARP Busting.” UniRock regularly produces 5 to 6 hour live streams of mishmash content toggling between online gaming, trash-talking and reviewing and commenting on other content creators. He infuriatingly states any and everything that comes to mind often contradicting himself several times within the course of a single live stream. A review of his past videos reveals that he throws himself into any online controversy in order to generate content for this channel. I first attempted to contact him and correct some of his inaccurate information but I quickly learned that it was intentional and meant to spur chaos.


This online social media grifter never retracts any wrong or misinformation but simply cranks out more content that may or may not contradict his previous statements/videos. It is obvious to me that his primary objective is to derail and redirect any narrative which may be close to any truth. In his videos, he regularly accuses anyone conducting research of being A government agent and deep state operative. I produced a parody video correcting and criticizing many of his outright lies and fabrications to which he never even addressed. He simply moved on with new content, again, much of it contradicting previous content.


Fkn Freddy (Alfred William Isaacson) –

Alfred William Isaacson is a Canadian citizen from B.C. who has thrown himself into the LARP-busting world attempting to grow his YouTube channel. He was another low-level gang stalker who has thrown in with Lestat and attempted to script the narrative of Isaac’s death through coordinated gangstalking tactics of attacking anyone who actually researched and asked questions. Although this man and I have never spoken, nor has he attempted to contact me, I am the topic of many of his YouTube videos wherein he attempts to slander me personally for evidence/interviews I have put forth. His timing of actions in conjunction with content proves a deeper and structured gangstalking effort to derail and redirect any information coming out about the death of Isaac Kappy. Since the time of this writing, Fkn Freddy has partnered with Lestat to solely produce content demonizing Thomas Schoenberger.


Michael Dade – 

Michael Dade came onto the scene shortly after Isaac’s death and threw himself into the online social media circus full force. Around the time I was initially contacted by several members of “The Fam” Dade was already scripting and peddling narratives as to what happened to Isaac. At one point the Fam notified me that Dade was openly claiming to be a member of the Fam and was speaking on their behalf in a spokesperson capacity. The Fam, btw, was a group set up by Isaac a little over a year before his death. It was a collection of people who were concerned with child and human trafficking and were working together to try and end it. This was also Isaac’s support system and Isaac knew and spoke with many of them regularly. 

The reason this is significant is that immediately after Isaac’s death it was The Fam who knew the most about Isaac’s most recent work, trials, and sufferings. It was this group of people who carried the most influence in the realm of social media as to painting the picture of Isaac’s state of mind, mental stability, as well as providing the facts and proof as to what Isaac was working on, who he was associating with, and where he was. 

The fact is, Dade was never a member of The Fam. Dade never associated with anyone in The Fam, and upon the death of Isaac Dade never reached out or even spoke with anyone in The Fam. Yet here he was claiming to speak on their behalf. The Fam asked me to put out a public notice on my YouTube channel denouncing Dade and his interest in The Fam. In a lame defense, he attempted to claim that “The Fam” was an extended group of people, anyone in fact, who cared about Isaac’s mission. This is not the case. The Fam was an actual body of persons belonging to a number of specific chat groups that Isaac collected over the course of a year and a half. 

This, as you can imagine, infuriated Dade and he began a personal war against me claiming that SharkBellyKelly, Brett, myself, and others were involved with Isaac’s death and responsible for killing him and that my attacks on him were actually a cover-up in some master plot at protecting pedos in Hollywood. 

Dade had for all attempts and purposes lost control of the narrative and had been outed for the disinformation agent he is. As our investigation moved forward, however, Dade became louder and louder spewing falsehoods & accusations willy-nilly in an attempt to sow chaos and resentment between anyone attempting to find out what happened to Isaac.

At one point he started a new YouTube channel called “MAX MOUSE” wherein he never showed his face but simply performed a voice overlay with increased bass and altered pitch to sound dark and mysterious. On this channel, he claimed to know exactly what happened to Isaac and that he would reveal it over time in a series of videos. It took about 15 minutes and two attempts at toggling the audio from these videos to prove it was Michael Dade.  I actually did a live broadcast of the reverse engineering of the audio clip and let over 300 people decide for themselves who MAX MOUSE was. 

Here is the audio I pulled from Michael Dade’s first MAX MOUSE video
Now here is the same clip with the bass and pitch adjusted back to normal


Upon being outed another time Dade eventually left the scene and returned to doing videos about politics from the front seat of his car on his cellphone. It is worth noting that another LARPer in this list, Alessandro Valerin (Total Disclosure) has accused Dade of having something to do with the death of Bella Slone’s son. Dade interviewed Slone at one point after he fell from grace in an attempt to once again throw himself into the Isaac Kappy mix. A couple of weeks later after the interview, Slone’s son was killed in a hit and run accident. Alessandro has called it murder and has implicated Michael Dade. 

Holly (Nerdy Art) – 

Holly, who also happens to live in Mesa, Arizona first approached me on a different matter unrelated to the Kappy investigation during my time investigating Kappy. She told me she found me through my YouTube channel, was a personal witness to a huge international conspiracy, and needed a researcher to flesh it out. She asked to meet in person so we arranged to meet at a coffee shop in Tempe. At our first and only meeting, Holly brought with her nearly 80 pages of printed-out material from the website of a company that facilitates college loans to students. 

Holly claimed that up until recently she worked for this company and this is how she was privy to what she was about to disclose to me. She stated that first, this company was recently bought out by a German company. Second, this company was determined to take down the United States’ entire economic infrastructure, and Three, there were going to pull this off through the manipulation of student loans. She then stated that upon the first day the German firm bought the local Suprise, AZ-based company that she and other employees were herded into a room by guards armed with sub-machine guns where the new owners of the company told the employees their nefarious plan.   

It was at this point that I realized there was something wrong with her and this entire situation. She handed me the entire pile of papers and asked me to read them and then build out an investigation on it and publish it on my website. I asked her how come she wasn’t doing this as she was a key witness, already involved, and had the pertinent information. I honestly forget what she told me her reason was. I told her I wasn’t interested and we parted ways. 

A few things were obvious in my opinion. One, she wished to embroil all my time in an insane conspiracy porn fantasy while, two, setting me up for a defamation lawsuit from this student loan company. And thirdly, if she wasn’t an intelligence plant, she was delusional and quite possibly dangerous.

Well, apparently I didn’t fall off of Holly’s radar as a few months later she published a YouTube video wherein she claims that I hired AZ Props to stage a scene at the Transwestern overpass where Isaac died. This caused a rather large uproar and we received multiple phone calls about it. SharkBellyKelly reached out to the prop company’s owner Glen and asked them if they knew that their company was being implicated in any of this. He stated no. Kelly then put us in touch and he agreed to do an interview and have me air it on my channel. 


During this interview, he told the following story. That Holly (a local Mesa, AZ resident) had wandered into his parent’s antique shop in downtown Mesa and picked up one of his AZ prop business cards off the front counter. He knows this because this is what Holly told him when she called him. During their phone call, she asked him about his company and filming locations and where he’d been out filming and such. He didn’t think much of the phone call at the time, and she never mentioned Isaac Kappy, Bellemont, Az, or the like. He thought she was interested in hiring his company for a gig. 

Holly then weaves this conversation into the narrative that I hired AZ props to stage Isaac’s death scene wherein Isaac was really taken away into protective custody. Upon the release of the interview between Myself and AZ props, and several phone calls to Holly from Glen’s attorney Holly removed the video not before issuing a retraction video wherein she stated that she never accused AZ props of anything and only postulated it as a theory and not an accusation. 

It didn’t matter, by this time Lisa Crapella and Julio Hawkes (All American Cartel) were running with the crazy story and cranking out disinformation videos willy-nilly. This is how the machine works. 

Holly would later attempt to reach out to me again in an attempt to make up and be friends. She stalked us or online chats and sent numerous emails denying that she ever did anything written above. I explained to her that I still have a copy of her video where she clearly made those accusations. I asked her to stop contacting me and told her if she did so again that I’d seek legal restraint. 

It is my opinion that Holly who goes by Nerdy Art as her online persona is either an intelligence plant sent to sow chaos or an extremely sick individual, and I consider her extremely dangerous. What’s more, she lives in the same vicinity as me. If anything nefarious happens to me I wish the above story to be relayed to the authorities and/or any parties interested in reaching justice. 

Lisa Crapella – 

Lisa Crapella is another deeply disturbed individual who reached out to me in September of 2019. Her online YouTube persona is one of a deeply devoted Christian, Pro-Trump, Q, Patriots, etc.  Her goal in reaching out to me was to attempt to convince me that Isaac was still alive and actually in witness protection, and at this, she attempted at length. She based this on her personal history with the witness protection program that she claims her husband happens to be in for ratting out the MAFIA which she also claims her family is involved in. In fact, she was quite loud and proud about this. Months later she would publicly state that she made a call back to New York and Italy and that a few guys would soon be visiting me. In short, she claimed to put a hit out on me. 

When I wouldn’t go forward publicly with her theories about Isaac being in witness protection she began creating videos about me being involved in a cover-up and involved with Isaac’s disappearance. 

She would eventually team up with Julio Hawkes (All American Cartel) and Holly (Nerdy Art) and accuse me of hiring a prop company (AZ Props) and staging the entire scene where Isaac had died on I-40. She pushed this narrative hard until I actually contacted the prop company and interviewed them. This interview was published on YouTube wherein they accused the prop company of also working with intelligence agencies and in on the coverup. AZ props threatened a lawsuit and Lisa immediately reversed her story and put out a retraction. That’s when she put out more videos threatening and badmouthing me.  

It would only be a few short weeks later when she would put out yet another video denouncing Julio Hawkes and Michael Dade. Keep in mind, this is after she sided with and defended these two disinformation/chaos agents for months. 

It was nothing but insanity and circus designed to do three things.

  1. Attempt to destroy my credibility and ergo the investigation.
  2. Waste valuable time, energy, and resources so as to prevent us from conducting the investigation and gathering evidence, and
  3.  Pump disinformation and chaos into the online social media world so as to trivialize anything and anyone involved with Isaac Kappy as being a bunch of nutcases.

You can still find her on YouTube ranting about Jesus, complaining about her problems, and begging for money. 


Monkey Savant –

While she never made her real identity known to stand behind her words, M.S. was always ready with a parody video, or some analysis of a situation. Spewing her speculative theories and accusations nonstop this chaos agent simply operated from the periphery, harassing and throwing doubt on anything she could. I tracked her attack videos with the other usual suspects on this page and realized a pattern early on. She would always coordinate her lies and attacks with other social media chaos agents shortly after I released any evidence. When I attempted to reach out to her she refused to speak with me. She had no intentions of a real or serious dialogue. She held the narrative that I was in league with many of the people listed on this page and that I was doing all of this for donations, clicks, and views. Classic projection. Something all of these characters have done actually.

Just before disappearing for good, Monkey Savant actually ordered the evidence related to Isaac’s death, opened, and read it in a YouTube video. She literally read the very reports listed in the Isaac Kappy Mind Map that I made public the day I received them. To this day, her short fat fingers filing through the paperwork is the only image anyone has of her. 


Alice Down the Rabbit Hole –

This online personality/YouTube channel regularly cranks out conspiracy porn in copious amounts. She saw the opportunity to capitalize on the death of Isaac and wasted no time. Mixing, conflating, swirling, and blending Isaac’s death with every known current conspiracy as well as the real hot topic events including DUMBs, adrenochrome, aliens, clones, Q, Guantanamo, secret military attacks to save children, mole children, reptilians, you name it.

ADTRH regularly published the most insane, disrespectful, and reprehensible content about Isaac Kappy. Just before having her YouTube channel removed for violating TOS, she began pushing all of Michael Fisher’s insane videos as well. I attempted to reach out to her but she refused to speak and simply attempted to troll me. As far as social media shill internet content providers go, ADTRH is at the top of the list. The purpose of her channel was to catch the runoff viewers from deleted channels and keep the patriot community spinning in a fictitious world of conspiracy porn. This in turn renders them inert and ineffective. Harmless and stagnant. There are many channels like hers on social media but for some reason, ADTRH was turned in my direction and sent to discredit this investigation. 

Michael Fisher “OHM”

Michael Fisher came on the scene in 2020 during the COVID19 lockdown. He broke onto the scene saying he personally knew Isaac as well as the family. He came out in a number of videos narrating a fictitious account of how Isaac died and who had him killed. Fisher provided many details and spun a story that involved Isaac’s surviving family stating that they were in possession of Isaac’s dead man switch. When we called the Kappys, the family denied knowing Fisher and stated that Isaac never gave them an envelope full of evidence of Hollywood pedophiles. Concerningly, Fisher mentioned Isaac’s mother Wendy quite often and began becoming extremely defensive about her with his audience, while telling them to pray for her and give her love and that everything he was doing was for her and the family. It was obvious that Fisher was obsessively fixated on Wendy and the Kappys. It was so bizarre and concerning that several people called the authorities including the FBI about it.  Fisher even went on to fabricate a reality in his own mind that Isaac called his mother “Moms”. Something that never existed. In fact, Wendy came on air with us (below) to denounce Michael Fisher’s insanity once and for all. 



Fisher, being is very charismatic quickly gained a moderate following of social media conspiracy porn junkies who actually believed his insane fabrications. We went public attempting to contact Fisher and speak with him. Fisher made a number of threats and challenges to us telling us, telling his audience that he was in contact with the Kappys and that they were suing us. He stated to his audience that we’d been arrested and were in Guantanamo, as well as other insane fabrications. Our fear along with that or the Kappys was that Fisher was telling the world that the Kappys were in possession of damming evidence that would take down some of the most powerful people in Hollywood. While we knew this to be total bullshit, we understood that there are many people out there who would believe it, thus putting the Kappy family in danger. We continued to smash Fisher’s lies one after another and he continued to double down. At one point early on Fisher stated that we had 30 days to “produce Wendy Kappy” on our show or be proven, liars. As we were in touch with the family, Wendy offered to come on and state the truth about the situation. Wendy Kappy proved her identity on air then read a prepared statement concerning Michael Fisher disavowing all of his insane statements and narratives. She disavowed knowing him and stated that Isaac didn’t either. She stated she was not in possession of any dead man switch and had no evidence of any Hollywood pedophilia whatsoever. To all of this. Fisher came back one day later and stated that the woman in the interview was not Wendy Kappy but instead, Isaac’s aunt and that Wendy had tricked us into believing it was her. He further stated that Wendy was working us into a checkmate as she was going to sue us for fraud.

Isaac Kappy – Interview Glen & Wendy Kappy about Michael Fisher



Although Fisher never came right out and said it, he alluded many times that all of his knowledge, association, and information with the Kappy’s came from a higher dimension. He started began telling stories about events that occurred with Isaac and his brother when they were kids. He made several videos about playing with them and childhood stories with details such as broken skateboards and skinned knees. It was then everyone realized that Michael Fisher was certifiably insane and creating reality in his own head while claiming it was coming from another dimension where he knew and associated with the Kappys.  

Our interjection into his LARP/mental illness really threw a monkey wrench into his world and he began threatening us as he became more and more unstable. Because none of Fisher’s predictions ever came true and people began calling him out on all his lies, he eventually lost his channel and reinvented himself on YouTube as “OHM” where, at the time of this writing, he is still making videos but no longer shows his face or speaks. 

I will say that the damage Fisher did to Kappy’s family the entire time he carried out his narcissistic, and psychopathic fantasy was measurable and real. Of all the people I’ve dealt with during this investigation, Michael Fisher is one of the most dangerous and destructive. I believe him to be a very sick individual, afflicted with several psychological ailments, among the most notable is Narcissistic personality disorder. He is also prone to threats of violence as he has threatened to kill his partner/girlfriend, Donna, while live on air. If you are approached by this individual either online or in-person it is my advice that he is to be considered extremely dangerous. 

Michael Fisher aka (OHM) Threatens to kill his fiancé (1:44 mark) LIVE ON AIR/OPEN MIC MOMENT




Allesandro Valerin (Total Disclosure) & Nick Alvear (Good Lion) – (Conspiracy Pornographers)

The strange case of YouTuber and Disinformation agent, Allesandro Valerin & his “producer” Nick Alvear

Allesandro Valerin (Louder Than Love), a Costa Rican national, has been involved with Isaac Kappy from the beginning it seems. Since Isaac’s death, Allesandro has attempted to brand himself a documentary filmmaker and has cranked out six sloppily edited, hour-long, YouTube videos consisting of misinformation, opinion, and other people’s work. Ever since Isaac’s death Allesandro has held that Gabe Hoffman was somehow involved and has been quite vocal about it. So much so that he even publically threatened to do physical harm to Gabe Hoffman. Gabe in turn reported it to the authorities and sought legal recourse. 

August 4th, 2021 Allesandro put out part 3 of his 6 part “Documentary” titled, and wait for it. “Brackets & Jackets – The Murder of Isaac Kappy”. Yes folks, Allesandro even ripped of Isaac’s self-titled freestyle Periscope live stream called Brackets & Jackets. In this amalgamation of other people’s work stitched together with a voice overlay, Allesandro proved just how out of touch he truly is with the facts that surround the unfortunate death of Isaac Kappy. Therein he shamelessly misstates facts, spins falsehood out of whole cloth, and attempts to draw suspicion where there is none. All for the sake of generating content so he can crank out yet another YouTube video. And let’s be honest, that is exactly what they are. YouTube videos labeled “Documentary.” 

While Allesandro is far from the first person to attempt to profit off the tragedy of the death of Isaac, he certainly gave it his best effort. And although he fancies himself a crack-shot researcher and documentary maker his YouTube videos are simply shoddy and void of truth. The fact that they are so bad, coupled with the experience you are about to read, I do not hesitate to call them dis-information at this point. Organized and deliberate disinformation. Why do I say this? BECAUSE, like all the other disinformation and chaos agents out there, not only has Allesandro never been to Bellemont, Arizona to do any actual research, he never even bothered to interview anyone involved. Allesandro simply generates his content from YouTube drama and markets it for Conspiracy Porn. 

Within part 3 of his disinformation series, not only does Allesandro misstate objective facts, but attempts to up the drama and generate attention by accusing me of manufacturing and planting evidence within the Isaac Kappy investigation. Upon being informed by several people that there was a newly released video accusing me of planting evidence I tracked down the video and watched it. Sure enough, in his video, Allesandro stated

“Daniels gained notoriety due to his research into Isaac’s death, but there’s many things shady about him. More suspicious is the faked overpass video he published all while claiming it came with the police department files he got. Well it turns out I got the same file and there is no video.” He goes on to say. “So, who planted the video, Cory himself, or Cory himself following the orders of somebody else?   

Since I knew where the overpass video came from AND that I didn’t fake it AND I had receipts to prove it, I called Nick Alvear at Good Lion. Now I know Nick, I have his personal phone number and he has mine, in fact, I’d been on his show in the past and discussed Isaac Kappy at length and in detail. Knowing that he produced this video I called and asked him to come on his show so as to prove to his audience that what his friend Allesandro was saying about me was PROVEABLEY false. Nick said he would work out a time in the next week to have me on. I also asked Nick to put me in touch with Allesandro so I could explain to him that he was way off base and demand a public retraction. Well, I was met with this –  

Part 1. The Phoenix Enigma EXPOSES Disinformation agents Allesandro Valerin (Totally Exposed) & Nick Alvear (Good Lyin’)


Part 2. The Phoenix Enigma EXPOSES Disinformation agents Allesandro Valerin (Totally Exposed) & Nick Alvear (Good Lyin’)


I could post all the emails and screenshots of Nick & Allesandro’s gaslighting, vitriol, dodging, and excuses. But they are just that. The evidnce here is Prima facia. THE FACT IS, NICK SPONSORED & PRODUCED A 6 PART GARBAGE YOUTUBE SERIES FULL OF PROVABLE LIES  AND FALSEHOODS AND WHEN CONFRONTED THEY CHOSE TO CIRCLE THE WAGONS INSTEAD OF APOLOGIZING AND MOVING FORWARD IN TRUTH. It is a shame that for whatever reasons these two have decided to trade the truth for attempts at clicks and eyeballs. 

I must bring up one thing before closing this out. Something that could explain Nick’s actions. Nick was arrested in the wake of the Jan 6, 2021, mostly peaceful capitol protest. Nick was the one photographed smoking weed inside the Capitol. Well, nick was released much earlier than many others who are still incarcerated at the time of this writing (Sept 8, 2021). Many have reached out and offered the council that it would appear that Nick has been compromised. That, as an existing content creator, the Feds realized a potential and offered him a deal. Could it be? I don’t know. If true, only Nick and his handlers would ever know. I guess we’ll just have to keep watch of his YouTube channel and see if his viewership skyrockets and he lands big-name interviews. If Nick has been positioned to facilitate the dissemination of disinformation in exchange for a misdemeanor plea bargain, it’ll be evident sooner than later. The fact is, social media has certainly been infiltrated and weaponized and the Feds wouldn’t dare to waste an opportunity such as Nick when presented to them on a silver platter. That is if he wasn’t scripted to be at the Capitol in the first place. 

In Closing

I’ve no doubt in my mind this is exactly what Isaac encountered when he fell into this dark world of online social media gangstalking, and I don’t think Isaac was prepared to deal with it.

Whereas the above LARPers have decidedly chosen to turn me into an enemy in order to generate content for their respective social media platforms, I’ve done my best to simply ignore their lies and disinformation.

It is worth noting that they all have one thing in common and that is their hatred for Thomas S. It is also worth noting that it only took one conversation with Thomas to trigger these people into a nonstop barrage of gangstalking me. Had any of them simply reached out and had a conversation or took me up on my many offers to question me about what I have been researching in a respectful decent conversation I feel most of this would’ve been avoided. But again, their platforms require chaos and enemies in order to generate content. And as I said, I believe there is more going on here than simple online shenanigans. It is my opinion at this point that some or all of these people are doing the work of coordinated intelligence operations, either knowingly or unknowingly.

This is the power of the online social media realm. There is no way to know who is really doing what, all we have are people’s actions and patterns to go on. Without a first-hand admission, it is merely impossible to know who any real players are, and this is certainly the most fertile ground for disinformation.

Although Thomas Schoenberger is most certainly the glue that binds this feud/LARP/gang stocking victimization together I have not included him above. He is rumored to have numerous sock or (sock puppet) accounts wherein he generates alternative identities and operates in anonymity creating chaos behind the scenes. Instead, there is an entire page dedicated to him here.