Paolo Soleri Bridge (2018 Summer Solstice)


We took a trip to the Paolo Soleri Bridge for the 2018 Summer Solstice. It was a beautiful 104-degree day in the Valley of the Sun. A perfect day to observe the longest day of the year in the desert southwest.

There was nobody at the site when we arrived however as soon as noon rolled around a couple of families showed up to partake in the event. What amazed me is there were no locals there, only tourists. (Shame on you Phoenicians) The shadows moved slowly as we waited for solar noon, but it eventually rolled around as we were there to witness it.

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Thank you for the video. I have been the Winter Solstice on the bridge. This is much more dramatic, if that’s the right word.
Without lecturing on astronomy, or at least how the Earth revolves around the sun on it’s tilted 23.5 degree angle, this is the day when people noticed the sun stopped rising further south, and started heading back north were it is in the winter; important if you’re growing your own food.
As for the longest day of the year, that is true, but the earliest sunrise was on June 1, about, and the latest sunset won’t be until July 1. Nobody knew that until clocks that kept good time were invented.
As for the bridge, the shadows just get longer, until they are about half way across the bridge a solar noon , Winter Solstice. The bridge structure is set to point south at the suns highest angle above the horizon here in Scottsdale.

Thanks again for an enjoyable time.

Thank you for the clarification. I appreciate it.

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