Interview With Michelle

Portions of this interview have been omitted from this transcript to protect the privacy and safety of others. Other portions of this interview wandered into areas that had no relevance or bearing on the subject at hand and have also been omitted.

Call with Michelle 9/19/19

MT: I am returning your call, but I don’t want to talk about Isaac because my life is in danger. There’s a lot going on and my life is really scary.  The truth needs to come out.

PE: That’s exactly what I’m working on here.

MT:  My whole life is weird and fucked up.

PE: That’s concerning. Have you contacted the authorities?

MT: I went through something terrible with both our parents. My parents and his family tried to shake me down and get into my house. They showed up within a half-hour of each other.  I didn’t realize what goes on, and I didn’t realize that I was born into a bloodline family and I didn’t realize what this was all about.  I Have been surrounded by rock stars my whole life and could have been one myself. I have had to run for my life 20 years ago because they wanted to sacrifice me.

Buy my book on Amazon you can read about in that book. Amazon switched my book. There is something huge going on here.

PE: Oh, you’re not telling me anything I don’t know. There are ties into the CIA, social media wars, pedophilia and even to Tom Hanks. This doesn’t end.

MT: Cory, this is crazy, but I was enlightened. I jumped into the Jesus role through 5D before I met Isaac, that’s how I survived this whole thing. I became enlightened. When you are working for Jesus you get tested. You know you get tested when you step into this role. Your heart has to be perfect if you have that kind of power.

I’ve been through something so horrible. I’ve had the entire Illuminati after me for 4 or 5 years.  My parents were handlers. They were trying to trick me because I was special too. Sure enough, Isaac was O- too. All of Hollywood is.

They use the stars in the sky to tell who is going to be born, like old school. The bad guys know that the stars on the red carpet are just like the stars in the sky. The put a witch as a mother, or a handler in these kids lives and they beat them up. It’s a program. All the O- all sing and dance and are comedians so they are lured into Hollywood because they’re special. They try to hijack the future and tie them up to Diablo in Hollywood. I ran away to be safe because my grandfather put me up for sacrifice.

PE: When you say they put up for sacrifice what exactly do you mean? I’ve heard you say that a few times now, in your video and twice now?

MT: Yeah! It’s in the book.  They took me around the country and showed me off. So many big people were watching me. A weather machine nearly hit me on 1-6-16.  LA shook with a microburst explosion. The address added up to 16. It was a setup. I was nearly killed by a stunt car on the fast lane. The Car was up on 2 wheels. I pictured white light and angels and there was flash, and God told me to take my foot off the gas and I made it but I freaked out.

I had laser beams coming in my windows from people trying to shoot me. All the people around me have been involved in it and they’ve been trying to kill me. So many people involved with Alan Parsons in my life trying to kill me.   I’m a multi-dimensional being now and I am able to walk through life without them knowing that I know they’re trying to kill me.

I’m certainly not Jesus but I’ve stepped into a 5th-dimensional level. It’s a superpower.  I’m one of the first ones to breach this matrix. The book has all the information in there.

I know the truth now about this parasite we are all infected with.

PE: Yeah, I saw your video.

MT:  President Trump knows about it too.

PE: Well if I may ask, what happened there this last month?

MT: It’s so weird and so crazy and so terrifying that I can’t really talk about that. My hands are tied.

PE: That’s fine.

MT: I did put clues up on “Joyful Shell”.

PE: When you say that you found out that your parents are handlers, how do you know that?

MT: I realize this now by looking back.

PE: I know but did you find out they’re affiliated with the church, did you find some kind of evidence, Did they tell you, I mean what transpired?

MT: My Great Grand Father was a Mason, I didn’t know what that was, and my great uncle owned Avalon attractions, he was the most eligible bachelor in all of Los Angeles back in the ’70s and ’80s. He promoted Rod Stewart. I rode in the limos as a little kid with them. I met the president of Warner Brothers.

PE: I hear you, they are very well connected, but how do you know that they were members of the Illuminati and that they were handling you and there was all that going on?

MT: I didn’t know until my parents and Isaacs Parents showed up together. Then i looked back and realized it.

PE: Were they outside talking? Were they out there corroborating with each other? Were they discussing things together?

MT: They did it away from my home.

PE: How do you know this?

MT: My mom studied mind control techniques all these years. She controlled my little brother.

PE: OK Hold on. You’re going a million miles a minute here. When you say those things and I’m not discounting what you’re saying, but when you say your mother studied mind control her whole life, How do you know that she studied Mind control her whole life? It’s easy to say it, I know you believe it, but was she in a program, did she have books on it did she read it and study it?

MT: Yeah, she had a whole library

PE: Was she a member of a foundation? Did she attend mind control seminars? I mean how do you know this.

MT: Yes, she did, but it was always in the guise of religion. She had a whole room full of books. She was originally a born-again Christian, then she married an older German man He was like an old Nazi. My great grandfather was a mason and my mom told me she was part of the youth group for young masonic girls. My mom studied hypnotherapy and a course of miracles and Michael Brenner was her mentor. She taught Yoga for 25-30 years. 

PE: So with all that being said, what would you say to people who say that you and Kayla were Isaac’s handler for the Illuminati or the Hollywood elite and you were set up to bring him in?

 MT: HA! That’s hilarious!

PE: Well hold on, People are saying that you were Isaacs handler, that you offered him a place to stay and you were going to help him out and people were  and still are saying, that you and  Kayla were put together to keep an eye on him so that he could be controlled and mind psyop’d in a place away from people that he loved?

MT: Yeah, you know what? It’s just the opposite. They accuse you of what they’re doing. I was hiding from the Illuminati myself. My spirit just said to reach out to him. My son was here at the time so I wasn’t worried. I tried to be a good mom to him while he was here. But he set me up. He put something in my home.

PE: When you say he hid something in your home, what do you mean? What did he put in your home?

MT: He put a remote viewing device in my home. It put me in a lot of danger.

PE: did you ever identify it? Do you have a picture of it?

MT: You’re just going to have to look at my Joyful Shell blog page. I put a bunch of clues and you’re just going to have to study it. 

My dad had my eye teeth pulled on purpose. God revealed to me my dad telling the orthodontist to remove my eye teeth just to jack me up. I have a lifetime of terrible things.

PE: It sounds like it. It really does it sound horrible.

MT: That’s what they do. Isaac got molested. He was not protected.

PE: Did he tell you that?

MT: Uh, his girlfriends that came over, they let me know.

PE: Which girls that came over?

MT: Well he had a couple of girlfriends while he was here, but I’m going to leave them out of the loop. I don’t even have their info.

PE: Romantic girlfriends, or friends who were girls?

MT: Oh, Friends who were girls.

PE: Ok, I know Kate Schneider visited him for about a week there?

MT: I didn’t want to call out Kate. She was here. But that’s what happened to Isaac, that’s why he took off on the pedophile thing. He was ghosted by Hollywood so in his narcissistic mind he tried to get even by outing them. This is when his life took a crazy trajectory and he used it to really help people. He was a victim and he couldn’t tell anyone because he was protecting his fucked-up mother.

When she came to get his stuff with his brother, she brought a smudging stick to smudge the bad vibes from her son out of my house, the same thing my mom did when I’d been an alcoholic. She brought over her witchy friends to do a saging thing in the room I was living in. They’re all a part of it. This metaphysical weird stuff.

All these people involved in the Course of Miracles which is a CIA Program.

PE: What is Course of Miracles? What is that? I have no idea what that is.

MT: Go look it up, it’s a metaphysical thing, people go and study for a couple of years, It’s a weird cult thing. It’s a mind-control CIA thing.

PE: that’s interesting, I’ll check it out.

MT: I got handled, I’m an O-. I could have been a star myself. So that’s why I took in Isaac.

PE: You mentioned earlier that thought that Isaac put a remote viewing device in your home? Did Isaac ever talk about or say that he heard voices, or that he had been hearing music or anything else to you or Kayla?

MT: um. No. NO.

PE: Okay, because he’s mentioned that to 3 people that I’ve spoken to. One of the last day, one person on Wednesday and Saturday prior to that and to a 3rd person he mentioned that he’d been hearing voices and they wouldn’t stop. He said they started 3-4 months before he died. They were telling him to do things and that music was being pumped into his head regularly and that he couldn’t go out, that’s why he was in the house trying to get away from them.

MT: He didn’t tell me but he was a double agent. He was setting me up. That’s what the apology was. That was about the terrible thing he did.

PE: What was the apology at the end?

MT: In that video that he made to the world he apologized. He did do something terrible, there was a big huge creepy truth.

PE: Do you know what it was?

MT: I don’t really know the whole thing. There’s something really weird going on. There are some big and terrible things. I survived some very scary things.

I’ve been fearful of my neighbors watching me. I think it was all filmed. The bad guys are trying to stab me. It’s being rectified. I’m sorry it’s a lot. Ok, go back to the men in black.

PE: Are you talking about the movie “The Men in Black?” what are you talking about?

MT: There’s rumors of men in black and with Isaac getting hurt, he was a sweetheart and I took care of him for 9 months. I wasn’t too friendly, I was a mom to him, I put it all together and thought he had just committed suicide but now, I think he was going to try to fake his suicide and run away, but instead, maybe the 4th-dimensional people got him. I don’t really know it’s all weird and there’s something weird and scary going on.

PE: Oh well I think there’s a lot we don’t know about what’s going on.

PE: I’ve been looking into this Isaac situation for the last 4 months now and what I primarily wanted to talk to you about, because you’re in a position more than anyone else to answer, is about his daily life there at the house and who came and went. You mentioned Kate Schneider. She was here for the week?

MT: Kate is an O- like me she was like a momma to him. The only people I his life were O- We are only 5% of the population. So, the only people in his life were O-. we were a soul family.

PE: Was he conscious of that? That Kate was an O-? Did he ask people their blood type before he began a friendship with them?

MT: It’s not like that, we are a soul family we see each other we know.
PE: Okay

MT: Now this last one that showed up just let herself in the house. She was scary.
PE: When did you come back? 

MT: I came back Sunday. I left everything so nice, I left food and it was clean and I was being a mom and I just took care of him. He was conning me. He was gambling.

PE: What was he gambling on?

MT: Gold and silver stocks. He got me to spend 1000$ in stocks.

PE: Do you know who he was trading with?

MT: Robinhood and Jung. That’s how he was trading with and that’s who he had me invest with.

PE: Did he get any mail after he passed from any of these trading companies or was it all online? In terms of his correspondence over his trades?

MT: His mail was going to an address in Silver Lake. He only got his voters registration and his insurance papers for the things that were stolen out of his storage. I’ll tell you about that.

PE:  What do you know about that?

MT: He was a little bit of a con. He used his loss as something to talk about. He was going to get his money and pay me and take a road trip. He agreed to pay rent.

PE: How much were you charging him for rent?

MT: He was supposed to pay 800$. but he spent his money on stock s and he took both rooms. He was a wild man. One night he played the same damn song until 3 am full blast, He was kind of out of control He was hard to live with. 

PE: Did you see that his mental, physical and emotional state got worse over the time he lived there with you?

MT: Yeah there were times I was really afraid. I talked to him about getting therapy and help. I didn’t have any contact information for him because he didn’t fill out any forms because he wouldn’t pay me. I didn’t have his parent’s information till right before he left. He left his parents phone number on the fridge as he went out the door. I got home the 12th of May around 7 from a week of work. The house was trashed. And it was perfect.  The dogs were upset. He beat up the wiener dog. He hurt it.

PE: How did he beat up the wiener dog?

MT: um the dog was limping. So, he kicked it or hurt it.

PE: Do you know he did it or did someone else do it? How do you know he did it?

MT: No, he did it

PE: I’m not defending him; I’m just asking how you know? How do you know someone else wasn’t in the house and they didn’t do it?

MT: well, it’s because Isaac had a grudge against the wiener dog,

PE: Okay

MT: He had a grudge against the dog for sleeping with me. He said bad things to the dog. When I got home the dog was injured.

PE: What do you think about what everyone says that there were 2 people in the room with him when he was recording that last periscope? Someone hears the dog barking and then they hear a man talking, In the background,

MT: I am intuitive, and I get the sense that there was a tall man and a short man. I don’t know if the were men in black, or like someone really weird like CIA. I don’t know. There are 4th-dimensional beings. Demons. I’ve had run-ins with them.

PE:  So, you saw him before he took off for Arizona? What time did he leave?

MT: He left probably about 730 pm. He threw a bunch of his stuff in the car; He had a keyboard and computer monitor and musical stuff. His old stuff. He told me to keep some stuff. The 4 pieces of art on the walls are mine. His mother wouldn’t even take him that’s why he was with me. His parents are terrible. They wouldn’t take him in. I hate his mother. She is evil.

His brother was guilty too I think he told Isaac not to come by. He wasn’t welcome with them.

PE: But he was going there for Mother’s Day to spend some time with them you said?

MT: No, that’s what the world thinks. He didn’t even leave till the end of Mother’s Day,

PE: Yeah, I know.

MT: His mother didn’t really want to see him. We spent Christmas together alone.

PE: Why do you think he didn’t take his toiletries with him when he left?

MT: He was grabbing stuff

PE there were no toiletries in his car at all, no toothbrush, shaving stuff hair stuff, not toiletries at all.

MT: The first thing his mom looked for when she got here was to look for the art on the wall, the white piece with the gold diamond in the middle.  When they didn’t see that piece hanging on the wall, she was upset about where his leather jackets were. She and the brother were screaming about stuff. She didn’t smell his clothes; she didn’t look at his toiletries. Loke a grieving mom would. I think about her reaction over and over. There was no love. She was looking for shit.

PE: What do you think she was looking for?

MT: read the book, the very last chapter in the book I talk about the holes in the wall, I can’t close the pocket door. There’s something wedged in the wall. Those people may think there are diamonds in the art. There’s nothing in it. I think they think there’s something hidden in there.  I joked. Maybe they’re hidden in the wall

PE: Did they take that piece of art with them?

MT: No, I didn’t let them. Nothing that he put on the walls. In fact, my intuition told me that anything I was going to keep except the one piece in the entry, He left a “V” shaped one for my son because his last name is Valenzuela. That was in my sons’ room.  He left the thunderbird up in the other room. That’s the beautiful one when the mother saw that white one with the diamond wasn’t there, she started yelling she was going to give me a check and give me thunderbird. She wanted the white one. Why would she want the ugly one? Isaac didn’t want to take that art to his parents. He didn’t even want them at the house.  These were done in the 80s that’s all there is. He didn’t do more while he was here.

I will tell you about his album

PE: Okay

MT: He had made an album. His parents think I have it. They’re thinking I’m going to produce his album and make money on it. Ridiculous. I’m my own artist.

In January or February, I came home to a trashed house. He said he had a party with his producer. Isaac didn’t pay for his album. He stole his studio time, so it was finished but he couldn’t make any money on it because it had to be mixed and mastered, and the guy that had done this had gone to Europe. Mikey was supposed to mix/master it.

PE: He took his mixer in the car with him when he went to Albuquerque. That’s the piece of equipment that was in there.

MT: He was waiting for money to produce it. He was conning me too. Nobody can produce the album because he stole the studio time. He was a con man because that’s what his parent taught him. It’s freaky how his brother looked so much like Isaac. Isaac was a rude entitled, con.

PE: Did he ever have any friends over?
MT: No. Never.  now I’m the one that is afraid to go out

PE: What were his sleep habits, did he sleep all night, did sleep regularly, did he wake up in the morning and then go to bed at night or was he up all night and sleep or nap during the day?

MT: No, no. He was better than me, he was kind of the morning person and I was the night owl.

PE: Okay so he had normal sleep habits in terms of that.

MT: He wasn’t a drug addict, I’m not a drug addict we weren’t drug addicts. We aren’t, we are just high-strung people.

PE: I wasn’t saying drugs, I was saying, sleep habits because of the V2K. What was his diet like?

MT: People were trying to accuse him of that.

PE: Well, I could be mistaken but, didn’t you say that he was on drugs in that video?

MT: Yeah, here’s the point, he, didn’t do drugs while we were together, when I came home, he was so weird, he was so crazy, that you would think that he was on drugs.

PE: What kind of drugs would you have imagined him to be on? Like meth or something?

MT: NO, no.  I’m kind naïve I know that sounds stupid but…

PE: Ok, so you have your opiates that make you go to sleep and chill out and mellow, you have cocaine which make you talk a lot and makes you act crazy like Robin Williams, and then you have meth which makes you like a 90 to nothing lunatic that runs around getting shit done.

MT: It almost looked like meth, but really it looked more like a manic attack.

PE: Okay.
MT: He was having a meltdown like he was stressed to the max, where it would look like he was on drugs.

PE: OK, so I heard that woman talk about him who came to visit him on Saturday. She said that when she left his house, it was immaculate. It was clean, it was tidy there was really nothing to clean up, his bathroom was tidy and clean.

MT: Well that’s because there was a plumbing problem and I cleaned his bathroom for him.

PE: The week before you left?

MT: Before that girl showed up there was some sort of plumbing problems, so I cleaned it for him. Probably 2 weeks prior.

PE: Okay, alright.

MT: That room had been totally remodeled, he’d only been in it a few months. And then he punched every wall. It took 5 gallons of paint and weeks to redo that room. Those Fucking people, that kid ruined that room. Every single wall.

PE: Okay. Hold on one second I’ll address that in a second when you got home Sunday that the house was trashed?

MT: Yeah, it was a wreck, every single dish was dirty in the sink, how is that possible?

PE: So how is that possible? The girl that was there Saturday said she did the dishes before she left, it was clean. Saturday when she left it was all clean. It had been a really rough day. They did not eat any food from inside the house.

MT: I have celiac disease, there was spaghetti left and all kinds of food in the fridge. They had a party.  I don’t trust that girl. She tried to come in my house, there’s something weird about her too, She’s and O- too, but my intuition was kind of freaking out about her, I think she’s a little bit on the dark side.

PE: Okay, she told me that they went out for tacos. That’s all they ate the whole entire day. So, whatever dishes were dirty in the sink had to be from Sunday.

MT: Well this is a big kitchen, there’s a lot of dishes, and somehow, they were all over the counter and sink.

PE: Do you think somebody came there on Sunday morning there before you got home and was in the house and maybe attacked Isaac and kicked the dog?

MT: Nah, I’m going to say that girl is full of shit as far as the house being clean. Kate was a good one, but the other one, she walked in my house, she didn’t think I was here after Isaac died. There was no way, the floor was filthy.

PE: What was on the floor?

MT: This house was trashed. It was filthy. I had to vacuum and everything. 

PE: Did you ever seen him pacing back and forth?

MT: We are both high strung, we pace back and forth all the time, but mostly he was in his room. It was a huge room, like a suite.  We were separated because my rooms were on the other side of the house. I could live with someone and hardly ever see them.

PE: Okay, do you think in the end there was foul play? Do you think that someone killed him or had him killed or caused him mental anguish to the point of suicide or do you think he succumbed to his own mental health?

MT: Well, I thought it was suicide at first, but then after I went through all this crazy stuff, there was some weird espionage and he had done something really evil. He was caught in something evil.

PE: Do you know when he would have done that?

MT: I think he made a pact with the dark side.

PE: Did you ever experience any V2K music or voices or anything when you were around him or in his vicinity?

MT: No, he was just making crazy music, he kept playing that repetitive horrible song over and over that he used in his video, Isaac was making videos for his fans. Once he moved in, I didn’t watch many of his videos while he was here, It felt weird to do that since he lived here. He played that song for 8 hours one day. He was losing his mind.  I had to tell him that wasn’t acceptable. Another day he played it for 13 hours till 3 am.  The neighbor complained.

PE: Did he ever talk to or about his family while he was there?

MT: Yeah a little bit,  he said his brother was a loser, but he loved him, His dad was terrible, everything got blamed on his dad, his mother was a Clinton supporter and she was  very angry that he’d given up Hollywood and had caused this trouble, He wasn’t allowed to go see them, she didn’t want to see him. His mom didn’t understand and wouldn’t listen to him.

PE: Did he ever say who he was afraid of? He mentioned that he was afraid that they were going to rip him apart limb from limb and kill him. Did he ever mention to you that he was scared of anyone?

MT: When you get ghosted by the illuminati you become a rabbit.  They’re coyotes, they hunt people for fun.

PE: Kappy, in that last video, he said he made a big huge mistake and it would come out in the end and really soon. We would all find out what it was but nobody really knows. He talked about the dead man’s switch, the betrayal, JFK jr. but no one knows what it was.

MT: I think that the plan was to trap us all in some giant blue planet and blow us up, like grab all the rock stars and the special people and have them up on this weird planet.

PE: I saw that picture of you and Kevin Costner on the internet.

MT: That was just a party I went to. I had a boyfriend at the time, I realized that my boyfriend was CIA. He worked for Honda; he was weird. He’d go on weird trips on his boat, his friend was sheriff. He started in the lumber mills in Astoria and then was in the coast guard and then he worked for Honda. He probably going to the underground bases. He didn’t like the neighbors to know where he worked.

You know about china lake right”

PE: Yeah, I do.

MT: The people who were around me my whole life have been the bad guys.  He was CIA and he worked for Honda and the Astoria catholic church and the child running thing with the tunnels and stuff

PE: Yeah. I had a conversation with a guy, you ever hear of a guy named Cody Snodgrass? I talked to him for about p2.5 hours, I interviewed him last year. He was the one who was offered the contract to do the Oklahoma City bombing. He thought he was going to be offered to go to Saudi Arabia to do some assassinations. His cover was a geophysicist for Unocal out of Texas he was CIA contractor. He was in service for 20 years. It’s the real world. That’s how it works.

MT: Chuck took me to the party at Kevin Costner’s house and another one at his house in Santa Barbara on the 4th of July.  He had a stuffed alligator in the living room of his house. That was before I knew about reptilians 

PE: That’s weird there’s a house in Phoenix called e mystery castle and there’s a metal alligator that guards the trap door so nobody can get into it. That guy was a freemason.

MT: It was on a semi raised platform in the living room. Could have been something under that.

PE: You mentioned Kate Schneider earlier and I want to go back this for clarification, was Kate his girlfriend? Was there romantic interest or was she there just to help him?

MT: She came out and stayed for a week. She was lovely. She left me with the impression that she more like a mommy to him. He must have been molested because it wasn’t really working for him. He’d been damaged and that’s why he wasn’t married and stuff. He was definitely molested.

PE:  Well, he’s obviously got some damage going on without a doubt.

MT: He was definitely molested. He was a special kid he was playing symphonies since he was 10 years old

PE: Yes, he was a prodigy, he actually was.

MT: He was the golden child. His parents cry poor.

PE: I want to ask you a question about bees. Were there bees there? Was there beekeeping?

MT: Yeah

PE: What was he doing with the bees?

MT: The guy I buy eggs from asked if he could use some of my land to put beehives on the land I’m not using, kind of a partnership. They rescue beehives.

PE: How did Isaac get along with your son?

MT: Isaac adored him. He thinks Fleming is Jesus.

PE: A lot of people talk about Kayla, it really shocked people when she came out with her video and she got into his stuff int the room, what was her part in all this

MT: I adore Kayla, I was paying her to help me and to take care of Isaac, but she ran away from me when this stuff was going on, I told her when this is all over, you have some  real skills and you should work for the FBI and she gave me a weird look. She told me her mom was a witch. She has disappeared, we love each other but we are not in contact.

PE: Now, you said in the video she was a neighbor? Does she live next door?

MT: No, she’s got a boyfriend. Kayla has been mysterious with me. Supposedly it’s because she  and her boyfriend sell spores because she has a ‘shroom business, so maybe that’s why she was mysterious with me, but maybe something with Kayla because she was a girl at the vape counter, I realized she was kind of special so we became friends

PE: She said in the video she was the neighbor?

MT: Yeah, she lives in the neighborhood, but I’ve never been to her house

PE: How did she come, on the 15th to be inside of your house in Kappy’s room making a periscope video going through his computer online with people reading his personal stuff?

MT: Because she at that time had been helping me to get my book published. 

Pe: Okay.

MT: I was writing my book and she was my right-hand man

PE: Okay.

MT: She was here helping Isaac because I was working down the hill and he was sort of out of control so she made sure he was okay and she helped with the dogs.

PE: So, she was there helping out Isaac then?

MT: A little bit, just as a friend. She brought her boyfriend over too.

PE: Okay

MT: She was excited, she knew who he was when I took him into the vape shop. She’d been watching his videos and was excited to he was there in her shop in real life.

PE: So, when you invited Isaac to live with you, she had no idea that you knew Isaac and you were just a customer at the store?

MT: Yeah. He was my soul brother and he needed help.

PE: Is Kayla around town still or is she gone?

MT: I stopped talking to her when things got scary and weird. We just stopped.

PE: Have you talked to anyone else with the press about Kappy?

MT: I have not talked to anyone. I wasn’t even going to talk to you.

PE: I watched the video you and Kayla made. This Judas thing with Kappy is huge in terms of what he was saying about Judas. What is it in your book about Judas that you say that Kappy plagiarized?

MT: The guy I was with, I called him Judas, my soul called him Judas. I still call him Judas.  Isaac heard about Joe being Judas, so Isaac started calling himself this. He was really Zadkiel. He’s an angel.

PE: When did he start calling himself Judas?

MT: Just at the very end, in his video.

PE: So, you wrote about Judas, did he know what you were writing about, did he know you called Joe Judas?  When was the first time you and Isaac spoke about you calling Joe judas? When he first moved in?

MT: Yeah, all the time. He knew the whole story. He plagiarized this

PE There’s another aspect to this. Two other people that had been talking about judas as well, there’s a whole other side to this Judas thing that came from two other individuals, one was calling the other one Judas as well, that’s why I’m asking. The night on the 12th when he was in Bellemont when he was talking on the phone with a friend, he said that he was Judas incarnate and he had to die for his sins so he could bring the end of judas energy in the world.

MT: Okay that sounds like He was flipping out. He wasn’t Judas. Joe was judas.

PE: When did Isaac move in with you?

MT: It was about a year ago

PE: Would that be August/ September?

MT: I’m thinking so but I lose track of time.

PE: That Judas thing is so weird because there are 2 other guys by the names of Defango and Thomas Shoenberger. Thomas had hired Defango for a company he was working for called Shadowbox. That company had been hired by Ed Butowski to do some anti gangstalking work. Butowski, asks if they will wiretap and hack into the computers of Seth Rich’s parents to get intel to harass him and his family with. Thomas declined. Defango agreed and was then fired by Thomas. Thomas who claims to b a psychic has a dream about the Judas prophecy and that Defango will be betrayed by the people he is working with. Thomas makes a video that Defango is Judas, and sends it to Defango, and then Thomas sends Defango an email saying he will have car trouble and come to a violent end and Defango makes a video about it on his YouTube channel. This becomes known as the Judas prophecy and then Isaac dies 12 days later in almost the exact same way this prophecy was written out.

MT: Well people do pick up on things. We are a collective.

PE: Have you ever talked to Defango or Thomas Shoenberger?

MT: No

PE:  On the Robinhood or Jung stocks, did you ever get dividends back on that or is that gone?

MT:  Yeah, it was going to be a big windfall, but because it was a new account I couldn’t do calls. I was only able to buy stock shares but not gamble on it. He bet his rent money on the stocks and bought calls and lost and it went up and my stocks went up. He was gambling.

PE: Do you know how much money he had?

MT: I didn’t think he had any money. That was none of my business. But when Kayla got all busy fingered and wasn’t there like a 28K$ that he owed?

PE: No there was three thousand dollars in his bank account when he died.

MT: Oh, I thought he had a loan or something.

PE: No, there was no loan

MT: Oh okay.

PE: Someone told me to find out what he was trading. Check out his stocks. I didn’t know he was trading stocks, so it was interesting. They told me that information would lead to the reason why he killed himself.  Were there any other stocks that he was trading?

MT: I’m not sure. I know about the one he had me buy. There may have been others, the were certificate stocks. That’s what he liked to trade.

PE: So, I went through his credit card statements, the one she put on the internet.

MT: His parents tried to use this incident to shake me up.

PE: Why did your dad want to come up again?

MT: To visit with his wife

PE: What did Mr. Kappy do when he was there.

MT: He didn’t show up. It was his mom and brother who showed to shake me down because they thought they would have a better chance to conning me. They knew Isaac didn’t like his dad

PE: Has anyone been back since?

MT: Yeah Isaacs mom showed up half-hour after my mom.

PE: Oh! so that was this last time. So, her husband didn’t come on this last trip? It was just the brother and his mom again?

MT: Yeah that was just a couple weeks ago. They conned the policeman to show up. The papers they gave him were not papers from the judge.

PE: There was no court order?

MT: There was no court order. They pulled a scam. They tried to push their way in. They had a chance to take everything, but they didn’t take anything.

PE: Are they suing you?

MT: I don’t know. They tried to con me, and they conned the police. There were no papers form the court saying they could take things. I asked them to come get his stuff. I offered them all his stuff.

PE: Are you sure that on the second trip that it was the brother and not glen on the visit?

MT: Yes, I’m sure it was the brother.

PE:  They had a police escort?

MT: Yes, they had a policeman from apple valley with them.

PE: The documentation says that it was Glen and Wendy that visited you the other day.

MT: I don’t think it was dad, I think it was brother again. I didn’t see dad.

PE: They didn’t come in your house?? They weren’t allowed in, right?

MT: No.

PE: Did Wendy and the brother get out of the vehicle and come up to your door?

MT: Yes with 2 cops. I’m pretty sure it was the brother. No, I don’t think it was the dad I think It was the brother.

PE: The brother is about 43 and the dad is almost 73

MT: No, I think it was the brother. But I didn’t look at their faces. It didn’t seem like that was a real Apple Valley cop.

PE: The first time they came, did you give that computer that Kayla was on to the Kappy’s?

MT: Yes, they took that tower and the keyboard

PE: So they’re coming back, still the documentation says that it was Glen and Wendy. Do you have Kappy’s artwork and personal items?

MT: No, there’s the old keyboard and 4 pieces of art. He put it on the walls. I never had to let them in the house or give them anything. 

PE: Were those holes in the all there before you left?

MT:  No, he punched everything before he left. I worried about him after he left and cleaned and worried about my dog. Then I prayed for him till 330 am. That’s when his tire popped right?

PE: No, it popped about 1150 pm.

MT: I miss him.  He was terrible. Things have finally turned the corner and we’re going to be okay.

PE: Isaac had information and intel he was transferring to the Trump administration and he betrayed that trust. He said he had committed treason and they were going to tear him limb from limb and that he wasn’t suicidal but killing himself would be the easier option. He was supposed to go to southern California on Sunday to stay with a friend. She didn’t hear from him until around 3:45 and he said he was going to go to New Mexico instead. That’s when he packed everything up and that’s when he left your house at 745 pm. Do you know what would have mad hi change his mind?

MT: No, I was out of the loop I was gone. I came home to this crazy situation I was in shock. I didn’t know he was leaving, he had until the end of the month.

PE: So that was his last month there?

MT: Yeah, summer was coming, and I wasn’t sending him away forever.

PE: Did the Kappys ever say they were going to go after her for the cybercrime of getting into the computer?

MT: They tried to use it as a wedge. It’s a shakedown. I responded to their legal inquiry

PE Did you tell them to contact Kayla?

MT: Everyone ran away from me when it got scary and weird.

PE: Where is Kayla working these days?

MT: She works for herself. I don’t know. Maybe she works for the FBI

MT: She grows mushrooms

MT: Dpores supposedly

PE: Okay. Did she ever try to seduce Kappy?

MT:  No, she was just friendly, and tried to help him. He was too much of a narcissist to have friends

PE: Isaac thought Hollywood Illuminati were after him. If you told him you were connected with all that stuff he could have put that together.

MT: I was connected to the music business; he was connected to Hollywood.

PE: Well he was also a musician, he was also in the music business, he had Monster Paws. They had albums they put out, music and movies go hand in hand in that town.

MT: We had a little bit of a cross over. We both were friends with Jim Carey. Jim Carey was calling the house when he was here.

PE: Did you hear the conversation he had with Jim Carey?

MT: I didn’t hear it. I thought it was being recorded.

PE: Did he ever call back again?

MT: No, I thought they were in a spat.

PE: Did anyone ever ask you to offer Isaac a room or was that just from you?

MT: No, that was all spirit that was God

PE: Was Kayla helping you out as your assistant before Isaac came around?

MT: No, she was just working at the tobacco store

PE: I see that she has a patent called “flowergerrls” She was at trade shows and had stuff up online and now She’s taken everything off the internet now.

MT: She got scared shitless. I do think that Kayla planted another device in my house. She has the door code.

PE: You haven’t changed the lock code yet?

MT: No, I’m not that kind of genius. I found another little blue light where I think there is a spying device and the door was ajar.

PE: I’d be putting some security in your home if I was you.

MT: I don’t think they can see me. Even though I think they’re spying on me they can’t see me. They make it a sport of hunting you.

PE: Did Isaac ever mention the word Ultralight to you? Anything about Ultralight?

MT: My granddad used to fly the little motorized glider.

PE: Well this is some clarification about what was going on for sure, it’s real important.

MT: Yeah

PE: Did he ever talk to you about Eliahi Priest and Fiona to you?  Did he ever talk to you about what he was talking about online to you?

MT: I didn’t want to get into his business

PE: I can’t believe nobody has stopped by to talk to you about all this.  Your address the photo of your house from google, vehicle information and is all out there. I’m surprised no one has come to your house to ask you questions about this.

MT: Well Sunday there was someone parked in the lot across the street.

PE: Well could be then.

PE: Are you going to have contact with the Kappy’s again? Are they coming back again? I would assume that they’re taking legal measure through the courts to get Isaac’s property. Their argument is that he was staying with you and his property was left with you and they’re the surviving relatives and they want his property back and their argument is that you won’t give it to them. I believe the court told them they had to show up with a documented officer from the sheriff’s dept to prove that they went through the procedure of showing up and having you deny them his belongings so they could take the next steps.

MT: They took all his stuff. Except the things I told them I was keeping. The officers saw them take it.

PE: They’re probably going to use the rent as some contestable point.

MT: He never paid me. He was a vagrant. They are harassing me. That property is mine.  His mother called him a piece of shit for giving up his career for this pedophile thing.

PE: What did they talk about the first time they were there?

MT: They didn’t want to talk about anything. I wanted to talk about personal things about him and they didn’t want to. They only were concerned with his things. She never hugged his clothes, she never even cried. This is all an Illuminati shakedown with them and whatever shitty thing Isaac planted in my house.

PE: Well, maybe. Have you swept for RF frequencies and electronic devices? Did you go through everything? Have you checked the mantelpiece he glued down?

MT: No, I don’t know how to do that I’m a girl. I’m a woman trying not to die from a parasite for the last 5 years.  How am supposed to do that? This ruined my career and my life. 

PE: I don’t think anyone ruined your career at this point.

MT: They did. I can’t go back to LA and work now. They ruined my life.

PE: Why?

MT: I’m in danger. I’m in real fucking danger. I’m hiding. I’m afraid to go out.

PE: Do you know from whom specifically?

MT: Well, my parents are involved, His parents are involved, whomever the bad people were that Isaac was involved with, all the bad people are involved.

PE: Well Isaac was involved with some people but…

MT: The bad know who I am and they want to kill me, they keep trying and they can’t do it.

PE: When was the last time they tried?

MT: Probably Sunday when that was a car sitting across the street.

PE: Did they do anything? Or were they just sitting there?

MT: I let President Trump know through my site that I was frightened, there was a car sitting across the street and I was scared and 5 minutes later a tow truck showed up and took that car away.

PE: Was there anyone in the car?

MT: I thought there was, but apparently there was not. It is the country, There’s no reason for a random car to be sitting there.

PE: I’m not demeaning your fear, but a car broken down across the street and someone else towing it away 5 minutes later doesn’t qualify for someone trying to kill you. Someone trying to kill you is someone walking up to you with a gun, or trying to run you off the road with a car or gets out with a knife and tries to stab you, or walking up behind you and hitting you in the head with a baseball bat. Has anyone tried to do that to you? Has anyone walked up to you and said, “Hey Fucker, I’m going to fucking kill you!” and pulls out a gun and you have to run away down the street dodging bullets?

MT: No, they’ve played bigger games here. I’ve had laser beams coming in the window. I have the neighbors watching me. I have devices in the house. But I’m under surveillance by our government keeping their eye on me so I’m safe. President Trump let me know I’m safe. So, I’m safe.

PE: How did President Trump let you know that?

MT: I know. That’s for me to know.

PE: Alright, fair enough

MT: Every interaction, every phone call is observed, everything we talked about on the phone has been recorded. Everything that has to do with me is being watched.

PE: Oh, I’m sure it has been without a doubt, everything I’ve talked about on the phone has been recorded forever by all these people.

MT: You know they’re building a new observation thing on the Astrum that looks like a giant honeycomb.

PE: Where at? On the Astrum?
MT: On a satellite thing, where they can watch me. They’re calling me a black hole that is in the solar system.

PE: You know what’s strange is that Kappy’s name on 8chan was “Honeycomb”. Were you aware of that?

MT: Oh, no. That’s interesting.

PE: He went by honeycomb.

MT: That’s interesting. Honeycomb. That’s weird because there’s a satellite shaped like a honeycomb, big and gold and foily. Who knows for sure?

Cory, you’re the one who’s spoken to me. You’ve got this part of the story. I’m not paying attention to what people say, I don’t care.

PE: Everything about this from top to bottom is very strange all the way around.

MT: There’s an Eddie Vedder song, I think it’s called “Welcome to the Murder” or “Welcome to the Killing”. I only heard it one time. It speaks about knowing that all his friends and family are going to die. It’s about how Hollywood and all the special people are in it with FEMA camps and underground cities. They’re plotting to kill the rest of us.
PE: There are all kinds of crazy stuff in song lyrics. Without a doubt there is.

MT: Half of them are redeemable. That’s why I’m in this special position.

PE: Do you think Kappy was set up from the time he was little? Do you think he was pushed there from his parents?

MT: Yes, he was identified. He was O-

PE: Kappy was an O- you’re saying?

MT: I’m sure he was. He’s got to be.

PE: You’ve given me a lot of information to think about and digest and work into the project I’m working on here. For that, I appreciate your time.  I have a completely different understanding of quite a few things now and I’m glad you took the time. It really does answer some questions and brings up a few more as well and clarifies things people are saying. I have a website, people call me a conspiracy theorist, I’m not a conspiracy theorist,  I understand what’s going on, but not everything is a conspiracy, some things are, however, there are very real conspiracies that happens and v2k is a real thing that happens and surveillance is a real thing.

Thank you again for your time, Michelle. Have a great day.

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