Witness #3 – Robert Taylor

Mr. Robert Taylor is the one witness who does not reside in Arizona. He is also he is a Navy veteran. Again, military and civil service do not and should not incriminate anyone nor should drive suspicion alone. In fact, we should applaud these people for their service. The government is made up of citizens, the vast majority of which are excellent people.

Mr. Robert Taylor is also the one witness who has questions, concerns, and feelings not shared by the other six.

I interviewed Mr. Taylor at great length, nearly 2-hours, although I will not make the recording or transcript of our conversation public I will discuss some of the aspects we talked about as they bare contrast to the other witnesses.

I also like to add that Mr. Taylor has been extremely affected by this incident. He states that not one day goes by that he doesn’t think about it. In our conversation, he even broke down a couple of times from the emotion of it all. Mr. Taylor has remained quiet and attempted to avoid most of the online conversation about the event. He states that something was extremely “OFF” about the entire event and felt that there was something else going on parallel to the event itself.

Mr. Taylor began by telling me that he was driving eastbound on I 40 that morning when he saw what looked to be a “white sheet or a manikin” fall from the overpass. He stated he was just rounding the bend and was what he would guess to be approximately 300 yards away at the time. He stated that he thought at first it did not look like a body which had fallen.

He said as he approached the overpass he was in the right lane and that he had slowed down, moved over to the left lane and looked down out the passenger window and saw what appeared at first glance to be either a female or a manikin. He said the skin on the body looked to be extremely pale and that’s what made him think it was a manikin or a woman. He said it was dressed in white pants and a white sweater. He said the hoodie of the sweater was covering some of the head and face but he got a good look at the face anyway. (Isaac’s sweater had no hood). He stated that the body on the ground was not moving.

He also stated that it looked as if Isaac had already been hit as the body was “twisted.” He said it didn’t look like someone would look if they just lay down on the highway. He got the impression and feeling that the body had already been struck. He also stated that there was almost no blood. He even asked one of the responding fire department EMS personnel about it and was given the answer, “there’s more blood there than you think.” He said that was one of the biggest things about the event that he saw almost no blood on the ground. He would say later in our conversation that he had conferred with a friend who was in a position to know about these matters and that person told him that it wasn’t all that uncommon to have that little of blood on the ground even in a head wound situation.

He immediately gunned his vehicle around the body and parked off to the right just east of the overpass. As he exited his vehicle with his hand still on the door handle, he turned and witnessed Isaac being struck by Forrest Proctor’s Ford F-150. He said he knows with absolute certainty that the front axle of the F-150 just left of the gearbox struck Isaac’s head.

He stated that when Isaac was struck by the vehicle his body did not roll move or get dragged in any way. He states that the body just got pushed down. This is important because in the body cam footage a fireman walks up and gives a cell phone to officer Luna while pointing back down the highway and said that they found the phone where the body would’ve been over there. We have two eyewitness accounts however which state the body did not move at all when being struck by the Ford F-150. Two!!! Neither of these testimonies are included in their official statements and both contradict the official report.

He noticed simultaneously that a man on a cell phone was standing just off the highway having a conversation. I told him this was no doubt Mr. John Koch who was on the phone 911. Mr. Taylor explained to me that that seemed weird because the conversation he was having on the phone did not seem like a 911 call at all and he has always wondered since that day who the man was talking to. I told him that the 911 call is available and the time matches up.

Mr. Taylor then told me even though some of his memories of the event are mixed up he is almost certain he saw Isaac get run over again by a midsize crossover, or a small crossover after being run over by Forrest Proctor in the F-150. He said it was “The woman that came up right after us that did it.” He is speaking about Witness #4 Erin Hudman. She was the only woman there and was first on the scene along with John Koch and Mr. Taylor. Erin Hudman was the off duty EMS who Mr. Koch told the 911 operator was on scene during his 911 call.

When Mr. Taylor reached the immediate scene he said to Mr. Koch, “Hey he just got run over again right?” He stated that when he told this to John Koch, Mr. Koch told him “Oh no he didn’t, I saw the whole thing.”Mr. Taylor told me that because he is the only person to say this, he doubts his own memory but he told me he can swear he knows what he saw.

In reviewing the official report there was no mention of Ms. Hudman striking the body nor did anyone examine her vehicle at the scene. I believe it also important to point out that in Mr. Koch’s official statement to the Sheriff’s office he closes with “…..I observed him get struck by at least one vehicle”

Mr. Taylor went on to tell me again that when he first walked up to Mr. Koch he told Mr. Koch “He did get hit by another vehicle right?” to which Mr. Koch said, “No, I saw the whole thing, you didn’t see the whole thing.” BUT Mr. Taylor says he did see the whole thing.

Mr. Taylor told me next that Ms. Hudman told him as they were filling out their witness statements to “Write down as little as possible.”

Remember that Ms. Hudman works for the responding Ponderosa Pines Fire Department and has EMS training. Why would a person in her position advise a witness to “write down as little as possible.” And since when do witnesses begin advising other witnesses as to what to write down in their statements anyway? Especially witnesses in official capacity on the scene of a fatality.

Erin Hudman herself took her own advice and indeed wrote down the bare minimum.

Mr. Taylor spoke to the EMS fire department members after things began to wind down and he asked them if he was on drugs and one of the firemen said: “Yeah, probably, but who knows.”

I asked Mr. Taylor if he remembered seeing what may have looked like a black ring around Isaac’s mouth. He said no he did not notice that. He did say however that the hoodie was still over his head at the time covering a good portion of his head and face.

I asked about the overall condition of the body and whether or not it’s condition would prevent of viewing fortification purposes he stated that the body was “mangled” and that if it was his can he would not wish to see it in the condition. He went on to immediately say afterward that when he did see the pictures of Isaac’s face in the media, that he was instantly recognizable as the body on the ground.

At this point, Mr. Taylor told me about someone else who was on the scene. Someone who was on top of the bridge looking down. He described him as an “Italian looking” fellow with a mole on the side of his face. His hair was short, black, combed with a mole in the corner of his face. Mr. Taylor states that it was someone who was “looking straight down right over me from on top of the bridge.” He stated that the guy stuck out to him because he kinda reminded him of his cousin. The man looking down from the bridge had a slightly darker Italian complexion, dark hair combed back. He stated that this was about 30 minutes into the event.

He went on to say that the man had on a black jacket and had his hands in his pocket and looked very serious. His immediate impression of him was grad school and military at the same time. Mr. Taylor stated that he had a “serious bearing” about him. At the same time, he says that although it was strange, it may have been nothing. Only that he had a very serious feeling about him.

Mr. Taylor told me that he was always suspicious of the people on the bridge. He felt there was something very wrong and off about all of them. He stated that he would have guessed the Deck brothers to have been military personal and not who he had read them to be in the online articles. He wouldn’t have thought them to be 20 and 22 years old either. He told me they looked to be older and have a “military look” to them.

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