Witness #7 – Eric Beatty

Eric Beatty is the off duty Camp Navajo National Guard security patrol officer who captured with his private vehicle dashcam, Isaac Kappy sitting on the bridge before he “forced himself off the bridge.”

Mr. Beatty did not fill out a witness form, instead, the investigating officer took his statement verbally and wrote it up in the final report.

Eric Beatty lives in the Flagstaff area and is a Federal Military Employee.

This was the original footage captured by Mr. Beatty’s dashcam.

This was the footage provided to Mr. and Mrs. Kappy a few days after the incident. Note that it is a cell phone recording of a screen monitor playing the original footage. Note as well that there is no sound included.

These are the stills provided to Mr. and Mrs. Kappy along with the above video.

Acquiring this footage

The above original footage was not included with the totality of the evidence I requested/purchased in from the Coconino County Sheriff’s Department after mandatory 60-day wait from the time of a fatality.

Ten minutes after this phone call I received a return call from an Officer Matt Freshour who apologized for the mix-up and informed me that the evidence was sent to the state (DPS) office instead of the evidence bin at the Coconino County Sheriffs Office. Officer Freshour asked me if it was ok to send me the footage via email and I said of course. I received the footage a few minutes later. I did not have an opportunity to record this phone call.

I was provided with this footage on August 20. Exactly 100 days after Issac’s death. This is the exact same number of days between Isaac’s death and the beginning of the reconstruction of the overpass.

Dashcam Footage Reception

I released this footage in a YouTube video on August 22, 2019. I purposefully did not script or provide a narrative to the footage as a wanted to see with the natural reaction to it would be. If one goes through the YouTube comments for this video they can see for themselves that the majority of people felt it was Doctored, cut, or altered in some way. Many people suggested that the image of Kappy’s even the video is actually a photo of him taken on the medical examiner slab and pasted it into the video. My own personal opinion is that Isaac’s face in the video looks to be already deceased.

Note that there is no moving objects vehicles or people in the frame while Mr. Beatty’s vehicle is approaching Isaac. I had a team of video experts attempt to reverse engineer the footage. It was in the came up with was a potential cut in the footage when the vehicle turned left to begin crossing the overpass.

Many questions were asked about this footage including:

  1. Why does Isaac look like he’s deceased?
  2. Why does the official report state that Isaac is meditating/contemplating when investigating officer really has no idea what he was doing at the time?
  3. Why does there appear to be of the significance in the song playing, especially the lyrics at the time the vehicle drives by Isaac.
  4. Why is there heavy clouding around Isaac’s body in the footage?
  5. Why doesn’t Isaac moved for the entire time the vehicle approaches and drives by him? Isaac does not move his hands, feet, body, face, arms, head, AT ALL. It looks like he is actually pasted into the video.

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