The Phoenix Enigma


Welcome back to the Phoenix Enigma. For those returning, you already know what we do here. If this is your first time visiting however, know that you have stumbled across a world of intrigue and lesser explored topics.


It’s spring here in the Valley of the Sun and the desert is in full bloom. Our winter rains weren’t what we’d have hoped them to be but they weren’t bad either, as we still got a modest covering of spring wildflowers across our desert floors. But it is warming up quickly and as if on cue our spring annuals have already begun to retire and give way to the cactus blossoms. Cholla, prickly Pear, and Hedgehogs are all come out and it is simply amazing. The Palo Verde has also been blooming (which is a sure sign that winter is over) for the past two weeks and the Yucca and Agave are soon to follow. If you are local I hope you’ve had to chance to get out and enjoy the season.


The Phoenix Enigma is coming along nicely and although I’m writing as fast as I can and have numerous articles in different stages of readiness, I’m afraid I have to work too and spring in Phoenix is busy season. There is just so much to do and only so many hours in a day, however I suppose it’s a bittersweet blessing to have more work than one can finish in a lifetime. In any case, I hope everyone is enjoying the new direction I’ve taken on the site and there is plenty more to come soon.


Thank you for your readership. Here are a few pictures this week from our desert.