De-Occulting the Nipsey Hu$$le Masonic Memorial Ritual

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From Wikipedia:

Hussle’s memorial service was held on April 11 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, with tickets given away free of charge.[ A letter from former president Barack Obama was read which praised the rapper for his work in the community. “While most folks look at the Crenshaw neighborhood where he grew up and see only gangs, bullets, and despair, Nipsey saw potential,” Obama wrote.

While Wikipedia had that to say about the Nipsey hustle Memorial, what really transpired at this Memorial was nothing short of a black Masonic ritual, a continuation of the energy work which began March 31, 2019. Not all rituals take place in the span of a few hours. What were seeing transpiring across our nation in the world is the classic ritual moved into the public sphere and presented in the theater of life in conjunction with the media. The most effective rituals are distinguishable from everyday life. They are indistinguishable in fact. 9/11, the Vegas shooting, and the Florida school shooting come to mind first.

I believe this phase of the ritual represents the still early portion of its intended casting duration. The momentum achieved thus far is shocking even myself. I believe there are both short and long-term goals in play here and that the emotions generated and energy harvested will continue to be utilized to direct the herd and enact legislation when and where possible.
Like a song, there are pauses, and crescendos, beginnings, and ends, and everything in between.

The Christ Similitude

Like most other mass public shooting rituals as of late, nearly all of them incorporate a ritual similitude of The Christ. It is an energetic tequnieque to garner the strength and energy of this archetype while at the same time mocking and fouling it within the context of dark sorcery.

It is the subconscious link which is being sought after here. The collective archetype energies which MOST people in a Christian nation harbor and more importantly SHARE (Regardless of their religious faith). These optic similitudes are a subconscious interface mechanism.

Remember the getaway car and its license plate?

White Chevy Cruze LP # 7RJD742

Breaking down the description which was pasted EVERYWHERE on April 1st (the heart of the ritual) we discover something quite interesting.

White (WHITE) / Chevy (from Chevrolet meaning GOAT) / Cruze (CROSS)


This ritual centers around #11 (Disobedience/Chaos). #13 (Rebellion) #33 (Most Sacred) These are the energies being generated here and these are the energies which will carry the subsequent emotional equity forward.

Let’s break it down.


Date – 4/11/2019 OR April 11th, 2019. (11 Days after Nipsey’s Death)

Day of Year – 101 = 11. The hundred and first prime number is 541 which reduces to 10. Or divine completeness. We see this number in all these rituals as a “topping” energy

Time of Memorial Celebration – 10am (4th hr of day ruled by Venus) – (12pm 5th hr of day ruled by Mercury) “Music” and “Messages”

Time of Shooting during the procession – 6:25 pm = 13

Planetary hour energies center around Venus, Mercury, & the Moon. With the murder/Sacrifice occurring in Mercury

Moon Phase –

And then there is this? Priming the Occultic pump so to speak.


The Memorial took place at the “Staples Center 1111 s Figueroa st. 90015.”

11/11 is Armistice Day and marks the armistice signed between the Allies and Germany. Today on this day, parades and memorials are held all over the world and the wounds of war, pain, and suffering are ripped open annually for collective international harvesting of the lowest base frequency of human behavior. OR “Soul harvesting” day. There is nothing sacred or respectable about a memorial. They are sick from an energetic perspective.

What is 1111?

eleveneleven was a record label founded in 2010 by Mike Hamlin, Ellen DeGeneres and her production company, A Very Good Production, in association with longtime affiliate Warner Bros. DeGeneres announced it on her show saying that the label would concentrate on lesser-known artists and that she had been looking for videos of performances on YouTube. DeGeneres explained her choice of name, claiming that she often sees the number 11:11 when looking at her clocks, that she found Greyson Chance on the 11th, and that the singer’s soccer jersey has the number 11. All of the artists on the label have, thus far, been distributed via Interscope Geffen A&M.

Nipsey was a “lesser-known” artist subjectively speaking. Most outside of his sphere had never heard of him before his murder.

11 also represents the pillars which stood in front of King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.


The symbolic significance of these twin pillars is not touched upon in Freemasonry, yet most modern authors say that in the original Hebrew of the Old Testament the word Jachin (the right-hand pillar) means he will establish and Boaz (the left-hand pillar) means strength.

Figueroa means FIG TREE!!!

From Wikipedia:

Several key events in the life of Jesus, as related in the Gospels, took place on the Mount of Olives, and in the Acts of the Apostles, it is described as the place from which Jesus ascended to heaven.

Matthew 21:17-19 King James Version (KJV)
17 And he left them, and went out of the city into Bethany; and he lodged there.
18 Now in the morning as he returned into the city, he hungered.
19 And when he saw a fig tree in the way, he came to it, and found nothing thereon, but leaves only, and said unto it, Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward for ever. And presently the fig tree withered away.

Bethany is today el `Azareyeh (“the place of Lazarus”-the L being displaced to form the article). It is a miserably untidy and tumble-down village facing East on the Southeast slope of the Mount of Olives, upon the carriage road to Jericho. A fair number of fig, almond and olive trees surround the houses.

Nipsey ascended to heaven from the location of a FIG TREE. And tens of thousands of people made a pilgrimage to this site to send him off?

The location of Nipsey’s funeral ritual IS a similitude for Christ’s location of ascension to heaven. 


The Memorial

The memorial officially began at 10 AM and ran until 12 PM. However the first hour consisted of everyone gathering outside of the Staples Center. The ceremony actually ran from 10 am to 1 pm wherein the opening dedication was a montage of photos of Nipsey set to Frank Sinatra’s “My way”. First things first. Understand that this was no arbitrary choice for a song. It was an opening hymn for the Church of Satan. Frank Sinatra was very much wrapped up in all of this at the time.

Anton LaVey, the founder of the church of Satan, and his followers view I’ll Do It My Way as the most satanic song of the 20th century—a strange thing to call a song by Frank Sinatra.

The book by Brice Taylor titled Thanks For The Memories … The Truth Has Set Me Free! The Memoirs of Bob Hope’s and Henry Kissinger’s Mind-Controlled Slave goes into detail about the influential men in Hollywood during the hay-day of the RatPack, Bob Hope, etc and their sex trafficking / Masonic / Satanic Church affiliations. The following picture was captured from a Satanic chat forum.

Opening with Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” was not only NOT arbitrary, it was the opening of the ritual. 

There is no direct proof that Sinatra was a Freemason, in fact, many who knew him at the time state that he wasn’t. However, he was a singer and very closely affiliated too many people who were. He also allegedly the recipient of sex slaves. I see a direct similitude here with Nipsey. There is also no direct link between Nipsey and Freemasonry however he is surrounded by an entire music industry which is wholly infected with what is modernly referred to as the Illuminati.


Marsha Ambrosius Delivers Beautiful Rendition of “Fly Like a Bird”

Sometimes as a researcher I feel like I’m reaching when I make connections. Sometimes things fit perfect together. But I’m pretty sure I’m right about this as well. Here goes.

The entire death of Nipsey hustle was that of sacrifice and is a similitude for the Christ. This, of course, played out in the majority of these public rituals. Seeing that this is obviously orchestrated by masons as well and that masons always carry with them the metaphor of the Phoenix it begins to make sense that the song being sung was fly like a bird. This, of course, was the entire premise of the John McCain funeral ritual.


A letter by Barack Obama and first husband Michael, written for the “Friends and Family of Nipsey.”

It goes without saying that Barack Obama is neck-deep in the Deep-State. See Jussie Smollett. I have a confidential source which states that both he and Michael are also very much involved in practicing the Occult. It would seem fitting that Barry added his energy to this ritual.


Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke at 11:30

Wherein he stated –
“We will fly away with him to a brighter tomorrow,” 

Farrakhan also spared no expense in comparing Nipsey’s life to that of Jesus Christ…Never by name, but through reference. Just listen to the first few minutes. Farrakhan even decodes the meaning of Nipsey’s given name as I did in my first article on this site.

Another reference to the Phoenix Bird/Rebirth

Anthony Hamilton Performs “Do You Feel Me”

Notice the harp on stage? How many strings does a Harp have?

Where have we seen this before?

4 + 7 = 11


Hussle Honored By Longtime Love Lauren London and Kids – Group Participation = Emotional Equity

Harnessing Raised Emotional Energy

In an extremely manipulative moment, the son of Nipsey hustle recites and obviously scripted account of a dream he had of Nipsey the night of April 2nd. OR the 3rd day. The child is doing his best to perform his memorize lines while Lauren nudges him forward. At the end of his recount of the dream he had of “Nipsey in paradise” he asked the crowd to all chant “Respect” at the count of three.

Jhené Aiko performs “Eternal Sunshine”

And with another song about a solar reference Jhene Aiko perform the song “Eternal Sunshine.” What is most strange about this song is it is nearly identical in meaning to Frank Sinatra’s “I did it my way.”
Just like at church, or in an ancient ceremony, the music breaks up the ritual and sets the stage for the upcoming workings.


Beginning at minute 1:20 of the following video clip, Nipsey’s mother Begins a public of the spirits of her dead ancestors. Invoking them and bringing them to the altar where they now stood. She instructs them to take the spirit of her son to the other side. At one point she even invokes the participation from the audience.

She then uses the platform to encourage the crowd to embrace a vegan diet and limit their use of alcohol and narcotics. THEN proceeds to inform the crowd that her family comes from “royalty and regality.”

She then proceeds to publicly script the official narrative of Nipsey’s conception and birth, stating that she conceived on her birthday and gave birth to Nipsey EXACTLY months later. WHERE ELSE HAVE WE HEARD A CONCEPTION STORY?

She goes on to talk about the African Spiritual Science Church and spirits contacting her while she was pregnant. There is no doubt in my mind that this woman in white (moon) acted as high priestess for this ritual.

Lauren London Gives Speech

Nipsey’s girlfriend Lauren London took the stage next at the altar wherein she scripted more narrative about the life of Nipsey. She recounted a private text message she wrote and sent him while he was sleeping on Jan 21 st 2019 exactly 70 days before his death.

In occultism 70 is the combination of two numbers 7 & 10. OR Perfection and Divine Completeness. In the Bible Christ sent out 70 disciples to preach the gospel in Luke 10. A total of 70 Israelites started a nation within another nation that would eventually grow to more than two million. Moses took 70 elders along with Aaron and his sons up Mount Sinai to have a special meal with God. Etc.

What is a bit of a conspiratorial RED FLAG to me is her ending statement: “The Marathon Continues.” Other researchers think there is something to Lauren London and the name Marathon. Even before this memorial, it was being thought that there may be a link or a foreshadowing to the London Marathon which is coming up in late April 2019.


Snoop Dogg stole the show building up the collective energy in preparation for his final statement at min 9:54 of the following clip.

For God so loved the world that he gave us a good crip, the late great neighborhood Nip. 

Who else did God give us for he loved the world? Do you see the perfect ramp up? The perfect delivery? The subconscious planting of a Christ similitude?

Other Illuminati Rappers in attendance

Jay Z

Stevie Wonder Directs and Releases Harnessed Memorial Energy

What comes directly after a ritual public shooting? Calls for GUN CONTROL of course.

Memorial Service Wraps Up, 25.5-Mile Funeral Procession Begins

The 25.5-mile (41.0 km) funeral procession wound through the streets of South L.A. including Watts where he spent some of his formative years. It began at the Staples Center and ended at Forest Lawn Memorial Park where he was interned. The Watts Towers were a gathering place along the route which at times created gridlock as crowds flooded the streets.

Watt’s Towers

Watts Towers – Note the 3 Primary Towers

The Watts TowersTowers of Simon Rodia, or Nuestro Pueblo (“our town” in Spanish) are a collection of 17 interconnected sculptural towers, architectural structures, and individual sculptural features and mosaics within the site of the artist’s original residential property in Watts, Los Angeles. The entire site of towers, structures, sculptures, pavement, and walls was designed and built solely by Sabato (“Simon”) Rodia (1879–1965), an Italian immigrant construction worker and tile mason, over a period of 33 years from 1921 to 1954. The tallest of the towers is 99.5 feet (30.3 m). OR 33. The work is an example of outsider art (or Art Brut) and Italian-American naïve art.

Rodia was forty-two, barely literate, unskilled beyond the basic tasks from a life of labor. To this day no one is sure why, but in 1921 he began to build “something big.” “You have to be either good good or bad bad to be remembered,” he often said. “You gotta do somethin’ they never got ’em in the world.” He began by digging a foundation, then made the rest up as he went along.

Obviously a Masonic shrine, this became a gathering/focal point during the procession. Note that Wiki notes that this Shrine is 1/2 mile away from 103rd street. OR 13.

Sealing the Ritual / DEATH AT THE MEMORIAL.

What is a 3 hour Masonic Illuminati ceremony and a lap around town without a good old fashioned human sacrifice?

Well, at exactly 6:25 pm (13) at 103rd St (13) and Main that’s exactly what happened. 3 black males and 1 black female were shot with 1 killed and 3 injured. (13) All serious Black Masses involve human sacrifice and this was no exception. The shooting occurred in the Watts neighborhood near the above mentioned Watts Towers, just after the procession passed.

This hour of the day was ruled by Mercury (The Messenger). What message is being sent? And to Whom?

Coincidence? What are the odds that another shooting would take place near a Masonic Shrine just moments after the procession passed?

The death of Nipsey Hussle turned out to be far more than I ever thought it would be. I’m completely blown away at the amount of work that went into this public ritual and the players involved. Without a doubt, there is something much bigger being planned here.

What Say You?

See Related Research: De-Occulting the Nipsey Hu$$le “Sacrifice” Numerology and Similitude 

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