Witness #2 – Levi Deck

Levi Deck is one of the brothers (younger) who were driving together on their way to their trade school who stopped and attempted to restrain Isaac from jumping off of the overpass. Both Levi and his brother Tanner are sons of Duane Deck. A paramedic captain for the local Flagstaff city fire Department.

I’ve not spoken with either Tanner deck or his brother. I left several messages for them on their Facebook messenger accounts as well as a message on their phones.

Everything we know about their involvement with the Isaac Kappy incident comes from either their written statements or the witnesses I interviewed after the event.

Levi’s statement to the Department of Public Safety, like his brothers, scripted from the beginning that Isaac was attempting to commit suicide when they happened upon him. Like his brother he stated that they were leaving the pilot station headed towards their school when they “saw the man flailing as he tried to kill himself the first time, he regain his balance and we try to get to him as quick as possible, my brother tried to grab him but he jumped before he could.”

He goes on to say “We saw him try to commit suicide as we were coming up to the bridge(he was flailing and about to fall off) he regained his balance and we tried to get to him as soon as possible but just as we pulled up next to him to try and pull him away he jumped. One vehicle ran over the top of him as he was on the ground. He proceeded to direct traffic away the best we could.”

Like his brother’s witness statement Levi’s seems to perfectly narrate the situation and not only explain exactly what happened but the motive and intent of Isaac. This was a red flag from the beginning. It was Tanner and Levi deck’s statements which were the first brushstrokes to the suicide scenario. And where is Isaac may have very well committed suicide is far from the complete truth.

I did interview a witness who lives in the Belmont area. She was driving across the overpass that morning when the incident occurred. She stated that she was the first one to happen upon the boys after Isaac fell. She stated that both boys were in a state of shock, one worse than the other, she wasn’t sure which. She said that they kept saying over and over “We tried to stop him but he just jumped.”

The Deck Brothers/ Son of Local Paramedic/Captain for Summit Fire

B-Shift First Line

Again, like his brother, their scripting of the narrative wouldn’t seem so strange if their father wasn’t a paramedic captain for the Summit fire department out of Flagstaff AND the first responders weren’t the Ponderosa Fire Department AND the first on scene to check Isaac and who all according to another witness may have actually ran over Isaac’s body for a second time before stopping to help was the off-duty purchasing officer for the Ponderosa Pines Fire Department.

Original/Early Theory

It was thought early on in the investigation that Isaac may have been meditating on the bridge that morning and the deck brothers rushed up to prevent him from falling over and actually scared him back. We know this is not the case now because John Koch says he saw Isaac acting erratic putting one leg over the ledge several times as he drove by as if he was building up the curtain to jump over.

It seems to me this is a conflicting statement. How can one witness state that he saw him facing forward trying to put his leg over the edge and jump, while two other witnesses to cars behind saw him sitting backward flailing his arms trying to regain his balance? Something is not right here. Something is very wrong here. Mr. Koch also never mention the Deck Brothers in his written statement.

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