Pythagorean Theorem Discovered at Mesa Verde and The Conspiracy of Archaeology

The conspiracy of Archaeology

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The world is awash right now with information and evidence which contradicts the official narrative of the history of the human species. From the well known Ancient Aliens series on the history channel to personal websites, multi-hour documentaries, and published papers by Dr.’s and Ph.D. professors who have been kicked out of their professions and marginalized by their peers for their counter views. These people are screaming from the rooftops for anyone who will listen, but they are defunded, ridiculed, and sometimes even murdered as such is the case with Lloyd Pye. The establishment would appear is fully invested and committed to maintaining the official narrative, for their institutions of control depend upon it.

The fact is, the truth rarely gains ground as it pertains to the “official” narrative and collectively accepted history of our species. Why would this matter you may wonder? What difference could it possibly make in your own life? After all, it won’t bring your mortgage payments down and it won’t make beer any cheaper. Is history right?

History is EVERYTHING. It defines what has happened and sets a course for absolutely everything you do in your life today. Institutions, culture, and expectations are all built upon the history of our species. The understanding of our origins determine in great significance how you view your world, the decisions you make, and how controlled you will allow yourself to become. This is why religion is so dangerous to the current global elite. Even if it is an antiquated control system put in place before the invent of modern economic control mechanisms, it positions ultimate power and hence control of people (human resources) outside the grasp of the would-be controllers. This is why religion is the first thing which is destroyed during the Communist take-over of any country. Don’t believe me? Read a book. This is also why western nations have been using media and entertainment to slowly “ween” their people off of religion. Is it a conspiracy? You bet it is.

Anti-religion Communist propaganda poster

The belief in a supreme being encourages you to live a certain life, fight certain battles and not be swayed by the overwhelming power of government. It multiplies greatly the amount of work a government must perform to keep the people in check, that is unless you are ruled by a theocracy.

Let’s say for example that it was common knowledge that the human species was “seeded” here on Earth by an extraterrestrial race hundreds of thousands of years ago. Let’s say our current form, intellectual potential, and behaviors are products of the DNA programming ascribed to us by this race. Would that change your worldview? What if you discovered that humans have achieved a global civilization in conjunction with this race before and that the ancient megalithic ruins across the planet are remnants of this achievement? What if you learned that the last 100 years of human technology was developed in conjunction with this race?

Would any of this change your worldview? Would you look at mass public vaccination any differently? Top-down federal education? Centralized and nationalized food production? How about the invasion of foreign nations and consolidation of global currencies and resources? Would you question the choice of your life path and priorities?

In short. An understanding of your history sets your default and defines your outlook on life. Control of history is CRUCIAL for the control of the future and to accomplish this the narrative must be controlled.

Pulling this off hasn’t been all that hard either. Every 20 years or so a new generation of humans is born and there is an opportunity to water down or even rewrite history. After only one generation the new version becomes embedded and forms our collective history. It is written down in books, taught in schools by learned men and women with official credentials and soon accepted as fact. Students then accept this collective reality which in turn ensures their place as a participant in the economy/herd.

Irish slaves in America

Just look what has been done with modern history. While not necessarily lied about, certain events have been bolstered while others ignored or under taught. Take for example the history of slavery in the United States.  Attending public school one would think that every person in the country owned a slave when in fact it was more like 3-5% of the population of the Southern states. It also goes untaught that there were far more Irish traded and used as slaves during this same time period. They were known as indentured servants and weren’t free until their debt was paid, which seldom was. You’ve also probably never been told that the first slave owner in the United States was a black man by the name of Anthony Johnson. If it is this easy to shape and redirect recent events such as this within a public forum imagine how easy it is to rewrite the ancient past.

But how would a government go about pulling off such a huge undertaking as rewriting ancient history? Surely people aren’t that stupid. They would see things, find relics, and hear stories not congruent with “reality.” Okay, here you go.

  1. Need to wipe out evidence of past civilizations? – Form an organization like the Army Corp of Engineers. They would be responsible for flooding out valleys and canyons where ancient cultures once lived, scraping land, and destroying mounds. Eg. Grand Canyon and all the fertile valleys and canyons of Arizona. Most of the mounds of the Mississippian culture. The valleys of western Oregon.
  2. Need to blanket an area fast and destroy signs of past civilizations? – Offer free land and guarantee ownership of it only if developed. Eg. American Homestead Act.
  3. Need to control the official version of findings? – Institutionalize the science and put it under the control of a government funded and sanctioned higher education system. Construct the system so that it polices itself and keeps apprentices in check. Much like a secret society does where it allows for upward mobility only to those who are most devoted.
  4. How appropriate that the symbol for the National Park Service would be a primitive arrowhead. Subconscious programming reminding you that America was primitive when Europeans “found” it.

    Can’t cover up large tracts of land? – Create a National Park System and put the land under the direct control of the Federal Government, only allowing sanctioned researchers access to the most “delicate” of sites. Compare the date of the creation of the NPS with the time of western expansion. Also look at the requirements for any territory to have become a ratified State. When all said and done, the NPS put under direct federal control the bulk of land west of the Mississippi and is today managed by the BLM under the Department of Interior.

  5. Just keep repeating the narrative and marginalizing anyone who says otherwise, regardless of the fact, proof, or evidence. Much like politics, just stay on message and “trust the process.” People will have new struggles soon enough and move past this current event.

Just like the Press. One need not control every member of it, only the editor in chief. He decides what gets published. He decides who stays employed and who gets axed. Control him and you control the output of that paper and its subsidiaries which were bought up by it. Currently, all media outlets in the United States including (Newspapers, T.V., Radio, Book publishers, and Magazines) are owned by one of 6 companies or its parent company. Do you doubt for even one second that the news you are subjected to isn’t controlled information designed and disseminated to elicit a specific desired effect? Archaeology is no different. If anything it’s easier to control as it is a smaller world which operates most of the time under direct government control.

Findings such as these will never be on television, and if you use T.V. And those who appear on it to confirm and shape your reality then you will never be living in reality.

The Smithsonian Institute

Established in 1846 for the increase and diffusion of knowledge is a group of museums and research centers administered by the United States Government. Also known as “The Nation’s Attic” for its eclectic holdings of 138 million items it consists of 19 museums, 9 research centers, and a zoo as well as historical and architectural landmarks, most of which are located in the district of Columbia.

The Smithsonian has often been at the center of many conspiracy theories when it comes to our nation’s history. I’m sure by now we’ve all seen National Treasure starring Nicolas Cage. A movie which heavily featured the Smithsonian Institute for what many actually believe it to be. Produced and released by Walt Disney pictures (Disney was a high ranking Freemason) this movie was for many their first exposure to esoteric symbolism and Freemasonry within the U.S. Government. However, for a small but growing group of researchers labeled conspiracy theorists it was confirmation that the elite was attempting to gain control of the narrative after the explosion of the internet. The movie actually pretty accurately lays out the conspiracy theory or shall I say a Masonic and esoteric history of our country. What better place to hide something than in plain sight. After all, it’s a work of fiction now, isn’t it?

Since the founding of this institution, the Smithsonian has been accused of numerous acts of intentional cover-ups involving mainly ancient archaeology of the North American continent. Including but not limited to. The Grand Canyon Mystery (Egyptian artifacts discovered in the Grand Canyon) Willful destruction of many of the ancient mounds of the Mississippian culture and before, the cover-up of the existence of a race of giants (people between 8-12 feet tall of whom many tribes claim to be descended from, while others claim they used to be their tribe’s mortal enemy. Ubiquitous and prolific history relegated to myth by those adorned with titles and credentials.

This is, in part, the legacy of the Smithsonian Institute. Not that they are all bad, for they do preserve the bulk of less crucial history for the nation as well. But is this modern history of the U.S. Really as valuable or crucial as the history of human origin?

James Smithson

It should be no surprise that James Smithson for which the Smithsonian Institute is named was a prominent Freemason. Born in France in 1765 Smithson was an English scientist who conducted research in chemistry, mineralogy, and geology. When he died and according to his will he left his entire fortune to the Government of the United States of America in order to found “an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge.”

This is not surprising in the least, as all one has to do is look at America’s early days to see a close working relationship between Freemasonry in Europe and their newly founded nation just across the pond. The statue of Liberty was designed and sculpted by a Freemason. The very layout of the DC street grid was designed by Pierre L’Enfant (fellow French Freemason) at the personal request of George Washington.

Now I’m not saying I believe every conspiracy theory out there involving the Smithsonian Institute, but I will say that it is completely probable that in the early days of our country it became evident that an institution was needed from which to control and direct the official “storyline” of this new land. How convenient a fellow Mason (and not even an American) donated his life’s wealth to this cause.

I urge everyone out there to research and THINK for yourselves. There are literally tens of thousands of resources out there on topics not being covered by Mainstream academia. There are scientists, and researchers who do in fact disagree with the academic elite, they have done solid work and present it openly. The world has options these days and no longer must we hang on the words of the agenda-driven elite. I urge you to think deeper and truly consider the history you have been told. Does it make sense? Does it answer all the questions? Or does it simply empower a specific group of people?

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