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The Isaac Kappy Mind Map

The Isaac Kappy Mind Map is a culmination of over four months of research and investigation, requiring 10-12 hours a day regularly. It began May 15, 2019, and culminated on September 23, 2019.

Although I (Cory Daniel/ThePhoenixEnigma) have been the spearhead of this investigation and the idea and creation of this mind map is mine, I am not its sole contributor, for I could not have accomplished this alone. Instead, it is a collaborative effort of around 8 people who worked tirelessly with passion and intent for the sole purpose of finding out what exactly happened to Isaac Benjamin Kappy. Whether or not we achieved this we are not sure, but we’re miles closer to an answer than we were on May 14, 2019. And most importantly, Isaac’s death has not been swept under the rug.

I would like to thank my research team for all their sacrifice. I’ve never seen a group of people so readily come together with single intent, and offer themselves up for the burden this project required. Their time, skills, intellect, diligence, character, and sense of duty to purpose was and are top-notch. I can say without reservation that I’ve never been prouder to be a member of a team and surrounded by men and women such as these.

Each one called upon, in the course of this investigation did their part without complaint, surpassing every expectation, often at their own expense. I’m proud to call these people, my friends.

Purpose of the Isaac Kappy Mind Map

The purpose of the mind map was never for what some would call clicks and eyeballs. It was not about growing YouTube channels, promoting oneself, or attempting to profit anyway.

The purpose of the Isaac Kappy Mind Map/Investigation is threefold.

  1. To not allow the death of Isaac to be swept under the rug and to do the job that the authorities refused to do. INVESTIGATE THE SUSPICIOUS DEATH OF A HOLLYWOOD WHISTLEBLOWER WHO WAS OUTING PEDOPHILIA AND CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING NETWORKS.
  2. To amass, organize, and provide a permanent home for the totality of information, evidence, and testimony as relates to not only the death of Isaac Kappy but the events leading up to and surrounding it. While making it available for FREE.
  3. With the ultimate goal of drawing the attention of the State of Arizona and Federal law enforcement and investigatory agencies who will reopen the case and investigate Isaac’s death in an official capacity.

If you have any further information which you feel would contribute to this project please contact me at the email address below. If you believe any of this information to be an error and can prove or substantiate the claim please contact me as well. The goal of this project is to provide the most accurate information available and present it in full transparency to the public.

Don’t Forget To Stay In The LIGHT!

Cory Daniel
The Phoenix Enigma

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I am really impressed by the great job you did on Isaac. I’m a French blogger and I wrote a series of articles and related YouTube videos called The Mystery of Isaac Kappy – Part 1, 2 & 3.
I am presently working on Part 4 that will be the last as I realized if I wanted to do honest exhaustive investigative research, it would take me years of work that I unfortunately don’t have.
However, translating the key points of Isaac time track and making them available to French public who know very little about him beyond short video excerpts outing Spielberg and Hanks is already appreciated.
So thank you so much to all of you who helped me a lot to convey this information to Europe.
Hollywood must fall, as it’s used like a dark temple sucking human race admiration and driving it towards evil, a vampire industry.
Justice is coming and you’re part of it.

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