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SKINWALKER Special Report (Part 1)


This is part one of a two-part special originally aired July 11 at 10 PM in Phoenix Arizona on Univision channel 33. It explores the mystery of the skinwalker legend which is held by the Navajo people of Northeastern Arizona.

Narrator and reporter Jesus Fadel interviews Cory Daniel with and Navajo Historian Wally Brown.

Interviews with Native Americans about skinwalkers are not a common occurrence as this is a deeply taboo subject among Native Americans. It is the Navajo, Hopi, Ute, and Hualapai tribes who primarily hold legends about the Skinwalker phenomenon, and to these people, they are not simply legends.

A skinwalker is a witch who was once a medicine man and now practices the dark arts. But it is not simply a witch. To become a skinwalker a which must kill a family member to destroy what’s left of his or her humanity. At this point, they are taken into the skinwalker society and taught the arts of shape-shifting invisibility and the darker arts of witchcraft and energy manipulation.

Although the term skinwalker is somewhat commonly known these days outside of the Navajo people it is really understood that skinwalkers are the bottom rung of those who practice the dark arts. They are not looked favorably upon by other witches, medicine men, or members of the tribe.

Roughly 90% of the Navajo people believe in Skinwalkers. That’s approximately 322,000 people. From a Western mindset, this is somewhat incredible as no skinwalker has ever been filmed recorded, or documented. Still, the majority of an entire tribe believes in the reality of this phenomenon as much as they do the daily Sun.