De-occulting Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” Freemasonry and a modern-day Masterpiece

A de-occulting of Childish Gambino’s video “This is America.” In this video we dive deep into childish Gambino’s this is America. There is no shortage of interpretive videos on the Internet regarding this piece of art but I believe this the only one that approaches it from a standpoint of Masonic knowledge.

Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” video is easily one of the greatest masterpieces of modern art of our time. The layering and multi-layering of symbolism knowledge storylines and intent is simply genius.


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Cory, why cant i access the childish video?
Btw , that general infected you when he hugged you. Ill go to your funeral!
Mark from co

LOL…I’m sure he did. That’s funny.

I just looked at my YouTube channel and it appears that YT took it down. Says it violates copyright laws and will not be played in 240 countries. This is exactly why I’ve switched over to Real.Video/ …….I’m so damn tired of YouTube censoring me…The Shadowbanning, and throttling down of my channel. Pathetic.

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