[ De-Occulting the Vancouver Masonic Lodge Arsons 3/30/21 ]

On the morning of March 30, 2021, 42-year-old Ben Kohlman set fire to three Masonic Lodges in Vancouver Canada. The first fire to be set was at 6:45 a.m. at the Lynn Valley Lodge, located at 1371 Lynn Valley Rd, North Vancouver, BC. The second fire was reported minutes later at the Duke of Connaught Lodge No. 64 located at 1142 Longsdale Ave, North Vancouver, and the third at a Park Lodge Masonic Hall at 4474 Rupert St, Vancouver BC. where it caused little damage. 

While at the third location, an off-duty officer who witnessed Kohlman walking back to his vehicle with a red jerrycan as the building was on was burning. It was then that the officer approached Mr Kohlman and the two got into an altercation. Kohlman managed to get away but was arrested a short time later just after 10 a.m. in Burnaby.  

Mr Kohlman posted this to his FB account immediately after returning home. Apparently, he either didn’t care about getting caught or planned on it. 


The Number #33

Well, the big one here is obviously the date. It would appear that Kohlman planned his little escapade for the day of March 30th OR 3/30 OR the most sacred number in Freemasonry and all of the occult for that matter.


I have to say. I was reading an article today about taking tours of Masonic Lodges in DC and the author of the article was making jokes about people asking conspiratorial and paranoid questions of the guides on the tours. Questions about numbers, and rituals. The author stated that the lodge representative informed the tour company as well as the tour-goers that the number 33 meant nothing to them in this day and age but may have at some time in the past, but that they just weren’t sure. LMFAO. Seriously? Does anyone believe this for a second? There are books written by ex-masons on the rituals, ceremonies, and numerology involved in both the York and Scottish Rites of the Freemasons. 


The Number #3

Mr. Kohlman set fire to a total of 3 Masonic Lodges. Three of course is the number representing the Blue Lodge or the first 3 levels of the Masonic order. 

  1. Entered Apprentice
  2. Fellowcraft Mason
  3. Master Mason

These are the only true degrees in Masonry, and once a Mason attains Master Mason status he is considered a full-fledged Mason. There are other degrees of higher and deeper understanding available within the organization if one so wishes to pursue them, but it is not necessary. 


The Number #133

For the veteran Occultists out there you may have already noticed this yourself. This event encodes the “High Signature” OR the #133. This is a combination of both the numbers 13 and 33. Or the total degrees in both the York and Scottish Rites. We see this number here in the day and week.

The 13th week + the 33rd day = 133. 

The Number #42

The suspect in this event was Ben Kohlman age 42. While most every number harbors its own energetic field aspects that can be used in energy work, some numbers are simply stronger than others. 42 is such a number. This is a number I overlooked in my early days of de-occulting. It wasn’t until a few years in that I realized that this number was extremely important in ritual work and littered not only everywhere in the Bible but throughout most religions on Earth as well as science, math, and occulted literature, such as Alice down the looking glass, and the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. 

In the Bible the #42 represents:

(The Duration of Suffering)

  • The 42 generations of Abraham to the Christ in the Gospel according to Matthew and the 42 generations of David to the Christ according to Luke. (Lk 3,23-38)
  • The Gentiles will trample the holy city for 42 months. (Rv 11,2)
  • The 42 months where it was given to the Beast to act and to blaspheme. (Rv 13,5)
  • The famine of the time of Elijah lasts 42 months. (Lk 4,25)
  • The little children mocked the prophet Elisha. This one curses them and the fierce animals come out of the forest killing 42 of them. (2 K 2,24)
  • 42 men of Beth-azmaveth were counted in the census of men of Israel upon return from exile (Ezra 2:24)
  • According to the Mesopotamian tradition, the surface of the Tower of Babel occupies 42 agrarian measures.
  • The Odes of Solomon are 42.
  • The number 42 OR “Forty and Two” is found 13 times in the Bible.
  • On the whole, 42 books of the Bible use the number 7, whose eight in the NT.
  • The word star is used 42 times in the OT.

Resonance Scripting

Suspect’s Name

Ben Kohlman

Let’s begin with the suspect’s name. Ben Kohlman. Now, there is nothing directly hidden in the meaning of this name, in fact, it’s rather a commically plain name meaning 

Ben – Hebrew and short for Benjamin meaning – “Son of”

Kohlman- Olk German meaning Cabbage, and thus “Cabbage farmer”

So, Kohlman’s name literally means “Son of a Cabbage Farmer.” Well, I can’t read anything too nefarious here, however, there is this and it’s almost equally as funny considering the circumstances.  

Kohlman OR Coleman OR

The Coleman Lantern Collector Corner: Coleman Lanterns 220D,brass fount, A-51 date

As in Coleman Lanterns. Lanterns that actually use fire. Now, I know, the name Coleman is an old sir name meaning a “Cole Man” or a “Coal Miner.” But as Biden would say. “Come on mannnnnn.”

Location of Mr. Kohlman’s arrest

Mr. Ben Kohlman was arrested in:

Burnaby OR BURN-A-BY. Really? LOL 

Aerial view of Burnaby (2015)

MSM Narrative Scripting

I’m just going to repost an example of the mockingbird media propaganda and let you read it for yourself. I’m put in bold the buzzwords and primary narrative concepts they are pushing. This article was found on Yahoo News but it appears to originally be from The Daily Beast. You can find it here. 

Kelly Weill

·5 min read

Less than an hour after three Masonic lodges burned in Vancouver, Canada, a suspect appeared to take credit for the blazes.

“I just cleaned 3 satanic club houses and nobody could do anything,” Ben Kohlman posted on Facebook on Tuesday morning.

Kohlman, 42, has been charged with arson in one of the three blazes, and is expected to face similar charges in the attacks on the other two buildings, the Vancouver Sun reported. And although police have not announced a motive in the arsons, Kohlman’s Facebook page contains anti-Freemason attacks that he shared from conspiracy pages, particularly pages about flat earth theory.


The incident wouldn’t even be the first time in recent years that a flat earther attempted to burn down a Masonic lodge. An Australian flat earth convention went off the rails in 2018 when an organizer was accused of the same crime.

When a Flat Earther Refused to Concede and All Hell Broke Loose

Flat earthers believe—wrongly—that the planet is shaped like a disk and that malevolent figures are trying to trick people into believing they live on a globe. But the conspiracy movement has not reached a consensus about who, exactly, is behind the nefarious plot. While some flat earthers blame the government or invoke anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, others falsely accuse the Freemasons (a fraternal society) of concealing the earth’s true shape.

Conspiracy theories about groups like Freemasons are not without consequence. The group has been falsely accused of secretive schemes, leading to Freemasons’ persecution by the Nazi regime, during which fascists linked the fraternity to Judaism in order to allege a “Jewish-Masonic” plot.

Mark Sargent, a prominent flat earther who does not advocate arson, told The Daily Beast that Freemasons had attracted some flat earthers’ attention because the group had the reputation of being a secret society, while still maintaining a public presence.

“A large section of Flat Earth members are grounded in the general conspiracy world, which means they are always aware of different societies that have been accused of keeping world secrets,” Sargent told The Daily Beast via email. “I feel bad for the Masons because they are by far the most public of the secret societies. The lodges in the U.S., for example, are usually large, stone, easy to spot buildings, and are in just about every town you can think of.”

Also easy to spot were the three buildings around Vancouver, all of which burned in the early hours of March 30. Although no one was injured, one building was completely destroyed. Approximately 40 minutes after the last fire, Kohlman wrote his Facebook post bragging about “cleaning satanic club houses,” CTV News first reported.

It was unclear on Thursday whether Kohlman, who was arrested in Burnaby, has a lawyer.

Kohlman’s Facebook contained multiple recent attacks on Freemasons, including a post from a flat earth meme page that falsely implied the small fraternal organization actually controlled the world’s large tech companies, or that they were involved in plots to harm people with vaccinations. He also repeatedly promoted a large flat earth Facebook group and is Facebook friends with Mak Parhar, a prominent Canadian flat earther.

Parhar, who did not return a request for comment, made headlines in 2020, first when his yoga studio was shut down after he falsely claimed that yoga could cure COVID-19Soon thereafter, he became the subject of a criminal investigation after he filmed himself entering a hospital’s COVID-19 area without authorization. Parhar was eventually arrested in November after he allegedly traveled to the U.S. for a flat earth conference and failed to quarantine after his return to Canada. (He is currently fighting the case using a bogus legal theory that claims he doesn’t have to follow certain laws or pay taxes.)

Incredibly, the Tuesday arsons were not the first time a flat earther was accused of burning a Masonic lodge. In 2018, as CNET reported at the time, a lodge fire upended Australia’s first attempted flat earth conference.

While the conference was still in its planning stages, its two organizers reportedly got in an argument, prompting one (nicknamed “Tigger”) to get drunk and set fire to a Masonic lodge.

“Tigger just lost the plot,” his co-organizer told CNET that year. “He tried to burn down a Masonic lodge and got arrested.”

In actuality, the incident could have been worse. Tigger allegedly doused the door with a quick-burning fuel that burned out before it could spread to the rest of the building, his associate said. (Tigger confirmed the broad strokes of the incident to CNET, blaming drunkenness for the arson.)

The Masonic lodge in question posted on Facebook that they’d experienced an attack, but that members didn’t know whether the arsonist was angry at their specific building or Freemasons in general.

“We don’t have any idea why he carried out this act,” the lodge told CNET. “It would be nice to know why.”

In Canada, a Freemason organization condemned the fires. Dave Goddard, spokesperson for the region’s Grand Lodge of B.C. and Yukon, told CTV News that Freemasons were not what Kohlman seemed to believe they were.

“We as Freemasons don’t outwardly express hate toward anybody,” Goddard said. “This individual obviously has issues he needs to deal with.”

Like, Seriously? The Daily Beast just managed to conflate flat earthers, racists, arsonists, conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxers, & tax abolitionists, while simultaneously comparing the Freemasons to the Jews as victims of the Nazi’s during WW2. LMFAO… Who wrights this stuff? 

The MSM is increasingly lumping everyone on the right into the same pot while ramping up prosecution and the legislation necessary to carry out their communist dream. This would be the same thing as the right attempting to throw together, ANTIFA, BLM, labor unions, environmentalists, LGBTQ community, the pro-illegal immigration crowd, anti-second amendment advocates, climate change nutters, Pro Islam refugee advocates, etc all into the same boat. Whereas each of these groups is insane in their own way, they do not have common goals. They just happen to all be lumped under the same political party. What are the unions going to do when the country is flooded with unskilled labor from illegal immigrants? What are the environmentalists going to do when the country gets too crowded from unregulated immigration? What is the LGBTQ community going to do when Islamic refugees/immigrants reach the 8% critical threshold and begin to radicalize just like EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD? What are they going to do when the radical Islamists begin killing them for their “unclean” practices as preached by the Mohamad. Say what you want about Christians, they don’t go around killing homosexuals as a matter of doctrin. Or at all for that matter. But I digress. 

There is a faction within the upper echelon of the left/socialist/communist party that is currently in control of our nation. A faction so entwined with the academia and media that it pretty much dictates the information put out to Americans in mass. This machine is pumping out propaganda at an excelerated rate of both quantity and vitriol. And this machine is winning. We are about to lose our country, people. 

The Deep-State Plan as it related to this and other false flag events

Yes, people, the onslaught on freedom of speech is on its way. With the election of Biden, the deep state has kicked it into high gear and touched off a campaign of terrorism and false flag operations that will be the impetus for upcoming legislation that is sure to strip us of our basic American rights. 

Paranoid you say? Oh, it’s already begun. The mass shootings have started up again, right on time and the legislation is written and ready in the wings. The MSM has been primed and the NWO machine has been put into gear. Taxes are going up, Illigeals are pouring across the border, vaccination passports are slated for implementation and while the moderates, patriots, and conservatives jump up and down about it mass shootings are happening left and right. Mass shootings perpetrated by middle-aged white males that is. 

There is a narrative being scripted here. If you are on the left and only consume MSM news/propaganda, then this is going to sound like what they programmed you with, and these words will seemingly be coming from just another right-wing paranoid internet radical. I must say, the left does a masterful job at propaganda and organized disinformation campaigns. They are experts at it and nothing on the right compares. 

Believe me when I tell you that there is a concerted organized effort to brand any and all white, patriotic, and right of center Americans as hateful, racist, xenophobic, sexist, violent, gun-toting, environment destroying, paranoid, conspiratorial, nut jobs. Believe me when I tell you that their agenda entails the following:

  1. Confiscation of all firearms in America. There will be no “common-sense gun control” their end goal is complete gun control. Just as they have stated a thousand times.
  2. The branding and labeling of all right of center patriotic Americans as dangerous & radicalized white nationalists. 
  3. Deplatforming of any and all right-of-center political thought, speech, and rhetoric. Including private citizens and legal organizations alike. 
  4.  Content creator licensing. Yup, they fully intend to continue these false flag attacks and blame it on open and unregulated internet platforms until the normies are so terrified that they scream for the government to limit their freedom of speech. This can’t happen? IT’S ALREADY HAPPENED IN THE UK. AUS. NZ, AND CANADA. Those people are scared to death to say what they truly believe out of fear of being evicted, fired, and being labeled a racist by their peers. 

In Conclusion

On a month/day combination equalling 33, and incorporating the “High Signature” of #133 a man named Kohlman set fire to “3” (Blue Lodge) Masonic Lodges then fled home in Burnaby to brag about it on FB where he was arrested a short time later.

OK…LOL…If you say so. 

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