Witness #5 – John Koch

Mr. John Koch is an ex ADOT employee who worked out of Kingman at the point of entry station. Whereas this is in no way incriminating and doesn’t begin to approach “suspicious” in and of itself; however, when taken into consideration with the other witnesses, becomes notable.

Mr. John Koch is one of the witnesses I called and spoke to at length who gave an extremely thorough and detailed account from his perspective. He also seemed extremely thoughtful and careful with his words. Mr. Koch was quite open and willing to discuss what transpired on the bridge that morning. I would like to thank him for clarifying many questions I had about the incident.

John Koch is also the man in the 911 recording whom you can hear describe the entire event. He is also the man who was on the phone 911 while running down the overpass embankment in an attempt to get to Isaac and render aid.

Mr. Koch 911 Call

Mr. Koch Interview


The feeling I got while talking to John was that he seemed honest and sincere. He also seemed mildly shaken by what he witnessed there that morning. We need to be careful when examining 911 calls or any record of traumatic events. It’s easy to look into the things people say while under duress and find suspicion where there is none. People don’t operate, think, or speak as they normally would when under great mental, physical, and/or emotional stress.

At the beginning of our conversation, he states that he wasn’t aware that there was any video footage of the scene. This tells me that A. He has not been following the investigation online, and B. He’s simply not aware of the footage because he’d left the scene when the officers began recording with their bodycams. It’s my opinion that Mr. Koch is genuine and honest. Still, there a few questions which arose, which admittedly could possibly be explained by the trauma and energy surrounding the event. Still, I will point them out.

John’s opening statement in the 911 call is:

“Yes, I’d like to report a man sitting on a guardrail of a bridge at 185 in Bellemont, Arizona.”

In the 911 call, John states that Isaac is “sitting”. Yet when I spoke to him he said that Isaac was acting extremely erratic putting his foot over the guardrail multiple times trying to build up the courage to jump…

Also…Not once in the 911 call did Mr. Koch mention the Deck brothers in either the 911 call or in his written statement. Yet in our conversation, we spoke at great length about the deck brothers and their involvement in the situation. I asked him if it looked like Isaac had fallen, jumped, or was pushed. John said he couldn’t tell but when he did go over he definitely saw Isaac go over backward. I asked if the deck brothers were already there when he drove by Isaac acting erratically, and he said no. That they must have been two cars behind him.

Mr. Koch told me he had exited Highway I-40 and turned into the pilot station. He lives west of Bellemont so he was traveling eastbound. He said he did not notice whether or not Isaac was sitting on the bridge when he drove across the overpass the first time while heading to the pilot station. He did say, however, that he saw him acting erratically when crossing it again to get back on the highway. I asked him what was Isaac was doing that seemed “erratic?”

He stated that Isaac was acting very bizarre. John states he saw Isaac keep putting one leg over the overpass barrier/guardrail and half sit on it like he was going to jump off but then pulled his leg back again. He stated he did this a number of times like he was building up the courage to jump.

Next, John says that at 7:20 am “He wasn’t there.” We know that the Camp Navajo security dashcam footage shows Isaac sitting on the overpass seemingly mediating at exactly 7:20:32. Now, not all clocks are set to digital time but more and more are. Nor would I necessarily expect Mr. Koch or anyone to remember the exact time they witnessed something they wouldn’t know was going to be relevant in the next few minutes. But still, Mr. Koch states that Isaac wasn’t there at 7:20.

John witnessed Isaac putting his leg over the rail while passing him on the bridge southbound and then stopped on the south side where he dialed 911. He was looking in his rearview mirror at the situation while parked on the phone with 911 when you can hear him say “OH he just fell off the bridge.” You can then hear him tell the 911 operator that there are three other vehicles on scene. John then headed down the overpass embankment to try to get to Isaac where he witnesses him get run over by Forrest Proctor’s F-150 10 feet away. You can then hear him tell the 911 operator that he is attempting to wave off other vehicles and that he thinks Isaac is dead.

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