Remaining Questions & Leads

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Remaining Questions & Leads

Events Leading up to Isaac’s death

  • Who is Isaac’s producer
  • What happened the week of May 3-10th: Kappy claims he did the bad thing that week
  • Are there any leads on the stolen items from Isaac’s storage unit? What exactly was stolen?
  • Is there any footage from the storage unit facility?
  • What was uploaded to Keybase Feb. 27thTUE 7:08 AMHOT
  • What is the story with the stolen studio time?
  • What prompted the fall out between Isaac and Preist?
  • What happened in Australia that completely changed Isaac and made him a different person?
  • Who invited Isaac to speak about child trafficking at an event in Australia? What was the event? Guests?
  • Has Michelle’s work trip the week of Kappy’s death been verified?

Days Prior to Isaac’s Death/Drive to Bellemont, AZ

  • What was Isaac’s great betrayal that he made in the blink of an eye?
  • Why did Isaac wipe his entire Instagram clean with the exception of one letter?
  • Why did Isaac change his mind from going to a friend’s house on Sunday to packing up a strange assortment of belongings to go visit his mother for Mother’s Day instead?
  • Why did Isaac not take any of his toiletries when he left for his mother’s house?
  • Why did Isaac have so many lighters and buy another one the night before he died? (Isaac had two lighters on when the contents of his pockets were gone through on scene. The yellow Love’s lighter he purchased the precious night was left on the seat of his car.)
  • Why did Isaac make three purchases at the Kingman love station? One of them for $6.66.
  • What caused Isaac’s tire to blow and it be able to be heard by the person on the other end of the phone. An examination of the tire here.
  • Why did Isaac sit on the side of the road and talk on the phone for nearly an hour after his tire blew? (Isaac obviously felt someone was after him. Although he said he wasn’t suicidal and that he wanted to live he spoke several times saying that that option was easier than what they were going to do to him. Did Isaac give up at the moment and wait for something to happen? Was this thought that if he was on the phone at least there would be a witness?)
  • Why did Kappy say he didn’t have a vehicle when he checked in to the hotel?
  • Who is the man whose voice you can hear in Isaac’s final periscope? (One can hear a man tell a dog to be quiet)
  • Who else was in the house the Friday Isaac made the periscope video? (Isaac states in the video that he was alone. Yet almost no one believes this to be true. Although one can hear doors open and shut, I don’t believe it is a man’s voice telling a dog to be quiet as I have had this audio track deconstructed. However, we can hear dog noises both inside and outside during the video which means someone must have let it out.
  • Who is the “very good man” Kappy spoke to whom he betrayed?
  • Who was/is “The homeless man” who looked exactly like Isaac and was seen since February hanging around the Pilot station off and on for 2-4 days at a time? (This homeless man was mentioned by four separate witnesses. The first witness interviewed stated that the man had come in on Friday, May 10, and told her he wanted to (end it all) the homeless man was not seen again on the day of, after, or since Isaac’s death.
  • Why did Isaac not access any social media or call anyone after 1:37 AM on May, 13? Isaac was ALWAYS on his phone. Did he even have it during this time?
  • Did Isaac lose his phone or have it taken from him shortly after he checked into the hotel? (Why would a social media animal, like Isaac not access his social media while walking around smoking cigarettes all night?)
  • Why would Isaac check into a room if he barely slept in it? The shower wasn’t used either. The night manager stated he was in and out of the room all night. In conjunction with the cell phone push notifications, it would appear that the room could’ve been booked for a meeting place. The investigating officer even suspected so much but never followed up on it.

Bridge Incident

  • What would cause Isaac to walk over to the middle of the overpass and sit calmly meditating for several minutes before getting up and beginning to immediately act erratically?
  • Where exactly was Isaac’s phone found? There are no existing diagrams or drawings in either the DPS or Sheriffs Office reports. We only have a firefighter who walks up and says “Hey there officer, this was layin’ in the lane, I don’t know if it’s theirs, I don’t know if it’s his, but was laying right over here about where he’d be.”
  • How was Isaac’s phone unharmed if it was found “In the lane” on the pavement, after a 22-foot fall and multiple vehicles passed by. The phone didn’t have a scratch on it.
  • Why does it look like Isaac’s face has a black line drawn around the mouth in the post-death scene photographs?
  • Why did Scott (the man whose truck hit Isaac) fabricate such an unbelievable story about Isaac’s body being covered with cardboard before he hit it, and give detailed supporting details after in multiple conversations with at least two people?
  • Why did the Sheriffs office say in press releases that the scene was cleared and traffic was back to normal at 10:30 am when I didn’t see anything at 9:25 am and the tow truck driver didn’t see anything at 8:30 am?
  • Where’s the 911 call of the second caller who called in stating that Isaac had been struck by a vehicle?
  • Why didn’t the investigating officers question why Isaac had so much ID on him?


  • Why did the investigators declare the incident a suicide within minutes of the event?
  • Who sent a text suggesting Issac leave the room? Were they referencing the Days Inn room Isaac was staying in or a chat room?
  • Who gave tire repair shop business card to Kappy?
  • If the investigating officers read a push message from Isaac’s phone (See bodycam footage Luna 1) stating that Isaac should leave the room until things get sorted out, why didn’t the officers sweep the room for fingerprints when they searched it, or spend more time developing leads at the hotel?
  • Why was the firefighter smiling when he handed the phone to the officer? And what did he say that they had to beep out his voice and blur his mouth so his lips couldn’t be read?
  • Did Kappy contact the tire shop at all?
  • What is a chain of custody for his phone?
  • Why was a cell phone put in a rubber glove and not a plastic evidence bag?
  • Was the phone wiped for fingerprints? (At this time the investigating officers had no idea that Isaac had not been on his phone since 1:37 AM that morning. It is completely possible that Isaac did not have his phone since that time and at other events transpired and that maybe someone else was in possession of the phone and placed it away from the body on the highway.
  • Why were cigarettes not itemized by police on the scene when taking things from pockets.
  • Why are five out of six of the witness involved in Isaac’s death local residents of the area? This wouldn’t be strange if the incident didn’t happen on I-40, one of the busiest highways to cross the country? All but two of the six witnesses are connected to local fire departments or the Arizona Department of Transportation, while the fifth had an insanely scrappy story about cardboard covering the body, which he doubled down on. The other witness I spoke to was not affiliated with the State of Arizona and he lives in another state AND HE HAD INTERESTING THINGS TO SAY.

Events After Isaac’s Death

  • Who is the ex-friend of Kayla’s that informed her of Kappy’s death (and previously had a falling out with Kayla once she knew Isaac moved next door)
  • Why won’t Michelle give back Isaac’s property and belongings to his parents?
  • How did Kayla gain access to Isaac’s computer and bank records
  • Why did Michelle make a FaceBook post suggesting Isaac harmed one of her dogs?
  • Kayla reads a number of concerning emails from Isaac’s computer
  • Why didn’t parents ID body when it wasn’t graphic
  • How did TMZ get the scoop on Isaac Kappy? Maybe the Hollywood connected Democrat operative DPS spokesman Bart Graves
  • Who gave TMZ incorrect information regarding the age of the Deck brothers? Bart Graves again?
  • Why did it take 60 days for the Sheriff Department and Department of Public Safety to release the official reports? They stated it was protocol and that the investigators would be adding to the reports. But when they finally came out there was no information added past the initial day of the event. Stalling.
  • Why was the bridge dash-cam video not entered into evidence at the Sheriff’s Department with all the other evidence? It was mentioned in the report and the investigating officer had sent an abbreviated cell phone captured video of the evidence to Isaac’s parents days after the event. I did not receive this evidence initially when purchasing/requesting the evidence. Three months after the event I called for the footage and was informed by the records department that they did not have it as it belonged to Camp Navajo. I informed the records department that was entered into evidence and that the family had Artie been sent a copy of it. I was contacted by a second officer who emailed me a copy of it and explained that it had been actually sent to “The State” and just recently made its way back to the Coconino County Sheriff’s Department.

Missing Evidence/Leads Never Examined

  • Williams Love’s Truck Stop security footage. Both outside and inside. Being held per my request by the Love’s Truckstop security department awaiting legal authority or subpoena.
  • Days Inn security footage. (No record or mention of it anywhere in the official reports)
  • Isaac’s room was never dusted for fingerprints, even though the police themselves thought that someone else was with Isaac the previous evening. This is because of the push notification that came across Isaac’s phone when the detectives got ahold of it at the scene. Someone had texted Isaac and told him to “Leave the room” for a while. This was obviously in regards to a chatroom, but the investigating police believed it to mean the “room” as the Day’s inn.
  • Pilot Truck Stop security video footage. (Never requested by investigating officers)
  • The pilot cashier who told the officers she knew the man who jumped and spoke to him the previous day was never questioned.
  • Isaac’s phone records (Never looked into or requested by surviving relatives)
  • Isaac’s Metro Mile insurance computer device which he had plugged into his vehicle which would have given not only mileage driven but the location, fuel mileage, hard braking, etc. This data is stored in Metro Mile’s computer database for 45 days. (Was never looked into or requested by surviving relatives within the window of opportunity.)
  • Isaac’s music mixing machine which was found in the trunk of his vehicle. The model pictured in the official photographs as an internal drive and SD card slots. It is possible Isaac recorded a last message on this device that he brought with him. After all, it was found in the trunk of his car next to a suitcase with a letter that said: “my name is Isaac.”

Isaac’s Belt

This is an official Department of Public Safety scene photo I obtained from the Department of Public Safety records department. I released this one before to show that he was wearing white pants.

Notice Isaac’s belt is latched inside out.

How many people put their belts on inside out? There are only two possible answers for this. 1. Isaac put his belt on backward. OR 2. Somebody else put that belt on inside out. Now, no one accidentally puts a belt on inside out which leads to the possibility that Isaac put it on inside out to send a message. If the paramedics took his pants off in the course of trying to save him they wouldn’t put him back on and latch his belt backward either. It simply doesn’t make sense.

Of course, the detractors and paid disinformation agents will tell us that Isaac was simply crazy and that’s why he killed himself, to begin with, so it wouldn’t be a surprise that he put his belt on like this. It seems that has been their answer for everything. SORRY, STILL NOT BUYING YOUR NARRATIVE. All of Isaac’s friends agree that he was distraught, but no one thought him to be crazy. Only the media has attempted to portray his as such since he came out with the Hollywood allegations.

How come this wasn’t noted in the report? Then again they missed the pack of cigarettes in his pocket as well and it wasn’t discovered until the medical examiners’ office.

The Ford F-150 License Plates/Registration

Page 2 of officer Montoya’s report in the official Department of Public Safety incident report states that

“traffic unit two was a red 1996 Ford F1 50 single Truck bearing (redacted) license plate(CLL3263) and vehicle notification number 1FTEF14N8TLA95037. Traffic unit two was registered to William Proctor and was driven by Forrest Proctor who was identified with his (redacted)”

Sheriff’s report Identifying Forrest Proctor’s vehicle as the vehicle which struck Isaac.

In the DPS dispatch recording, at the 6:10 minute mark you can hear an officer request a 28X2 then he calls in two license plates requesting “No Readback” (CFC2073 and CLL3263). Immediately after an officer radios in and asks if there is the DPS Sargent on the scene and if DPS wants them to take the scene.

On that when we ran the plates through a national Department of Motor vehicle database (don’t ask how) the plates came back as “No Documents Found”

I reached out to law-enforcement friends of mine asked them what this could mean. And there were only two possibilities. 1. The vehicle plate was Mexican or Canadian and not any US state which would be in the database. I assured him that the plate was, in fact, an Arizona plate. I was until it would be option two. 2. The plate was an older plate thrown onto the vehicle that someone had put good tags to. (If you notice the tags don’t expire till November 2020) but this doesn’t make any sense either because if you had good tags you just put him onto the plate that you registered the vehicle with. Furthermore, this plate did not come up in any database registered at any time

This is most concerning as we here in the EMS.dispatch recordings a number of license plates being called in and run through databases. Certainly the vehicle which struck Isaac would’ve been verified, at the scene, after all, page 2 of the DPS report states that the vehicle is registered to William Proctor. If this is true then why isn’t it coming up in a database now?

When taken in conjunction with the bizarre story of the cardboard, it certainly alludes to more going on than meets the eye.

Emergency Dispatch Recording “10-15 on 97”

At the 13:27 mark in the following official DPS dispatch recording, you can hear the following. (The officer speaks in a low yet clear voice, so turn up your volume.

Dispatch: 12:15 Go head
Officer: Can you show me out at the county atorneys office for a 10-15(Prisoner) on 97(Arrived on Scene).
Dispatch: 10-4

10-1   Weak/Unreadable signal    Code 3    Emergency
10-2   Loud & Clear signal       Code 4    No assistance needed
10-4   Affirmative/Understood    Code 7    Out to eat
10-7   Out of Service/Off Duty   Code 9    Representative / House of
10-8   In Service/Start of Duty            Representatives
10-9   Please Repeat             Code 10   Senator/Senate
10-10  Out at                    Code 20   Security check
10-11  Dispatching too fast      Code 34   Motorist assist
10-12  Officials/Visitors pres.  Code 101  Woman in car
10-14  Convoy / Escort           Code 102  Woman out of car
10-15  Prisoner                  Code 103  Out at Headquarters
10-16  Insane person             Code 105  Open gate
10-17  Papers / Package          Code 106  Close gate
10-19  Return to or enroute to   Code 211  Armed robbery
10-20  Location                  Code 417  Subject with wapon
10-21  Telephone                           G = Gun, K = Knife
10-22  Disregard/Cancel          Code 451  Homicide
10-24  Trouble at station        Code 692  D.W.I.
10-27  Driver License Check      Code 693  Careless/reckless drivere
10-28  Stolen/Wanted Check       Code 702  Speeding vehicle
10-30  Against regulations       Code 901  Cutting/Shooting
10-35  Confidential information  Code 926  Wrecker needed
10-37  Name of operator          Code 961  Accident (No injury)
10-38  Wants/Warrants "hit"      Code 962  Accident (Injury)
10-40  Stolen vehicle            Code 963  Accident (Fatal)
10-42  Officer at home                     (961, 962, 963 "A" means
10-43  No traffic                          DPS unit involved)
10-45  Meet the unit at _____    Code 964  Accident (Unknown Injuries)
10-46  Any traffic?              Code 998  Officer involved in shooting
10-50  Payroll check             Code 999  Officer needs help urgently
10-51  Use caution               Code 1381 Impaired driver
10-52  Unit -- Switch channels   
10-82  Reserve room for officer  
10-90  Officer requires assist.
10-97  Arrived at scene                    
10-98  Assignment completed                

Unless the above codes are out of date, I believe what we just heard was a scene officer asking dispatch to show him in the official records at somewhere other than where he was actually at.

Of course, this speaks to the theory/idea that perhaps this entire ordeal was some sort of staged false flag event and Isaac or someone else really was transported out of the scene and relocated. It could also be that the officer was involved in some other ancillary aspect of this operation we are not yet aware of. It could also mean that this particular officer was on another call and radioing in his position. If this is the case, I would think that the Isaac call would have had a dedicated channel and that other calls were being ran through other channels.