This is the last Periscope Isaac ever recorded. A confusing piece of media that many argue is so far out of character and quite possibly produced under duress. However, for the authorities, it was portrayed and used in the official narrative, as corroborating evidence that Isaac was suicidal. EVEN THOUGH HE STATES IN THE VIDEO THAT HE IS NOT SUICIDAL. Granted, it is a highly concerning video. One which spurred dozens of his friends to call and text and check on his well-being.

In this often cryptic video, Isaac admits to letting down all of his friends and followers and talks a great deal about betrayal. He alludes, but never speaks directly to this betrayal saying only that it will come out soon. To this day we still speculate as to what this betrayal could of been. Some of speculated, myself included, that there was no betrayal and that perhaps Isaac was simply made to believe he had committed a great betrayal. One which would push him over the edge to commit suicide or perhaps agree to ritual murder. This notion seems highly bizarre until one listens to the video and hears him say that he would opt for “public execution” to atone for his betrayal.

There is no doubt in my mind that Isaac Kathy was being bombarded with Voice to Skull (V2K) technology during the last few weeks and perhaps last couple months of his life. My guess would be 40 days leading up to May 13. Or, the numerological ritual number for the duration of suffering. This also aligns with the Judas prophecy.

In his video, Isaac states at one time or another the following: (I’m not sure who posted this or where, but it sums it up well.)

Kappy’s Clues (from his last Periscope)

“It happened a few days ago”

He did something in the blink of an eye that was “ego-induced”.

“Really stupid decision”.  “Bad things are coming my way— I can assure you of that.  I crossed a line I shouldn’t have crossed.” What he did at this point could still endanger people.  “I’ve done a huge disservice.”  “I want you to remember the love that I showed you”.  “You will find out soon enough.”  Somehow he feels he sold out.  Betrayal on a par with Judas. “There were some things that induced my decision…”

“So stupid, so selfish, and so petty.  Yes, something bad is about to happen.”

“If it’s something little, you don’t think about the consequences, about who might be affected by your decision, then you’re fucked.”

“Five minutes of folly”

“If you dig you’ll find it” !!!!!  Check Instagram!

“I could have avoided it very easily, but I didn’t. And for that I will pay.”

[He knew he was going to be killed]

“Yeah, I’m in danger, but only because of myself. “

He …put other people in harms way.

[He looks afraid, keeps sighing (hyperventilating even), and appears tearful]

“I betrayed a trust in a very petty way.”

“… I’ve been thinking, I hope to come back into this world, with the desire to find the light within and serve others… and care of the self.”

“We are at the beginning of a great new age, and it’s a shame I won’t be around for the first part of it.”

“It’s only going to get worse for me, I’m afraid.”

“I hope to come back and join you someday.”

[Speaks of his life in past tense]

“I feel like I’ve done a lot of good, and I have been brave.  [very past tense] But the darkness consumed me.”

[Relationship with Q]

Question: How will you find out? “Maybe Q will post this.”

“It will be newsworthy.”

Who else knows? “Probably Everyone, everyone who is important.”

Is Q mad at him now?  “Yeah probably”

[Nature of the threat]

Someone offers to have us all come over and keep him safe.

He says it would be irresponsible because he doesn’t want to out anyone in danger!

* He normally had 45 periscope viewers, but there were 120+ on this one!  how did they know?

“Yeah I’m in danger and it’s all my fault.

No one is threatening me.”

-He read the question “whose judgement do you fear?” And then couldn’t answer it.

He can’t say what happened, because more harm could be done

“Was I tempted by someone I trusted? Yeah, it was pretty elaborate to be honest.”

[Hints at Mind Control/Demonic Oppression]

“Some things were planted inside my consciousness and they were on repeat.”

“I didn’t take money.  I gambled on something stupid, it was, “Oh, look at that.” Without thinking.  Without thinking!”

“Things playing in my head, that came from outside; that happened.”

Great Breakdown of Isaac’s last video

Earlier Tweets by Isaac

Hey @jamesgunn you know how I know your a pedophile? Because your friends are pedos too! Like @lloydkaufman@sethgreen@claregrant@yarvo and many more. There has been ample time to come clean, and yet I watch you just lie and lie and lie. Yarvo why’d u go private? Lol— Isaac Kappy (@IsaacKappy) July 22, 2018

I love life
I am not suicidal
I don’t use opiods
I don’t own a red scarf
I won’t be getting inebriated
I like to move it, move it— Isaac Kappy (@IsaacKappy) July 26, 2018

Also please note that I NEVER use opioids— Isaac Kappy (@IsaacKappy) July 25, 2018

In light of the interesting traffic happening around my house I want to make something CRYSTAL CLEAR: while I am a VERY strong advocate of peaceful disclosure, make no mistake, assets are in place and if you kill me or even try, it will rain .50 cals in the Hollywood Hills.— Isaac Kappy (@IsaacKappy) July 25, 2018

I am not suicidal. I feel GREAT!!!— Isaac Kappy (@IsaacKappy) July 23, 2018

I’ve watched this video multiple times and based on my personal investigation which includes conversations to those who are close with him as last week and what we know now in conjunction with the totality of other evidence and circumstances surrounding this event I’ve come to the following conclusion:

My conclusion at this time:

I believe that Isaac came to a final decision and accepted something as his fate (NOTE, he mentioned several times he is not suicidal) however, the video does allude that he may not be here in the near future. This could mean a few of the things besides suicide. 1. That he is turning himself into authorities for prosecution. 2. That he turned himself in the witness protection 3.That he is going to be killed for his treasonous act (presumably by the deep-state). 4. That it has been made known to him that he is going to be killed by the power structure he was railing against ie the Hollywood and D.C. Elite. 5. That he has a plan to ghost out and start over somewhere in secret. 6. That this video was preplanned to throw off those who were attempting to kill him and that he believed he was being led to safety when in fact he was being let into a trap.

I have no doubt that Isaac kappy has crossed and that the pictures of him deceased under the Transwestern bridge on Route 66 are legitimate. The question is what was going through Isaac’s mind when he made this video.

I believe at the time of the creation of this video Isaac had been under the influence of voice to skull technology for some time and was beginning to lose his mind. Everyone I spoke to who had spoken to him in the last week said that he was highly disturbed, agitated, nervous, often in pain, somewhat paranoid, and most certainly not in his right mind.

Seeing that Isaac was extremely cryptic about his betrayal and never came out with it one wonders if there really was a betrayal or if he was simply made to believe so. Or perhaps, he had been led to make a decision and then made to believe it was actually worse than it was. As of this writing, nothing of significance connected to Isaac kappy has transpired other than the arrest and murder of Jeffrey Epstein. There are many speculations about the purchase of uranium, there most certainly is a connection between Isaac and betting on the political gambling website Predictit. But gambling on politics hardly rises to the level of treason. In fact, I don’t believe there is even any law on the books concerning this.

Is clear that something else was occurring shortly before during and after the making of this video. Whereas Isaac had always been a spiritual person it seemed to ramp up at the end. Isaac was meditating heavily and spoke quite often and openly about God and Jesus. And this correlates with another aspect of this investigation which is completely unprovable yet ever-present. See (5-D Earth Belief)

I believe that Isaac believed his time was up and whatever decisions he had made or been made to believe he had made were about to come full circle. It is obvious in this video Isaac believed he was checkmated. I can’t imagine the psychological fuckery/sorcery it would take to work someone into this position. STILL, THROUGHOUT THIS PERISCOPE ISAAC STATES MULTIPLE TIMES HE IS NOT SUICIDAL. I believe Isaac knew he was going to be killed and had accepted his fate. This sure does put into perspective how he came to be on that bridge that morning doesn’t it?

Still, shortly after the airing of this periscope Isaac would make plans to drive to Albuquerque to visit his mother for Mother’s Day. He would take pieces of art, bedding, and audio mixing machine for recording music, a few articles of clothing but no toiletries, and strangely, no jacket. He had plans Sunday to visit a friend in California an hour and a half away but would change his mind the last moment and had for Albuquerque.

It is no secret that Isaac had a troubled relationship with his parents yet at the height of his troubles that is exactly where he headed. Isaac it spent the last week making several phone calls to people from his past apologizing for his behavior and making amends. This can most certainly be seen as pre-suicide behavior. But what none of the media will say is that it can also be seen as behavior indicative of someone who knows he’s going to die for any reason and not just suicide.

My first thought in regards to Isaac visiting his parents in Albuquerque at this time was one of human instinct. Where does someone go when they’re out of options? Were to someone go on all hope was lost? What’s the one name that every soldier screams on the battlefield as their dying? MOM. Back to the womb. Back to safety. Back to security. I BELIEVE ISAAC WAS OPERATING ON INSTINCT AT THIS TIME. That being said, Isaac had been speaking to his parents more often and I believe he truly was trying to make amends with his parents at the same time as well.

There are some strange aspects to the video as well. In the video Isaac says he is alone yet at one point one clearly hears a man’s voice telling a dog to be quiet. He also looks like he keeps looking off to his right at somebody. One can also hear a door open and close at one point. There is also a gap in the timeline for this day. Sat May, 10th. The neighbor Kayla states she saw a black car in the driveway that day as well.

If somebody was in the room with Isaac, were they dictating, facilitating, or perhaps even forcing the message that was delivered? Isaac did look like he was under some distress during its filming. Let’s not forget Isaac is an actor as well. Much speculation has been made that he was producing a piece of fiction the pass off in order to facilitate other plans. That being said, I believe that his anxiety, fears, warnings, and confessions are true and legitimate. Regardless of the conspiratorial nature of this website I have found that applying Occam’s razor generally explains 95% of what one observes.

If you have any information about this final Periscope made by Isaac and wish to share, please contact me at

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