[ De-Occulting the King Soopers/Boulder CO Shooting 3/22/21  ]

Official Narrative 

(From Wikipedia, the official grimoire of the deep state) On March 22, 2021, a mass shooting occurred at a King Soopers supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, United States. Ten people were killed, including a local on-duty police officer. Several other officers were injured. The alleged shooter, Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa, was wounded in the leg by police and briefly hospitalized before being moved to the Boulder County Jail.

Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa

Alternative Narrative

I believe that the March 22, 2021 mass shooting event was a hybrid deep-state op involving a trained operative. That operative having been groomed over a period of time and deployed on March 22. I believe that not everyone involved knew this was going to take place but those higher up the chain did and used it in part as a drill. Both for tactical operative purposes as well as post-event propaganda dissemination. I believe the overall intent of this event as far as the outward optics is to drive fear into the hearts of Americans in order to facilitate the passage of gun control. Gun control that must happen, from the perspective of the government, if they intend to forcibly implement a mandatory vaccination schedule upon American citizens.

I don’t believe this is or will be an isolated event in the grander agenda to disarm Americans and is only one of many mass shootings to come in the near future as the technology for vaccination passports rolls out to the public. 


The number #322 – Skull and Bones Day

First things first. This scripted gun-grabbing agenda shooting event happened on  

MARCH 22 OR 3/22 OR 322


If your a regular viewer/listener of our show you’ll know that we called this one last year. Hell, we call it every year for that matter. There is always a significant event surrounding death, power, or control every year on this date, and this year was no exception. Remember, there is real power in dates, timing, & cycles. This is simply because of proximal time. Or, the time of year based on our proximity to the sun and planets in our solar system. Or if you’re a flat earther, the proximity of the little lights overhead that spin around in a circle above the firmament annually. (We practice “radical inclusivity here.”  

This is why the Georgia Guidestones were set out and dedicated on March 22, 1980, and also why the powers that be, held a special 40-year ceremony at the anti-human monument last year on March 22, 2020, marking the kickoff of the COVID19 ritual. Remember, in the Bible, The Number 40 represents the period of trial or test. 

The Number #133 (The High Signature) 

Second thing second, most of these false flag operations have “The High Signature” or the #133 embedded into them somewhere, and the Boulder shooting is no exception.

The High Signature is also located in the shooter’s name itself, only mirrored or reversed, in Reverse Ordinal cipher. A double reversal. This leaves fingerprints of further magickal scripting. 

Continuing with the date of the shooting, let’s see how this public ritual matches up with This year’s Lent.

The beginning of Lent this year was February 17.

Lent ends during “Holy Week,” on “Holy Saturday.” This means that Lent 2021 will end on Saturday, April 3, 2021 (establishing the 40 days of observation.) 

We see here the 13/33 “High Signature” or #133

The Number #88 (Infinity)

What is Lent?

Lent is the Christian season of spiritual preparation before Easter and usually begins on Ash Wednesday in Western Cultures. During Lent, more devout Christians observe a period of fasting, repentance, moderation, self-denial, and spiritual discipline. The purpose of the Lenten season is to set aside time for reflection on Jesus Christ—to consider his suffering and his sacrifice, his life, death, burial, and resurrection.

Now, allow me to tell you what Lent is to Occultists and those schooled in the ancient wisdom. Lent is a ritualized 40 day period of reflection to better one’s self wrapped up in allegorized and redeployed Sun worship. Yes, even occultists and non-Christians realize the value in ritualizing within their community a time for self-betterment and reflection. 

Now, think about this for a moment. What better way to throw a monkey wrench into your communal 40-day self-empowerment ritual than to terrorize your mind, community, nation, etc with, well, state-sponsored terrorism? Remember the Christmas Bombing in Tennessee? Think this is a coincidence?


The Ritual Sacrifice of Officer Eric Talley 

It would appear that once again the sick fucks at the Deep-State who script out these public rituals have made sure the star sacrifice of this state-sponsored terrorism embedded their intent in plain sight, should one have the wisdom to see that is. Out the gate, Chief Maris Herold galvanized officer Talley into the “hero” role of this false flag event.  

From Wikipedia:

At around 8:00 p.m. on the day of the shooting, a procession honored Officer Eric Talley as his body was being taken to a funeral home. A separate memorial for the victims was created along a chain-link fence bordering the grocery store, as mourners placed candles, flowers, and other items along its base or through the chain-link.




According to Mirriam-Webster the word eric in the noun form means: a payment imposed for homicide in medieval Irish law upon the slayer and his kin consisting of a fixed price for the life of the slain and the honor price of the slayerBLOOD FINE


So let’s get this straight. The name of the officer who got his own private memorial to the funeral home and then another memorial 2 days later, the officer that the mayor went on and on about at the first press conference and then as an afterthought mentioned the other 9 people; well that officer’s name literally means

“Reckoning of the Blood Fine”

Remember the definition of the name Eric? Eric Talley had 7 children & 7 is the number of spiritual perfection.

A payment imposed for homicide in medieval Irish law upon the slayer AND HIS KIN consisting of a fixed price for the life of the slain and the honor price for the slayer.


The funeral of Eric Talley – A “High Signature” event

It should also not be a surprise that the funeral held for Eric Talley happened 9 days later on March 30, 2021, OR –

March 30 = 3/3 =



That’s right. The “hero” of this shooting event was laid to rest during the 13th week of the year, on March 30, or 33. We see here again the “High Signature” or #133 embedded into this public ritual. The high signature is the blending of both the numbers 13 and 33. These are the degrees within both the York and Scottish Rites of the Freemason Brotherhood. Within the “high signature,” these degrees share a mutual 3 in between them uniting their intent. 

The “High Signature” #133 AGAIN!!!

Recording of the Shooting Event (Dean Schiller)

(The Recording of this event by Dean Schiller is, in my opinion, as much a part of this event as the shooting itself. Especially after reviewing the video to the extent that I did. It would appear there are operative fingerprints all over it.)

The following cell phone video (Embedded Below) was recorded by Dean Schiller of ZFG Videography. It is a recording of the entire scene of March 22, 2021, King Soopers shooting, filmed live from the entrance, outside the store, and surrounding area including a secondary location at the shooter’s home. The video starts before law enforcement got there and ended after Mr. Schilling had to cut the live stream, apparently due to a dead battery. 

I have watched the video 2 time now in its entirety and I have a number of problems with it, as do thousands of people in the comment section on the YouTube channel where it is posted. Even though the video is age restricted it still contains the bodies of 3 people lying on the ground DEAD. You can see this during the first minute of the video in fact. I thought this was against YouTube’s new content policies. This video has almost as many thumbs down as thumbs-up as well, and this is for many reasons as you can read in the comments. 

Dean Schiller a Deep-State Shill?

During the video, you hear Schilling state that he is a journalist, at least a dozen times. He’s actually a YouTuber and content creator. However, most of the people in the comment section of this video berate him for this, and I believe it has a lot to do with his attitude more than him referring to himself as a “journalist.” In my opinion, if one wants to argue that content creators aren’t journalists because they don’t have a state-sanctioned degree admitting them into the brotherhood I guess they could, however, I personally believe we need more “Journalists” like this in America as the mainstream media is and has always been compromised. THEY ARE A CONTROL SYSTEM and I think people are figuring it out.

That being said, I BELIEVE THIS IS THE ENTIRE POINT OF THIS VIDEO. I believe that Dean made such a jackass out of himself and went excessively over the top in order to force a legal situation. There are just too many signs here not to be suspicious. Including the content of the video itself. I believe there will be legal fallout in the wake of this particular filming of this hybrid false flag which will propel it to a court case, and ergo new laws preventing this type of reporting of these false flag events. Problem, reaction, solution.  If Dean Schiller isn’t an operator he sure as well should be as his actions will play right into the hands of the commies who are dismantling our republic. 

Here are my issues with this video

  1. Why is this video still appearing on YouTube? There are 3 dead bodies in the first minute. 
  2. The timing. Dean Schiller, a self-proclaimed “journalist” who has a YT channel called ZFG Videography and covers “cop watch” issues just happens to be at the scene at the very beginning. Assuming this is true for a second, this dude is the epitome of what our government wants to stop dead in its tracks. There has been a chilling effect on free speech since Biden took over and now they are tightening the legal noose. 
  3. Dean never attempted to render any help to those lying on the ground. He didn’t take a pulse, much less even check to see if the people were alive. IN FACT, YOU DON’T SEE ANYONE ATTEMPTING TO RENDER HELP TO THE VICTIMS. It’s like they are crisis actors playing a role and all the other actors know that their role is that of the “dead victims.” 
  4. The grocery store clerk staring at his phone, in the beginning, tells Dean that the shooter went inside yet is just standing there staring at his phone in the entrance along with another person. After reading the victim’s family’s statements, it would appear that this man is Clint Ponsford, an autistic man who was the 30-year boyfriend of Teri Leiker. It would appear that both of them are autistic and “bonded instantly while bagging groceries together.” This explains why he was having trouble figuring out what was going on and staring at his phone. He stated that he “saw the suspect take down his first victim outside the grocery store before entering, and wanted to run inside to look for his Leiker to see if she was OK.” Still, there are three dead bodies in front of these three individuals and nobody is attempting to render help, run, fight, or ANYTHING. They just appear to be standing there playing a role. Clint Ponsford has an excuse, but Dean and the other?  
  5. When Dean is running along the front of the store his head is exposed the entire time. he’s just standing there and could be shot through the glass. 
  6. Dean circles the entire store on foot early in the video. This is bizarre, to say the least. He doesn’t find cover, doesn’t call 911, doesn’t call Denny, doesn’t go home to get a firearm to come back and kill this dude, doesn’t ask anyone in the vicinity if they have a firearm, etc. He runs around the store, identifying other people/actors/victims. Almost like he is identifying himself at the location for a later date when this will be necessary to prove. Or perhaps performing another function of the drill yet unidentified. If this was a real shooting and Dean learned that people were leaving the back, there is a good chance that the shooter possibly ran out back to continue the murder spree. Dean wasn’t rendering aid in any way shape or form anyhow, so why did he run around the building. I mean there was an elderly couple who could have used some assistance in getting further away from the scene. It’s strange that those people are just standing there and say “We are alright.” They don’t seem shook up in the least. And at the pace, they are moving it’s hard to believe that they made it out of the store by this time in the first place given the timing of the video. I mean, the dude has a walker. What’s more, is that they are pointing towards the backdoor, they are not pointing away from it, MUCH LESS MOVING AWAY FROM IT. THEY ARE JUST STANDING THERE. AND HOW DID THE DUDE WITH THE WALKER GET DOWN THE STAIRS WHICH LEAD INTO THE BACK OF THE STORE? THERE ARE NO DOORS AT GROUND LEVEL IN THE BACK OF THE STORE. Just two sets of doors, both at the top of a set of stairs. AND why didn’t the elderly couple run towards the stores to the right after exiting the store? towards the other stores, people, and help? they went left towards the loading area, trucks. Away from help. They aren’t even hiding or attempting to take cover. In fact, they are purposefully exposing themselves. 
  7. Next is the dude in the red jacket. This guy is just casually walking towards the adjacent stores along with a guy ahead of him in a blue sweater and a woman in a brown sweater in front of him. It would look like they are moving away from the back of the store area yet they are in no hurry either. None of them. Then there’s the dude with the afro/grey jacket/water bottle. He’s just standing there when Dean comes around the corner and then starts walking towards the back of the store. He says to Dean “It’s OK? or He’s OK?” to which Dean answers. “Yeah”.  Like there was something previously known or arranged between the two of them/group. Dean doesn’t even warn this dude about the shooter either. When Dean gets to the front of the store again there are a bunch of people standing around in front warning people that there is a shooter inside and the “Slow” guy with the phone wanders down the ramp (staring at his phone) then makes a right and heads to the back of the store while another guy yells to the cops “inside inside, back of the store is where I last saw him.” Yet he doesn’t attempt to stop this “disabled” dude with the phone from going around back. 
  8. Dean then goes directly to the front of the store in the parking lot and films the cops entering the store and filming more gunshots.  
  9. At  5:22 Dean sets right up next to an officer taking cover behind a red truck. For 18 seconds the cop is concentrating on the door and ignoring Dean crouching right next to him filming him, looking all astute and badass and such. HOW DOES THIS COP KNOW THAT DEAN ISN’T ONE OF THE SHOOTERS? GOOD LORD… On a side note, I’m glad to see proper trigger finger control. Well done sir. 
  10. At 5:29 a non-attentive cop staring at the ground “takes cover” standing up behind a white SUV, which is not cover as he is adjacent to the windows and makes for a clear target. Good thing he was wearing a mask for protection during an active shooter situation requiring higher amounts of O2, seeing that it was an active battle situation.
  11. It’s only at the 6:01 mark does the first cop tell Dean to “get out of here” to which Dean responds “I’m a journalist”  
  12. At 2:21:45 Mr. Schiller states that he was with one of the victims (his friend Denny) who was killed in the store. Schiller states “He was literally coming out with me, we were shopping together bro, the boy was coming out, I thought momentarily, and he didn’t come out so.” Denny is supposed to be one of his best friends and he calls him “the boy.” Not only that, but Dean knew that a guy who had just shot and killed 3 people went into the store yet there is no concern for Denny for the entire three-plus hours of the video. 
  13. At 1:31:13 – 1:38:00 Dean gets confrontational with the cops. This is the point where I realized that this was probably the whole reason for this video. This scene right here will surely be revisited by lawyers and lawmakers in order to draft laws that will put a chilling effect on citizen journalists and prompt new protocol for dealing with civilians recording these false flags in real-time. I’m also willing to bet that they will attempt to draft laws that will affect the social media platforms live streaming these events as well as covering them in general. We’ve already seen YT, and even DLive demonetize channels for covering these topics. Still, people continue to crave the truth and find alternative methods of funding. This appears to be the next move by the Deep-state. How come at this point during the event didn’t the cops assume that Dean could be with the guy inside and detained him? If I was a cop in that situation, I’d be telling my sarge that this guy is not only causing a ruckus but suspicious AF and to detain him. Why did they contribute so many men and resources to pushing Dean around the perimeter when they could have just cuffed and stuffed him for an hour? Hell, people get cuffed, stuffed, and detained all the time for no reason at all. It seems to me that the cops are equally facilitating the chaos being generated by Dean Schilling. 

Second Shooter?

Video quality of the second scene at 17th and Grove

Before we talk about the second location we need to discuss the video quality. This screams TAMPERING. 

Note that at the 2:29:48 mark while they are in the car and just about to 17th and Grove, there is what looks like a bump in the video. It is this moment when the video quality goes WAY DOWN. The video quality during the first 3/4’s of the video was stellar, however, it goes to complete shit here and never gets better. It is so bad that you can barely make out people’s faces a few feet away can’t even read the street signs 10 feet away whereas before you could read signs all the way across a huge parking lot at the King Soopers. WTAH? 

This video quality is so bad I had to go onto Google Earth and run the street view to find the area as I couldn’t even see the street signs in the video. In my opinion, this was deliberately degraded just before they got there in order to obfuscate something. 

  • At 2:17:45 Dean is told that the cops are heading to the shooter’s house to serve a search warrant and toss it.  
  • At 2:19:30 Dean states that “Donkey watch says they’re going to Boulder High, Boulder High second shooter.”
  • At 2:25:15 Dean states “Ok, I”m getting information that there’s a second person who called in and said that they’re the shooter and that they’re at 17th street.”  
  • At 2:28:24 Dean states “Yeah guys stick with me here, we’re moving to another possible scene. On the radio, the scanner I’m getting information, that there’s a shooter or someone whos claiming that he was the shooter or a second shooter and he’s up here at 17th street.
  • At 2:32:18 Dean and Connor (reporter) pull up to the 17th street and Grove and Dean says to two heavily armed cops in full military battle dress “What’s going on guys?” The cop says “It’s not safe out here.” as he walks away towards the back of his truck and takes up a position. We find out in a while that a few houses from the corner is the address of Ahmad Alissa. It’s obvious that the cops had info that a threat of some kind was at that location and coupled with the chatter on the police scanner of there being a second shooter; WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OTHER SHOOTER? 
  • At 2:41:55 all the neighbors are standing around outside talking about the suspect.
    • One person says “the guy lives in my wife’s friend’s apartment.” and
    • “You know he got locked up not too long ago. He just got back out.”  and
    • “He’s in 1734 apartment #9.” and
    • “they’re bringing a ladder.” and
    • “I heard the guy is talking to them through an open window so he must be on a higher floor. Yeah, you can see the guy talking em right over there.” 
  • 2:48:53 A man with white hair in a grey jacket is telling a girl in a green sweater and another guy.
    • The girl says “And you heard them negotiating?”
    • The man nods and says “Yeah they were negotiating.”
    • Girl “What were they saying?”
    • The man “What are you doing? come out with your hands up, I got it all on video.” Then he holds up his phone.

At this time you can barely make out that a line of swat men are approaching the door and can barely see what they are doing after they get there due to the HORRIBLE VIDEO QUALITY.  

  • 2:54:20 Dean says “Ok, So guys maybe not heard that but I’m listening to the scanner coming off of the officer right there and they are saying they are not sure if this is the suspect or if he is just code six, which means he’s crazy, making threats, ummmm he must have called 911, so this may be unrelated to our shooter in south Boulder. But again, it’s unconfirmed, I’m just telling you what I heard off of the Police officer’s scanner standing next to me.”

What are the odds that the local officials figured out that something more involved was going on and the FEDs had to step in and run cover? This is EXACTLY what happened in the Las Vegas Shooting when Joseph Lombardo was told to stand down and Aaron Rouse was sent in to manage the terrorist attack fallout and put a lid on it. Except for the truthers and independent investigators out there, that story died within a week. The MSM wouldn’t even pick it back up after survivors who stated they saw multiple shooters on the ground came forward and then began dying. I have a feeling that Ahmad Aliss was radicalized either by a grassroots terrorist organization or the Feds themselves. After all, this is what happened to Timothy McVeigh. 

  • 2:58:30 Someone in the background says something about “fuck March Madness” 
    • Dean says “Aren’t they playing Florida today?”  
    • The other man “Yeah, we’re are playing in 15 minutes.”
    • Dean “In 15 minutes? I’m going to have to end my live stream.

(At this point I’d like to point out that Dean’s best friend Denny JUST DIED after getting shot up in the King Sooper, and Dean is going to end his stream in order to watch the Florida game?) WTAF ARE YOU KIDDING ME?)

Dean does end his live stream 15 minutes later but states that it’s because his battery is dying. He leaves the scene stating that there is still a stand-off but that it could be a while. 

The video quality is Sooo bad at this point that you can’t even make out things 3 feet in front of the camera.

  • 3:11:04 A man says to Dean
    • “Yo, I’ll show you the spot where they’re at.” (referring to the cops talking to the man in the house.)
    • Dean “Oh yeah?”
    • Man “Yeah, he’s right here on the other side of this tree.”
    • Dean “Oh, down this alley.”
    • Man “Right there talking to them.”
    • Dean “Oh I see. Thanks, man. Yeah, it’s kind of hard to see with the camera but they’re way down there.” 

Then dean walks away and looks for his ride. Who is the guy the cops are talking to behind the house? And why are they behind the house? Are they extracting someone out of there? 

As of today March 31, 2021, there has been zero news of the incident at this second location incident. It’s been buried. What was the purpose of Dean showing up here and filming some horrible resolution video?  

Location of the Second Location

The last 1/4 of the video was filmed at 17th and Grove in Boulder Co. If you do a search for the word “Grove” in the KJV of the Bible you find that it appears exactly 17 times. What does this mean? I’m not sure. There is obviously the connection between Q and Trump, but what does it mean here? Still, I find it too much to be a coincidence. 

Dean Schiller


(I’d like to say that I do not know Dean, have never heard of him, and have no personal knowledge of him whatsoever. As a political occultist/esoteric analyst, I look for patterns that line up with ancient knowledge systems and weigh them against the tactics of the Deep State and what we know about their agenda. That being said, the information provided below on Dean Schiller was derived from public sources including publically sourced records of a Dean Schiller who resides in Boulder Co. I believe this to be the same man. 

How many victims were there again?

How many WHITE LINES does the King Soopers logo have?


Dean also goes by the name Shiller

It would also appear that the surname Shiller is a European Noble family name “having many distinguished branches and become noted for its involvement in social, economic and political affairs.” Spelling variations include Schiller.

Dean Schiller’s Criminal record

(Note that these records were pulled from BeenVerified which states that although they are extremely accurate, they can not 100% guarantee accuracy. Still, In my experience tracking people down, I believe the records associated with this Mr. Dean Schiller in their system to be the same Dean Schiller who recorded the King Sooper shooting video.) 

Like John Wayne, I don’t hold jail against no man. Everyone makes mistakes. That being said, people in legally compromised positions make deals with the government. And it would appear that Mr. Schiller has had some serious weapons charges, convictions, and fines. This would most surely explain his anti-cop-themed YouTube channel but could it explain this whole bizarre video? I don’t know. I just know that these charges aren’t the usual traffic stuff that most people have, which he has plenty of as well. But these stood out for sure. 

Copyrighting the Video

Within one day Dean Schiller copyrighted his video on TMX and is currently selling commercial license agreements to use it for around $150.00. It’s actually come down in price since yesterday.  It would appear that Brook Aitken also uploaded her footage and is copyrighting it there too. 

To be fair, it would appear from the video that Dean may have gotten the idea to copyright and sell the footage from a conversation he had with a news reporter at around the 2:11:00 mark in his video. And to double down on the fairness if Dean is legit and on the level and attempting to make a career “nightstalking” it would make sense that he would want to copyright his work, and yes, what you just saw was work, whether he is legit or works for a 3 letter agency. 

I’m going to also note that at the 2:15:34 mark he states: ” I don’t know if you guys keep calling me a sellout, but as you can see I’m not fucking selling anything, bitches.”


(My name appears in the photo as I needed to open an account to access the available videos for sale. I DID NOT PURCHASE A LICENSE. )


Location of the Public Ritual Sacrifice

King Soopers located at 3600 Table Mesa Dr, Boulder, CO 80305

I don’t know how many times I have to point out to people that embedded into nearly everyone one of these events is the Christ/Son/Sun/Solar energy. And nearly always represented as the number #36. This is the magick Sun Square which consists of 36 squares/numbers 1-36, the sum of which also equals 666. Christians have a hard time with this as they have been taught in their religion that 666 is the devil’s number/mark of the beast. When one understands that the allegories spoken about in both the bible and all religions are representations of energetic systems represented through number which is used to manipulate physics as well as consciousness, well it all comes together. 

But if you’re of the Christian bent. Well, here is your serpent. 


King Soopers sits directly at the end of a windy road and the building itself actually looks like the head of a snake. 

Is Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Alissa even the shooter?

Fun Fact – Nobody alive saw Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa shoot anyone

According to the reports and Wikipedia Ahmad Al Issa was 21 years old at the time of the shooting. The pictures of him above are of him in high school probably around the age of 15/16/17. the images below do sort of look like him but a much older and “lived” man. Personally, I do see strong facial similarities, but the balding, weight, body hair. There simply is no way in my opinion. 

In light of the ruckus going at that secondary location where no arrests were made followed by a complete media blackout, I believe the proper question at this time would be. Is this man (The Shooter) an older family member involved or rather tied up with our intelligence agencies? Is there a larger network here that we are being shielded from? I believe there is. The problem is. 


Did anyone see the shooter shooting?

I know this sounds crazy, but is it? Where is this video? And if that’s not a video camera, are we to believe that King Soopers is the only grocery store chain without a camera system? I mean, after all, they were the first grocery store chain to implement a pharmacy in the store and one of the first to embrace self serve meat department concept. The chain is known for its innovation.   

Do you remember the Pentagon on 911? Do you remember the plane hitting the Pentagon? No, you do not. You most certainly do not. Not only are there no witnesses to seeing flight 77 hit the Pentagon, but there are also no videos or photos. Here is what we were given?

Do we have any video of Adam Lanza shooting up Sandy Hook? Nope. Just some really bad photo-shopped photos of someone who most people in the area had never heard of before.



How about the Aura Batman theater shooting? Nope. It was dark and he was wearing a gas mask. remember?

And it goes on and on. Quite often, we get caught up in the inertia of an event and don’t stop long enough to think about what we are seeing. Then the extremely emotionally charged back scripting begins, followed by new legislation proposals designed to curtail your freedoms. This is then followed up with the blaming of political parties followed by racial or class division.


Propaganda, Political Hay and the Communist/Deep State Agenda

The New Victim – Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa

Within moments of the reporting of the shooting, the left was screaming that another white man with an assault rifle was on the rampage.  However, when it came out a short time later that the suspect’s name was Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa and that he was a Sirian refugee, well, the whole story just sorta went dark. 

They reemerged the following day with the “Mentally Ill” narrative. If this had been an American white male they would have been more than happy to continue on with the racial division, however, this narrative doesn’t work when the assailant is a white Muslim immigrant. Keep in mind that the narrative has now turned to Ahmad Alissa being mentally ill due to ongoing highschool victimization including bullying, racism, and xenophobia. Where was the compassion for sex-addicted Robert Aaron Long for his actions in the Georgia Jack Shack Shootings? Hummm… I believe he was just a little too white for MSM compassion coverage. 



It would seem that Alissa’s brother is also making the rounds describing Alissa as paranoid and anti-social.

From the Daily Beast,

“[It was] not at all a political statement, it’s mental illness,” Ali Alissa, 34, claimed. “The guy used to get bullied a lot in high school. He was like an outgoing kid but after he went to high school and got bullied a lot, he started becoming anti-social.”

He also recalled his brother saying someone was following him while in high school.

“When he was having lunch with my sister in a restaurant, he said, ‘People are in the parking lot, they are looking for me.’ She went out, and there was no one,” Ali claimed. “We didn’t know what was going on in his head.”

And here is the official Wikipedia version

Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa (or Alissa), age 21, from nearby Arvada, Colorado, is the alleged shooter. Al-Issa was born in Syria in 1999 and became a naturalized U.S. citizen. His family immigrated to the U.S. in 2002 and moved to Arvada in 2014.Al-Issa’s older brother said that Al-Issa has a history of paranoid, disturbed, and antisocial behavior that developed after Al-Issa was bullied in high school, and his brother was concerned for his mental health. Al-Issa was convicted of a misdemeanor in 2018 for punching a classmate at Arvada West High School. He pleaded guilty to an assault charge in relation to the incident and received two months of probation in addition to 48 hours of community service.

After the shooting, Al-Issa was charged with ten counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder. Al-Issa’s identity was revealed to the public on March 23, the day after the shooting. At Al-Issa’s first court appearance on March 25, his lawyer asked for a mental health assessment. It was later reported that, due to threats, Al-Issa was moved to another county.

It would appear that Ahmad Al-Issa is now being victimized in jail as well. What do you want to bet he doesn’t make it to trial? Or if he does he’ll be all doped up like James Holmes after for his court appearances.

Fun Fact – Did you know that James Holmes had the same Federal court-appointed psychiatrist as Timothy McVeigh? 


At this point, I believe that Ahmad Alissa was radicalized through U.S. government channels and groomed into a sleeper assassin. It is obvious from the occulted overlay and political fallout that this event was a long time in the planning and carried out in Colorado, a DC stronghold and bastion of liberalism/communism. If it were just the ritually occulted overlay one could chalk that up to apophenia, however when examined next to the political hay and MSM rhetoric one can see the real story come into focus.


Discrepancies in the Official Wikipedia historical account 

From Wikipedia

Al-Issa expressed on his now-deleted Facebook page and to his high school wrestling teammates that he believed he was being targeted for harassment due to racism and Islamophobia. According to SITE Intelligence Group, “there was no indication on his Facebook account that suggested radical views of any kind, whether it be Islamist, anti-Trump, or anything else.” His brother said the shootings were not a political statement. The Boulder County District Attorney is waiting to reveal more information about Al-Issa’s motives while the FBI and other agencies are investigating the case, to ensure a fair trial.



Here is a post from Ahmad Al Issa’a father, Moustafa Alissa

Designed to Infuriate and resonate with an ever-weakening society

We keep hearing that this shooting rampage was a “SENSELESS CRIME.” Well, aren’t all non-defensive shootings senseless crimes? Did you take note of the cross-section of victims? Aside from all of them being white. Ahmad killed

  • A 20-year-old kid who was just starting out in life
  • A 25-year-old young woman 
  • An elderly man, soon to be a grandfather
  • A mentally challenged woman with autism 
  • A retired woman
  • An Instacart contractee filling an order
  • A liberal arts performer
  • And a Police officer who becomes the narrative hero of this hybrid false flag operation.

It would appear that Ahmad’s targets were the weakest of the weak in our society, and the fact that they lived in Colorado and most likely weren’t carrying firearms made them even weaker. 

Make no mistake. This event was designed to terrorize the weakest of our society in an attempt to move the Overton window of gun control norms in our society. 

The deep-rooted racism from our elite

The following is a tweet from Meena Harris, Kamala Harris’s Neice. She didn’t skip a beat when she took to Twitter to spew racist hatred against white men. After it was made known that the shooter was a Syrian-born Muslim she deleted her Tweet but refused to apologize for her racism or more appropriately, cancel herself.


Annnnnnnnd…….. GUN CONTROL, aka The First Step of GENOCIDE

Make no mistake about it folks, THIS RIGHT HERE is the reason for this shooting. 

Fun Fact – Sleepy Joe tells you exactly why he wants to take away your 2nd Amendment rights at the 39:12 mark. Don’t ever forget. They always tell you what they are going to do. 

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